Eagle Colorado Mountain Biking

Eagle Colorado Mountain Biking – It’s easy to feel like a million pounds on Eagle’s world-class mountain bike trails! Our trail system is unique with over 100 miles of singletrack mountain biking. Built with riders of all levels in mind, your ride will take you on a variety of twisty singletrack through the high desert, aspen groves, and dense, fragrant evergreen forests. Being in the Banana of the Rocky Mountains also has its benefits. Our city-owned open trails are open from April 15 to December 15 each year, about 4 months longer than our mountain city neighbors. BLM trails like Boneyard, Redneck Ridge, and the first 2 loops of the Haymaker Trail are open year-round. The lower pool and loop are closed, but the lower pool and loop are open up to the BLM gate.

Each year, some trails in the Eagle Area are subject to seasonal wildlife closures. In winter, deer and elk are stressed as they try to walk through deep snow in search of limited food in cold temperatures. If you see a deer or deer in an open field or urban area at any time of the year, do not approach or force them to move because of your presence. To learn more about trails subject to seasonal wildlife closures, visit the Trail Information section of the Town of Eagle website. Thanks for respecting wildlife!

Eagle Colorado Mountain Biking

Looking for more information on mountain bike routes and maps? Check out the Trailforks maps or the Trailforks app below. Start with our global route map to explore our detailed guides with GPS maps and inspirational photos.

Biking And Hiking Trails

The Local Overnighters Project is a collaborative effort by local people to document and map overnight trails around the world, in their own backyards.

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Issue 09 takes readers on a journey back – from the beginning of bicycles – and offers some reminders to be thankful for the friends and family who support us and the strangers we meet.

Fat Biking Options In The Vail Valley

For Issue 08, we’ve invited some contributors to come back and see where previous journeys and ideas left off, and we’ve added a few new ones we’ve been wanting to share for a long time.

Jeff grew up in the cornfields of northern Iowa. Working full-time in the bike industry and riding bikes as much as possible, Jeff now calls Eagle Adventure Base Camp, Colorado home. Find more of Jeff’s photos on instagram @jeffkerkove

Filled with ridge crossings and sagebrush singletrack, the Eagle-HardScramble Overnighter is a 24-hour adventure that explores the high desert and high alpine terrain surrounding Eagle, Colorado.

This sub-24-hour Hardscrabble Mountain and Sawmill Trail Tour features some of the best mountain biking adventure opportunities in the high terrain surrounding Eagle, CO. Starting in the small, mountain bike-friendly community of Eagle, riders begin their journey on a gradual ascent of singletrack and doubletrack through the Sage-Moon Mountains of Colorado’s high desert. The high desert doesn’t last long as the land gradually changes to the dense aspen and pine groves for which Colorado is known. Continuing uphill, riders can access the Chamille Trail via Hardscrabble Rd (USFS 413). On this long but steady ride along Hartsgrapple Road, riders see colorful (fall) aspen trees, sweeping mountain views, and occasional wildlife (bear, elk, and deer).

Vail Mountain’s Best Mountain Biking Trails

The Sawmill Trail offers cyclists an unforgettable crossing at 10,000 feet. Views of Vail, CO, the New York Hills and the mighty Gore Range near Red Table Mountain all form the backdrop for this 3-mile trail along Hartsgrapple Ridge. Camping on the ridge is encouraged. Riders are rewarded with unlimited sunset views while camping at an altitude of 10,500 feet.

On the return trip, be prepared to point it out! The end of the Sawmill Trail takes riders to a steep rocky river that will test the best bike handlers. After a brief shakedown on Sawmill Rd (USFS 451), get ready for a short and iconic bike ride to Mike’s Night Out. Short, steep and windy, this bike ride rewards riders with over 7 miles of winding single track.

Difficulty: The entire route is rated 6 out of 10. In general, the logistics are simple, the route starts and ends at the same place in Eagle. But, it certainly has some continuous climbs with high altitude and some parts of technical terrain. Also, no food refills en route. This trail is suitable for an experienced vet or a first-time rider with good general MTB skills. Cyclists should plan to carry all food for the adventure. Water is available along the way and filtration is recommended.

This route is part of the Local Overnight Project, created to expand our growing list of global routes – the first and largest – and to create an independent map and list of the best overnighters organized by you from your own backyard. . Our mission is to have accessible routes from every city and town in the world. Learn more

Mountain Biking Skills To Master (and Where To Practice)

As a leading trail creator and publisher, we strive to maintain, develop and support our growing network of trails around the world. As such, our editorial team, trail developers, and trail managers act as mediators for trail development and opportunities for connectivity, conservation, and community development around these trails. To facilitate these efforts, we rely on our collective community and the larger community to highlight important issues and opportunities that arise as we navigate these paths. If you have a problem or important opportunity in this path related to one of the topics below, please let us know:

Terms of Use: As with all route guides published on, if you choose to ride this route, you do so at your own risk. Before you go, check your weather, conditions and local road/road closures. When riding, obey all public and private land use regulations and rules, wear appropriate safety and navigation equipment, and of course follow #leavenotrace instructions. Simply put, the information found here is a planning resource that can be used as a point of inspiration in conjunction with your own due diligence. Although this route, related GPS route (GPX and maps) and all route guides have been prepared after careful review by the contributor and/or contributors, their accuracy and author’s opinion are not guaranteed. LLC, ITS PARTNERS, ASSOCIATES AND ASSOCIATES ARE NOT LIABLE IN ANY WAY FOR PERSONAL INJURY, PERSONAL PROPERTY DAMAGE OR ANY OTHER SITUATION THAT MAY INCUR TO INDIVIDUAL RIDER RIDING OR FOLLOWING THIS TRAIL.

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