Durango Colorado Things To Do In Summer

Durango Colorado Things To Do In Summer – Colorado and the surrounding area are great places to visit this summer on your next vacation. Located in southwest Colorado, it offers some of the best outdoor activities in the state.

For some, it could be hitting the slopes like Purgatory Resort, biking in Cortes, visiting the historic sites of Mesa Verde National Park, and even traveling to the San Juan Skyway/Million Dollar Highway.

Durango Colorado Things To Do In Summer

Durango Colorado Things To Do In Summer

If you’re planning your next Colorado vacation or adventure, here are 50 fun things to do in the four corners this summer.

Five Scenic Hikes To See Durango’s Best Fall Colors

The Silverton Narrow Gauge Railway (aka Railway) is one of the attractions on the map. The powerful steam locomotive winds its way through the canyons and valleys of Silverton, offering spectacular views of the San Juan Mountains, the Animas River Valley, and more than two million acres of the San Juan Forest. .

The famous San Juan Skyway is a spectacular sight connecting Silverton, Ouray, Ridgeway, Telluride, Ricoh, Cortez and Mancos. This full-day drive takes you through rugged mountains, alpine lakes, and dense national and state forests. Enjoy all that Southwest Colorado has to offer from the comfort of your couch.

With over 400 miles of trails,  if you’re a biker, Purgatory Bike Park should be on your summer bucket list. The many downhill trails make cycling suitable for riders of all skill levels. Enjoy the backdrop of the Needle Mountains and the San Juan Forest as you drive the back roads to the summit.

The city is home to more than 30 art galleries and galleries, including metal sculptures, oil paintings, ceramics American pottery, jewelry, landscape art, glass art and more. Be inspired by the amazing talent of local artists as you walk from stall to stall. There’s something for everyone in the photo gallery!

There’s Are Always Things To Do In Durango!

In the Mesa Verde National Park, west of Mancos, there are more than 5,000 historical sites, the most famous of which are rock houses. The Mesa Verde area contrasts with reddish brown limestone cliffs and tall desert grasses and flowers that make the entire park seem otherworldly. Self-guided walking tours or tours of the park’s cultural sites are available.

15 minutes north of town is the Hot Springs Resort and Spa. With more than 12 lakes to feed, visitors will find this oasis a great reward at any time during their travels. The temperature of the pools changes as they flow to the sounds of the forest and nearby springs.

There are over 500 shops in the city and everything you need to visit. Enjoy clothing stores, hardware stores, home and kitchen stores, and more. Whether you start in northern Maine and head south or vice versa, you’re sure to find something you like.

Durango Colorado Things To Do In Summer

The Farmers Market is located on the west side of Main Boulevard every Saturday from 8:00 am to noon. The farmers market offers not only local produce, but crafts, souvenirs, coffee and breakfast, and you can enjoy local music while strolling through the market in the sun. the morning.

The Most Exciting Things To Do In Durango, Colorado

11th Street Station is a food truck with outdoor seating. Enjoy lunch, dinner, or pre-sun from the backyard overlooking the main street or the mountains of La Platas. You can find pizza, hamburgers, Thai, Mexican, sushi and more at the 11th Street Station food truck.

A place of interest, Horse Gulch is located east of town. There are many roads in this area that connect the great forest to the nearby mesas. Ride for miles on horseback and see the mountains of Massas and La Plata in the distance.

Stand up paddle boarding or SUPing is a popular way to enjoy the lake. Just outside of town is Nighthorse Lake, a large lake and popular SUPing area. Grab your board and paddle and hit the calm, cool water and enjoy the view of the hills and mountains from the edge of the deck.

In shallow and low flow conditions, using snorkels is a great way to explore the fresh waters of the Animas River. Start your tube ride at 32nd Street and enjoy the city view as you relax. Take 9th Street to avoid heavy traffic.

The 15 Best Things To Do In Durango

The best way to experience the Animas River. The most popular whitewater trips on the Animas River start north and end a few miles south of town. The route passes several waterfalls, including the famous Whitewater Park. Most people hire a guide for equipment, driving and navigation. Go on a cruise ship for a day of laughter and fun.

The 480+ mile Colorado Trail crosses the entire state with one end in Denver and the other half…! One of the best ways to explore the Colorado Trail is to hike to Goody’s Rest, a high point on the trail that overlooks the Animas River Valley and Junction Creek. This 7.9 lap circuit covers the Crossroads River and the entire pine forest.

Andrews Lake is about 10 miles from the San Juan Freeway. A lush lake at the base of 13,000-foot Snowdon Peak, Andrews Lake offers 360 views of the San Juan Mountains while fishing for trout.

Durango Colorado Things To Do In Summer

The Rim Trail is a popular hiking and mountain trail located behind Fort Lewis College. With spectacular views of the city, La Plata Mountains and the Animas River Valley, there is no better place for a vacation. Our favorite spot is the lawn by the Fort Louis Cathedral. Eat lunch at the restaurant, set up your hammock and enjoy the view!

Parks & Recreation Enrichment Guide

Summer isn’t complete without ice cream! After a day of play, grab a frozen treat and enjoy an evening stroll around town. Stroll down Main Avenue or the historic Third Bridge to see historic buildings.

The Animas River Trail is more than 9 miles from the south to the north end of town. This paved road is a very popular road in the summer, and for good reason! As you cruise the Animas River, you’ll see the La Plata Mountains, railroads, roads and more. Our favorite part is the trail that goes from the public library to Whitewater Park.

Pass 10,000 feet 30 minutes north: Molasse Pass. The cabin sits atop a 360 degree view of the San Juan Mountains and is a great place to visit during golden hour and sunset.

For a spectacular view of the mountains at golden hour, arrive at the Molas pass parking lot at 7:00 am. Start at 6:00 am for a scenic ride back to Silverton.

Best Hikes In Durango, Co [waterfalls, Dog Friendly] — Nomads In Nature

The La Plata Mountains are two peaks separated by a valley: La Plata Canyon. Be 18.5 miles of beautiful gold! The last few rocky miles may require 4WD or a comfortable trip on your feet. In any case, this activity will not disappoint!

Rent a kayak for family fun 20 km northeast of Lake Velzito! Riding around one of the largest and most beautiful lakes to spend a day surrounded by mountains ensures amazing views and lasting memories.

The Fish and Wildlife Museum is a short walk north of town on the Animas River Trail. There’s a natural history museum with information and exhibits about local wildlife, and visitors can feed freshwater fish using a money tank. The outdoor tanks in the property produce more than 1.3 million fish each year, helping to replenish some of the state’s water bodies.

Durango Colorado Things To Do In Summer

The scenic Little Molasses Lake Trail is a 10-mile hike along Lime Creek. You’ll gain more than 800 feet of elevation gain as you hike this spectacular trail through the San Juan Mountains. Perfect for any traveler and you can even bring your furry friend!

Best Things To Do In Durango, Colorado — Durango Like A Local

Order food from a wide variety of restaurants and relax at Buckley Park on Main Avenue North. It’s a great place to spend a quiet evening or gather for a night out on the town. Either way, it’s the perfect place for a night out.

Fort Louis College offers an on-campus golf course that can be played at any time. The course includes 18 bags in the northeast and southeast of the campus, and is a good place to relax in a low-key environment.

Step back into the 1800s when you dine at The Diamond Belle Saloon in the Strater Hotel – a living reminder of history.

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