Hostels In Colorado Springs Co

Hostels In Colorado Springs Co – Located northeast of Colorado Springs, Colorado Adventure Hostel captures the spirit of the city by combining local artists and alpine traditions with contemporary style. The friendly, open environment allows people to pursue their love of the outdoors, create unique opportunities and relationships, and give back to the community through service projects.

The US Air Force Academy is approximately 8 miles away and Denver International Airport is approximately 84 miles away. The Garden of God is also a few miles away.

Hostels In Colorado Springs Co

Hostels In Colorado Springs Co

Common areas include a dining area, game room, lounge, backyard and outdoor work area. People often gather in common areas to share a meal, listen to someone’s story, or plan their next adventure.

Colorado Adventure Hostel

All guests have access to a full kitchen with stainless steel appliances, cookware, and complimentary tea and coffee making facilities. The Rocky Mountains can be seen from the backyard, where you can enjoy a walk on the grass or enjoy lunch while taking in the view.

Free high-speed Wi-Fi is provided, so remote workers won’t get lost on the go. The hostel serves a free daily breakfast with vegetarian or vegan options.

On-site karaoke and bike rentals are also popular with guests. They use it to go out during the day, explore the neighborhood, and sing their hearts out in the evening.

To accommodate all types of travelers, ColoRADO Adventure Hostel room types range from shared dorms to private suites. Each room has a private bathroom, linens and a safe. Every room has a wall with a beautiful view of Colorado Springs.

Colorado Mountain Hostels To Save Your Budget

The hotel has a strict minimum age limit of 18 and must stay for 14 days per calendar year.

Each room has climate control, a work desk, and a flat-screen TV with on-demand movies. Microwave and refrigerator available. Hosts do their best to accommodate people traveling together in the same room.

When renting dorm beds, keep in mind that space is limited, and your group is less likely to be assigned a separate room.

Hostels In Colorado Springs Co

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