Fun Things To Do In Vail Colorado In The Summer

Fun Things To Do In Vail Colorado In The Summer – A sunny summer hike usually has the big reward of a beautiful mountain view. Photo Credit: Val/Jack Affleck’s Town

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Fun Things To Do In Vail Colorado In The Summer

Fun Things To Do In Vail Colorado In The Summer

A sunny Colorado summer vacation offers endless outdoor activities. From climbing or descending mountains or walking along rivers to exploring the landscape on foot or on horseback, there are adventures around every corner. Although Vail is known for its epic ski slopes, the area has much more to offer in the summer. With bright sunny days, cool nights, clear skies and a backdrop of the Rocky Mountains, summer is the perfect season for outdoor adventures and enjoying nature. As a local Vail Area family of 8- to 50-year-olds, we enjoy sharing what we love to do in the summer.

Top Things To Do In Vail, Colorado

There is truly something for all ages on Mount Vail at Vail Resort’s Epic Discovery. The gentle ascent on the Eagle Bahn Gondola is quiet, relaxing and relaxing with views of green ski slopes and trees surrounded by peaks.

Once you reach the top of Mount Vale, the hardest decision is what to do first. From hiking on the Forest Flyer alpine beaches, mountain tubing or zip line to testing your senses on the ropes course, there is something for kids and adults of all ages. I recommend taking a break from the excitement and challenges at the Nature Discovery Center while exploring the wildlife exhibits.

The view from Mount Vail is always spectacular. But in my opinion, autumn is the most beautiful. If you can make it in mid to late September, you can pick golden aspen leaves as you see fit.

It’s the best choice of what to do in the sun with kids because you won’t find another natural environment that combines wildlife and nature education with personal and just challenges.

Find Vail, Colorado Summer Activities

Rifle Falls State Park features Triple Falls, a mile behind the falls, and limestone caves, perfect for exploring. Photo credit: Liana Moore

Western Colorado is home to some of the most beautiful hiking trails in the country. There are definitely tours for kids and adults of all ages and abilities. Our family can also hunt down a couple who keep their young children playing with hidden caves and waterfalls.

If you live in the sun, you might want to stay close and climb the mountains. You can choose to ride the gondola and ride around the top of Wales. Or walk past the Betty Ford Alpine Gardens, the country’s tallest botanical garden, if that’s more your speed.

Fun Things To Do In Vail Colorado In The Summer

Vail Valley offers many different levels of hiking. I think it’s worth the 45-minute trip up Glenwood Canyon west of Vail to the famous Hanging Lake. Or if you have small children, book a ticket to Rifle Falls State Park for easy access to the top of the falls.

Summer In Vail

I don’t believe there is a better way to slow down, enjoy nature and relieve stress than by walking. And there’s no better time to get your child outside and into nature than now. This would make it our top pick for things to do with kids at Vail, if not for the launch of Vail Epic Discovery last summer and its unique combination of nature, education, adventure and fun.

It is full of fun amusement parks for kids to play. One of our favorites is Sunbird Park in Lionshead Village. Photo credit: Liana Moore

Go to the local park! Every city has a park bigger than Vail. But I would argue that these are special. Not only are they in a beautiful outdoor environment, but they also encourage play and imaginative activities. On the other hand, it is a free item that kids can enjoy just like expensive activities.

Vail’s Sunbird Park, called Nest Park by local kids, has been named one of the best parks in the world by Travel + Leisure. Located in Lionshead, it has a rope bridge, slides, climbing walls and a spray booth to keep kids moving and entertained.

Things To Do In Vail This Summer 2019

In Vail Village, the Pirate Ship Park is another hobby. The centerpiece is a large pirate ship with a series of stairs leading to the eagle’s nest at the top. From rowboats below to ships above, this structure inspires all kinds of imaginative play. Hammocks and river access are bonuses.

From those who were crazy about horses as a kid, horseback riding is a unique way to enjoy the mountain scenery and local flora during a sunny Colorado summer vacation. It is truly an experience to ride on top of beautiful and gentle animals with informative fighters taking you through the mountains. My daughter, a friend of hers, and I enjoy riding Beaver Creek Stables this summer. Sometimes it feels like we are in the middle of nowhere. But we will come around the curve to see beautiful mountain scenery and skiing.

Horseback riding is something to do in the summer, but better in the fall. The tamarind tree turned gold, the dust blew away and the wind gave a hint of calm. This is the perfect time to enjoy family horseback riding.

Fun Things To Do In Vail Colorado In The Summer

Biking is sure to be a sunny summer activity in Colorado, whether cycling across the mountains or along a river trail. Photo Credit: Val/Jack Affleck’s Town

Best Things To Do In Vail, Co (for 2023)

For more adventure, get your heart pumping with mountain biking and then down Vail Mountain. Don’t like working with climbers? For an additional fee, you can ride your bike down from Gonola. There are many additional trails that stretch across Vail Valley, which can be considered some of the best mountain biking trails in Colorado.

For a scenic ride, take a Vail Bike Trail. Cruise the river, then stop for a restaurant or ice cream at Lionhead or Vail Village.

Piney Lake with the Gore Range is the perfect backdrop for horseback riding, boating or hiking. Photo credit: Liana Moore

The water is calm. Our favorite boating destination is Piney Lake, a few miles up the Vail River at Piney River Ranch. The farm rents boats but no boards, so bring your own if you like. The view of the Gore Range reflected in the lake is unbeatable.

Vail Offers Wintertime Bavarian Flair Without Every Leaving Colorado

Nottingham Lake on Avon offers boards for hire. Therefore, it can be the best option for guests who cannot bring their own equipment. Here you will find more water sports and a small beach.

Local outfits offer white water rafting for almost every ability level. Many tours have age limits, so be sure to check before you go. Our family enjoys a Father’s Day float on the Colorado River offered by Timberline Tours. It floats easily enough for kids to navigate.

Vail Valley offers an excellent gold medal for fly fishing. Many local outfits will provide you with the necessary equipment and take you to their secret fishing spot on Gore Creek or another nearby river.

Fun Things To Do In Vail Colorado In The Summer

On Sundays, the Vail Farmers Market offers not only produce, but also art, music, food and more. Colorful vendors line the cobblestone streets and offer visitors a chance to take home a memento of their vacation.

Things To Know Before Moving To Vail, Co

There are natural mineral springs in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. Not only soaking in warm water, but the natural minerals present in the water are also beneficial for health. Many of these hot springs date back to the 1800s. There is also an official Colorado Historic Hot Springs Loop. Head west to Glenwood Springs for some great soaking options!

There is a steep cycle path to Vail Pass. Photo credit: VLMDAC / Jack Affleck

Some bike rental companies in Vail will rent a bike for you and give you a ride to the top of Vail Pass with your bike. Then you follow the creek and back to Vail Village on the golf course. Talk about an adrenaline rush!

Children of all ages enjoy swimming in the Vail Children’s Fountain. Photo Credit: Val/Jack Affleck’s Town

Fun Things To Do In Vail Even If You Don’t Ski

All the children will be entertained for hours at the children’s water fountain in Ville Village. It is a great place to relax on a hot day. happy laugh But be careful, the candy store is strategically placed in front of the water source. It will attract

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