Hiking Colorado In May

Hiking Colorado In May – Colorado is a hiker’s paradise, full of secluded overnight hikes and beautiful multi-day trails. It is one of the most beautiful places in the world with amazing hiking trails.

Whether you’re looking for an early morning outing with the family or a longer outing for yourself and friends, you’ll find it here. From east to west and north to south, Colorado is full of beautiful hiking trails, some of which connect to larger national trails. Summer is definitely the most common time for hiking, and the most popular trails are usually covered with tourists. But don’t let this stop you, there are many wonderful trails that can be yours or only yours. Colorado is indeed a big place.

Hiking Colorado In May

Thanks to its varied topography and the highest average elevation in the country, Colorado offers families and hikers from all over the state a unique destination. If you were at the top of Mount Elbert, our tallest at 14 feet, you could be standing 14 feet, 400 meters above the Earth. If you don’t happen to cross Yuma County’s Arikaree River, you might as well walk at 3,315 feet. We have ancient Anasazi ruins to explore, deep natural alpine lakes, forests teeming with wildlife, historic dinosaurs and fossilized trees. It’s a fun place to keep you on your toes.

Reasons Why May Is The Best Time To Explore Colorado

It’s an easy walk from anywhere in Denver and here are easy to find as they walk out your door. Also note that almost every campground I can think of has a hiking trail, so overnight hikes aren’t too complicated. However, you should treat it with utmost respect.

Backcountry Hiking Tips: Whenever you head into the backcountry, it’s important to be prepared with survival gear and mountaineering training. Bring all the essentials you think you might need, such as a first aid kit (affiliate link), clothes, whistle, food, water, cleaner, fire starter, shelter, sunscreen, sunglasses, hat, spray, cell phone, GPS, Compass, map , how to read a map and use a compass. Know your plans, one way or round trip, do you need two cars? Above all, always tell people where you are going and hopefully you will have a friend with you.

Backpacking is a global craze, with people from all walks of life enjoying a night under the stars and heading out early in the morning. There are great multi-day hikes everywhere, from the Swiss Alps to South America. It’s often worth joining a backpacker, and Colorado offers a number of guided overnight hiking options.

Here are some less strenuous multi-day hikes for overnight exploration. These are the best multi-day hiking trails in Colorado:

Best Winter Hiking Destinations In Colorado

Day hikers can access 28 sections of the Colorado Trail, each with registration. This statewide trail runs from Waterton Canyon in Metro Denver to Durango. Sections vary in height and difficulty. Backpackers can also have fun hiking any part of the 486 miles.

If you really want to get over this walking change, give yourself 4 to 6 weeks. The average elevation is 10,300 feet to give you an idea. The best time to travel is summer, from late June to early September, when there should be no snow. You will still see white fluffy stuff on the tips. It is also possible to choose any intermediate segment for trips of two days or more. Best to bring a few cars so you can park at the end, just don’t forget your keys.

This beautiful national road is not for the faint of heart. It’s called the Continental Divide for a reason, it spans the spine of America. Traveling south to north or north to south, the choice is yours as you climb some of Colorado’s highest mountains. Established in 1978, it spans 3,100 miles from Mexico to Canada, passing through 5 states.

Average time walking the whole shebang is 6 months, 17 miles per day. 740 of those CDT miles are in central Colorado. The highest point of the trail is Grays Peak in CO, at 14,270 feet. The lowest point in Lake Waterton, Montana, is 4,200 feet. The Colorado has more than 1,000 climbs in the first 10,000 feet of the CTD, making it one of the best routes. It passes through a series of geological features, with many historical sites, such as the ghost town of Hancock.

Best Hikes In Rocky Mountain National Park

For some wild memories, consider this Southwest walking tour with Durango train travel. The destination is the Chicago Basin with access to three 14-man fields. Unofficially known as the backpack train, it allows you to backpack halfway through the train to Silverton. At 499 hectares, the Weminuche Wilderness is the largest wilderness in the state at 771 hectares.

Most overnight hikers in the Chicago Basin will camp in the Basin. It provides easy access to the Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad and Eolus, Sunlight and Wisdom Peaks. So how does it work? Reservations must be made through the Durango Train Ticket Office to ensure seating. Let them know what you are doing. You can also save time and money by riding with Silverton. If you do not have a reservation, you can still purchase it directly from the conductor at the Needleton or Elk Park depot.

The correct way is to swing your hands horizontally across your knees. Must be on the east side of the track when marking a train in both directions. Maroon Bell Four Way Loop

This is one of the shortest multi-day hikes in the state. It begins at the famous Maroon Bells Scenic Area in Aspen Highlands. From here, it’s a 28-mile round trip with an 8,000-foot elevation gain between all the peaks. There is a designated overnight parking area below Maroon Lake to begin the hike. Follow Maroon Creek Road past Forest Station, stopping after 8:30 to pick up a permit and go to the parking lot.

The 11 Most Beautiful Lake Hikes In Colorado

When you come to the fork in the road, aka Marona Lake, you can choose to go clockwise or counterclockwise. Backpackers usually need 3 to 4 days to complete the four loops, which are best suited in summer. Rated as a difficult hike, it starts at 9,580 feet and tops out at 12,500 feet. Each party must self-register at the Trailhead and bring a copy of the free receipt. Great campsites can be found while hiking.

South Park is often overlooked among hiking destinations, especially multi-day hikes. Coming down from Kenosha Pass, at first glance, this high altitude basin looks like a barren alpine desert. However, drive here and you’ll soon discover its treasures, including the unique rock formations of the Lost Creek Wilderness, a forest of countless rolling mountains, and the Tarryall Reservoir, a gem for another day. Give yourself at least a few days to explore this amazing place.

Near Fairplay, you’ll start on the Goose Creek Trail, which winds through aspen groves and colorful meadows. Looking west offers spectacular views of Academy Peak and the Mosquito Mountains. Since it’s a loop, you can choose which direction to go. A highlight is the Goose Creek drainage system, with its granite spiers and boulders. The total length is 34 miles, but you can choose to cut it by about 10 miles at the McCurdy Park cutoff. Free dissemination is common.

Denverites will love this relatively easy hike in the Netherlands. It is only 16 miles, and many people walk this route every day. The choice is yours if you prefer to stay overnight, although you may be tempted to stay another day when you see the views of the Indian Peak forest.

Things To Do In May In Colorado

Start your day on the Hessie Trail, which fills up quickly due to its proximity to the Front Range. Holland Township offers a free shuttle to the trailhead. If you take this route, remember to get home before the last bus leaves. The first major attraction, located just over mile 5, is Devil Thumb Lake. If you complete the entire loop, you’ll continue on the Lonesome Trail to King Lake, then through Devil’s Thumb Pass for an 11-mile hike.

As you might guess, the list of best multi-day hiking trails in Colorado is probably longer than what we’re about to get. For a unique time, and perhaps a better place than pitching a tent, consider hiking the 10th Mountain Back Hut System. Rental cabins are located in the national forest surrounding Leadville and come in a variety of sizes and amenities, most of which are unfinished.

Do you have a favorite Colorado multi-day hiking trail to share? Please do so in our comments. Thanks for reading!

Matt is an avid writer and explorer who loves to showcase the wild, wonderful world. His favorite place to visit is the Centennial State.

How To Hike Mount Elbert: The Highest Point In Colorado!

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