Cool Things To See In Denver Colorado

Cool Things To See In Denver Colorado – The city of Denver is located 5280 meters in the sky. This place in Colorado is commonly called the Mile High City. The travel hotspot is known for its endless outdoor activities and breathtaking mountain views.

Denver is more than just an outdoor destination; It’s a place full of museums, art, food and more. All of these Denver attractions draw more than thirty million visitors to the area each year.

Cool Things To See In Denver Colorado

Cool Things To See In Denver Colorado

Do you know where to start? There are plenty of things to do in Denver, whether you want to take a day trip to the mountains or explore the sights of downtown.

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Live music, local artists and Colorado history are just a few of the reasons to visit. Keep reading to learn all about tourist attractions in Denver, Colorado.

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Ride through the Rocky Mountains on the most paved road in North America. You’ll drive almost 9,000 feet until you reach the summit of Mount Evans, which is a Colorado 14er that sits 14,264 feet in the sky.

Mount Evans is one of Colorado’s 54 famous 14ers, a 14,000-foot mountain. When some trained heroes rise to the top, many spectators buy them.

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The ride begins at the summit of Mount Evans. You will drive winding mountain roads with incredible views of the surrounding mountains and towns. The route has several scenic stops, including Echo Lake and Smith Lake.

Did you know that Mount Evans is famous for its mountain goats? It is common for them to go directly to the people in the assembly.

Mountain goats are generally good, but they are still wild animals. So it’s always important to give them some space while taking memorable pictures.

Cool Things To See In Denver Colorado

From 2021, there is a reservation system; Buy your tickets here. Mount Evans is a must-see on a trip to Denver, just 1 hour and 30 minutes from the city.

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LoDo is Denver’s oldest and most vibrant neighborhood and is located in the heart of the city. It runs from Commons Park to the 16th Street Mall.

This area is home to some of the city’s best restaurants. A fun food and drink experience is the Denver Dairy Market.

A one stop shop with bars, restaurants and workplaces. Then, shop till you drop at Ludo with its many shops and local shops. LoDo is full of things to do and attracts travelers from all over the world!

One of the most popular tourist attractions in Denver, Colorado is Larimer Square. The historic block is full of places to eat and shop. It is the oldest block in the city and was founded in the early 1400s.

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Today, Larimer Square has more than fifteen cafes and restaurants. Enjoy delicious food and wine at Cru Food & Wine Bar. A favorite with cheeses from around the world and an extensive wine list.

Larimer Square is a fun place to explore Denver’s nightlife scene. From jazz bars to comedy shows, this square has something for everyone.

After dinner, shop till you drop at one of the twenty local shops. During the holidays, the square is decorated with holiday lights. Take the horses and ride the trails or take a winter walk under the winter lights.

Cool Things To See In Denver Colorado

Although there are many things to do in the convention center itself, one of the main attractions is actually the blue beer outside the building, which seems to be visible from the inside. The 40-foot-tall beard is a great photo opportunity because it’s a great representation of Colorado’s artistic spirit, created by Colorado-based artist Lawrence Argent.

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Located in the Park City area of ​​Denver is the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. This complex museum is full of many educational opportunities.

Visit their special exhibits like Space Odyssey and Egyptian Mummy. See a movie in their three-story Imax theater in Phipps Auditorium.

The films range from sea creature films to exotic African animals. Afterwards, return to the Gates Planetarium. Here you can learn about black holes, volcanoes and the cosmic travel of stars and constellations.

Their science collections include earth sciences and health sciences. Ask the museum guides about anthropology, geology, zoology and paleontology.

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The museum also offers a virtual experience for those studying from home. If you plan to visit the museum, be sure to check out the events page.

Some of their events feature live music or a hands-on learning experience. Denver attractions are an interactive and fun way to learn about the Mile High City.

You usually don’t want to witness a murder while visiting Denver, Colorado. Addams Mystery Playhouse is the only exception!

Cool Things To See In Denver Colorado

A mysterious local joint hosting a mystery dinner on stage. Performances are held on Friday and Saturday evenings throughout the year on Thursdays. Over the past few years, it has become one of the most interesting places in Denver.

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The shows include a delicious dinner, including a seasonal menu. Dishes range from creamy Tuscan garlic chicken to homemade bread and butter.

Addams Mystery Playhouse is rated as a fun and good time to enjoy with friends and family. They perform fun themes like Tiki Bar Murder and Hollywood Murder. Get tickets for these special shows on their website here.

Margaret Tobin Browns was a Titanic survivor who was a philanthropist and activist. Margaret, also known as Molly, lived in this house with her husband in the late 1800s.

They renovated the house when they bought it and rented it out to wealthy people while Molly and her husband traveled the world.

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When Molly died in 1932, the home became the Jane Addams Hole Home for Girls. In the 1970s, the city wanted to demolish the house, but the citizens of Denver refused to let it happen. They saved the historic house from death and it is now preserved under the Denver Historical Corporation.

It is now known as the Molly Brown House Museum. You can take a private home-finding tour for just $22 per adult.

The museum house brings you three floors and sixteen rooms. Beautiful floor-to-ceiling bookshelves line the impressive library.

Cool Things To See In Denver Colorado

Come visit the home of the “unique Molly Brown” and learn all the history that comes with it. Molly’s famous quote, “I’m an adventurous girl” is one we should all live by and follow in Denver.

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You can find this beautiful riverside park in the heart of the city with 850 miles of bike paths. From here, you’re just minutes from several Denver attractions, including the Platte River Trolley, which can take you to the Downtown Aquarium, the Children’s Museum, and the LoHi, Riverfront, and Highlands neighborhoods.

A great stop on a Broadway tour is the Denver Center for the Performing Arts. A unique venue offering live theatre, concerts and even acting classes.

Located in downtown Denver is a forty-one-block, twelve-acre art and performance space. This non-profit organization offers Broadway tours, local theater productions and entertainment shows.

With eight theaters in the area, your options are endless. Visit the Eli Caulkins Opera House, a world-class hall for acoustics. Famous pieces were performed here, including the famous To Kill a Mockingbird.

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The main theater at the Denver Center for the Performing Arts is the Boyle Theater. This country is famous for producing great music with special effects.

Whether you want to see a play or a musical, the Denver Center for the Performing Arts has you covered. Check out their schedule and buy tickets on their website here. The Denver Center for the Arts is one of Denver’s largest art venues.

Located in the Cheesman Park neighborhood is the Denver Botanic Garden. A public botanical garden with a park as well as theme parks.

Cool Things To See In Denver Colorado

Explore 24 acres of amazing plants and flowers. They offer five different areas divided by region.

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The plants featured in their Western Collection Gardens are made for the Colorado climate and are typically available year-round. Examples include cacti and stone conifers.

On bad heat wave days, check out Shady Gardens. A garden specially designed to protect you while you enjoy the colorful flowers.

The botanical garden is a beautiful place to relax, drink coffee and wander through the beautiful flower paths.

The museum is full of temporary and permanent art exhibitions. It includes an exhibition of 19th-century European and American art. Opening in October 2021 is Lani and Sharon Martin’s newly expanded building.

Best Things To Do In Denver

There are eight levels of art, including marine art, contemporary art, Asian art and more. There’s even a rooftop terrace that displays American Western art.

After admiring the beautiful art, enjoy a delicious dinner. There are two new dining options on the first level of the museum.

Ponte Restaurant serves food prepared on site. if you are

Cool Things To See In Denver Colorado

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