Free Attractions In Colorado

Free Attractions In Colorado – Colorado is known for its mountain views, spectacular scenery, and creative industries, and you can enjoy all of that and more for free.

From scenic drives and ghost towns to world-class hikes, off-the-grid camping and even a festival celebrating the dead man in the snow, Colorado has plenty of attractions and activities that don’t cost a dime. affect.

Free Attractions In Colorado

Free Attractions In Colorado

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High Altitude Thrills — Colorado Attractions At The Royal Gorge Bridge And Park

World-renowned for its natural acoustics and stunning beauty, Red Rocks Park and Amphitheater is an outdoor theater built into a 400-foot-high red sandstone rock. Summer brings big name broadcasts and sellout crowds, but the amphitheater and surrounding area is open and free to visit during the day.

Explore the site, take in the panoramic views and then pedal several kilometers of trails through the surrounding plains and incredible red rock formations.

Driving along Million Dollar Road is especially spectacular in the fall © Craig Gerbe / Getty Images

Deep in the San Juan Mountains, the Million Dollar Highway is one of Colorado’s most scenic drives. Passing between the cities of Ouray and Silverton, this hairpin cuts through the Uncompahgre Gorge, where the mountains become steeper and steeper and the valley below is dotted with pine trees and wildflowers.

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Planning Note: Drive well The road is scary even in good weather – and the lack of guards doesn’t help Use the quotes Ruiberg Pass (11,018 feet) is a favorite for its 360-degree views

Colorado is home to more than 50 peaks over 14,000 feet (hence the name “14ers”), each offering spectacular views from the top of the world. Hiking at altitude is no joke, with the state’s many 14ers offering access to all levels of hikers.

Whether you decide to hike the short 3-mile hike to Quandary Peak near Breckenridge, tackle the multi-day trail up to Longs Peak in Rocky Mountain National Park, or M. Elbert Jug—the tallest of them all— they do great.

Free Attractions In Colorado

Ancient culture, natural beauty, and fantasy abound with Hovenweep National Monument, a geological site in the vibrant desert landscape that straddles the Colorado-Utzel border. The site includes six ancestral Puebloan villages, which lived from AD 500 to 1300.

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Today, there are many residences, ceremonial kivas, and sandstone towers along the coast. Routes and trails guide visitors through the site, revealing its amazing construction and design, the skills of its ancient inhabitants, and its endless heritage of art.

The Garden of the Gods is a spectacular display of red sandstone with a backdrop of towering mountains. Explore the park’s intricate network (some paved, most not) past giant boulders, jutting fins and beautiful sheer cliffs. Take a picnic and rock climbers test their nerve on the high wall

A visitor center has hands-on exhibits and knowledgeable caretakers who provide helpful tips and maps. Guided tours of the park are offered for a small fee

Located on a historic one-acre ranch outside of Aspen, the Anderson Ranch Art Center is an arts and culture center that is a wonderful, magical place for the area. Visitors can see world-renowned artists at work, stroll through the amusement park and enjoy works in the contemporary art gallery.

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Isolated camping – camping on federal land away from established campgrounds – is a unique way to experience the Colorado outdoors. Great camping takes you deep into Colorado National Forest and Bureau of Lands (BLM) land to enjoy the outdoors without the crowds.

With 23 million acres of public land in Colorado, you’ll find plenty of options, from mountains and aspen forests to high desert mesa and river valleys.

Planning Notes: Most secluded camping areas are accessible by dirt road. Stop at the ranger station for a map and look for cabin signs along the way.

Free Attractions In Colorado

Explore the ghost town of St. Elmo at the foot of Colorado’s Collegiate Peak.

Free Things To Do In Colorado Springs With Kids

St. Elmo is Colorado’s best ghost town, an abandoned mining settlement located at the base of Collegiate Peak. More than 40 buildings are listed on the National Register of Historic Places, most of which date from the 1880s when the city was at its peak.

Wandering through saloons and billiard halls, courthouses and jails, visitors have an amazing view of Colorado’s past, when gold and silver ruled these hills. Look for small plaques on each house for information about its history

Frozen Dead Guy Days is a spectacular and macabre festival that attracts over 25,000 people to the Netherlands every spring. The three-day event celebrates Norwegian transplant ancestor Bredo Morstøl, who was cryogenically frozen in a local tuff in anticipation of his severe (hard) fever. A grand parade and coffin races, water park and frozen turkey football make this a festival to remember.

Colorado takes its beer seriously and treats craft brewing as a high art. Among the state’s many masters, the Great Brewing Company has always stood out.

Best Natural Wonders In Colorado

Program Notes: Free family-friendly tours of the downtown Denver brewery are offered daily on a first-come, first-served basis (12 and up only). It’s a worthwhile stop for a behind-the-scenes look at how your masterpieces are made

For the first time, the experts at Lonely Planet have compiled America’s 500 Most Memorable, Beautiful, Amazing and Immersive Experiences. Admire the majesty of the Grand Canyon, delve into the history of an immigrant nation at Ellis Island or visit the architectural splendor of the Golden Gate Bridge. Where will you go next? Garden of the Gods is a wonderful and free attraction that you must see in Colorado Springs. Photo by Rick Duvall

People come from all over the world to visit Colorado Springs So if you stay here, you have no excuse! Get out and enjoy the many attractions of the Peak District Best of all, some of them are free Here are five great trips to consider:

Free Attractions In Colorado

This city park deserves national recognition, with beautiful red sand formations – streets, towers and hogbacks – a beautiful picture frame for a fun trip (or not). Stop at one point and you will see pike frames between kissing camels. Beautiful, especially when there is snow on the mountains.

Best Things To Do In Denver, Colorado

Check out the informative and entertaining visitor center for advice on hiking, rock climbing, wildlife encounters and free events. Guided talks of the range and peace walks are among the many offered Don’t be surprised to meet a group of Olympic cyclists riding for daily exercise. Plan to walk a little

And know that the wildlife park is theirs Don’t walk alone, always carry water and please don’t pick wildflowers

This National Military Center is open to casual visitors Drive through the site Visit the architecturally stunning interdisciplinary church (Although it is closed for renovations.)

Stop by the 31,000-square-foot visitor center and museum to see the exhibits, and maybe even take a short hike. Sometimes the planetarium is open to the public for some stargazing

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Housed in a beautiful 1903 El Paso County courthouse, the museum features both a relevant local history collection and fascinating rotating exhibits, from art to local cultural icons. The museum also offers family fun events and supports many city events, such as the Festival of Light Parade every holiday. Historical lectures and other events are posted monthly on its website

The style buildings are a museum Take time to enjoy the amazing architecture of another age with columns and a grand marble staircase. For current events and exhibitions, visit

Formerly the El Pomar Carriage House Museum, it is located in the Broadmore Hotel complex next to the underground garage. Started in 1941 by the hotel’s founder, Spencer Penrose, this small visitor attraction includes carriages, coaches, wagons and cars that have carried local dignitaries and a few US presidents, all of which began in 20s.

Free Attractions In Colorado

The permanent Pikes Peak Hill exhibit has added and features classic cars from the famous international race, as well as a handful of plaques tracing its history.

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This 100-year-old university offers everything from high-end Western art to contemporary exhibitions. A beautiful Art Deco building with unlimited extras with great pictures. Well, it’s not free most of the time. But it has free days and you should take advantage of them. Visit to find out when they are

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