Hiking In Evergreen Colorado

Hiking In Evergreen Colorado – Evergreen, Colorado is nestled in the hills 45 minutes west of Denver. This is a great place if you want to get away from the heat of the city. In the heart of Evergreen, you’ll find Evergreen Lake, which flows into Bear Creek. Bear Creek flows east toward Morrison. The canyon is lined with miles of trails. If you want the whole package: a great hike, a charming mountain town, and a place to eat lunch, then a trip to Evergreen is a great choice. Check out the travel trails below and come back to check out more trips as we add them.

This park in Evergreen, Colorado is a family favorite of our good friends. They have two daughters, Alderfer and Three Sisters, who love to travel. There are many trails in the park and the network can be confusing, so download or take an Alderfer trail map along the way. Follow for more information on this…

Hiking In Evergreen Colorado

Lair o’ Bear is, in our family’s opinion, the best family outing near Denver. First, the entrance to the canyon on Bear Creek Road is beautiful. Once in the park, you’ll find hiking trails, the cool waters of Bear Creek, parking, and large picnic areas. There are open and shaded areas as well. Our…

Five Easy Ish Trails Near Denver That Have Epic Views Of The Front Range

The Bergen Peak hike is a 4.6 mile hike through Elk Meadows near Elgreen, Colorado. With hike-in and backpacking options, you’ll get views of the Colorado Mountains, western mountains, and eastern plains from Bergen’s summit. Catching the changing colors of the aspen trees makes for a beautiful Fall experience…

Head Mountain is a 1.5 mile drive in the mountains about an hour outside of Denver, Colorado. The main mountain trail winds through mountain forests, then winds through high country tundra, eventually capturing panoramic views of the surrounding mountains. Head Mountain offers hikers a unique opportunity to explore the changing colors of Autumn spread across 360 degrees. Discover…

Elk Meadow Park is a great place for a family outing if you have small children or just want to hang out with a friend in the beautiful Colorado scenery. Needless to say, the dog park next door is closed. Get all the information you need to travel to Elk…

These Colorado hikes (more hikes) are the perfect way to spend a Saturday morning. Kayaks and paddle boats are available for rent from the nature center and hothouse. In winter, Evergreen Lake becomes an ice wonderland. See this ride profile for all the details. Travel Photo: Evergreen Lake Trail Distance 1.3 miles Round trip…

Chief Mountain Trail, A Hike To The Summit

Maxwell Falls is the most popular hike near Denver. Why? Because it’s the best Colorado family with a variety of terrain, and it takes you to one of Denver’s closest waterways. Below you will find three different hiking options: a one-mile trail, a three-mile trail, and a four-mile trail, all of which will take you…

These hiking trails near Evergreen, Colorado pass through the Bear Creek area of ​​O’Fallon Park. This is a great location for entering Bear Creek Canyon. Because there are so many options, download a trail map and check out the five different trail options listed below in your travel profile. Follow along below…

Aaron Johnson has been working in Colorado for over 20 years. Owner and editor of Dayhikes near Denver, Aaron writes each trail profile as a local guide, covering hundreds of miles of the Front Range and deep into Colorado’s Rocky Mountains. A 30-minute drive from Denver will take you to the best places to visit near Denver. Evergreen, CO tours cater to all types of travelers. From long days to gentle walks in the pine forest, there is something for everyone.

Our list of the best hikes in Evergreen gives you plenty of hiking opportunities in this charming mountain town. As a professional outdoor and Colorado writer for more than 12 years, I’ve covered incredible hikes near Evergreen.

Cotton Candy Sunset While Hiking Chief Mountain Outside Evergreen, Colorado {oc} (2400×3000)

If your legs are screaming but you’re short, Evergreen, Colorado’s Front Range offers great mountain tours.

This list is ordered by difficulty. You’ll see the easiest expenses first, followed by the more difficult expenses. In this guide to traveling in Evergreen, you’ll find:

Before you set foot on the hiking trails near Evergreen, you’ll want to be prepared. Remember:

If you want to go to the mountains and smell the aroma of pine trees, you’ve come to the right place. A trip to Evergreen, CO offers just that. Many shady pine forests open up to beautiful views of the First Range, the Continental Divide and beyond.

The 20 Best Winter Hikes In Colorado With Stunning Views

Some of the best hiking near Denver can be found in Evergreen, Colorado. So let’s take a look at the best cars near Evergreen.

Elk Meadow Park is a great destination for new Evergreen hikers. On the main road, it’s true, you don’t have to spend a lot of time (or effort) walking here. This road is lower than the pasture. You have to contend with traffic noise, but the views are beautiful, especially in late spring when the landscape turns green.

There are many options when it comes to hiking in Evergreen. The brother watch and sister spin is an absolute classic. You’ll basically make a figure 8 around the Three Sisters rock formation and the Brothers Lookout. There is a 0.1 mile drive to the reserve. This trail offers some of the best views in Evergreen.

White Ranch Outdoor Park offers great hikes (with backpacking options). Rawhide Trail is really suitable for beginners. This trip is more about the miles and less about the views. Although this road is notoriously busy, I drive it all the time on weekends and don’t see too many cars.

Towns Like Evergreen, Colorado

As one of the bike-free trails near Evergreen, Mount Independence quickly rises. Remember that the trail, although short, is mostly uphill. At the top, you’ll have spectacular views of the Front Range, with its stunning rock formations.

As one of the best hikes in Evergreen, the Alderfer Three Sisters Trail should be on your list. The trail passes through a pine forest with beautiful rock formations. As you make your way to the top of the overlook, you’ll get great views of the Evergreen in the distance and even the Continental Divide.

Tip: EVERYTHING IS AVAILABLE. This road is very busy and mountain bikers are allowed to use it. First, the climbers will take their place.

Climb Evergreen Mountain on this trail. Another Alderfer Three Sisters Park classic, this is one of the best hikes in Evergreen. Again, mountain bikers use this trail, so start early to avoid the crowds.

Best Hikes Near Denver

This 10-plus mile loop passes through a scenic mountain valley before climbing Hick Mountain. This is one of the many hiking trails near Denver. Bring plenty of food as this hike will take up most of the day.

If you’re looking for a popular hike near Denver, the Three Sisters Trail is the way to go. Start at the Dedisse Park Trail and head to Three Sisters Park. Follow the signs for Brother Care / Three Sisters. Don’t forget to stop at a brother’s stop for sightseeing!

Tip: You can add one of the many routes to the Three Sisters on this ramp. See the itinerary for more information.

As one of the best winter hikes in Colorado, Bergen Peak is challenging all year round. In winter, this steep path offers a good way to reach the snow-safe summit. In the warmer months, this is a great educational trip for one of Colorado’s 14.

Best Things To Do In Evergreen, Co

At the border of Evergreen and Golden, you’ll find Golden Gate Canyon State Park. The Burro Trail Loop to Windy Peak is one of my favorite Denver hiking trails. You’ll feel endless changes burning, but the aspen forests above are worth the effort.

Note that Colorado State Parks require a $5 entrance fee without an annual pass. There are many other trails in the park.

The Beaver Brook Trail actually runs from Windy Saddle Point in Golden to Evergreen. This is a recipe for a long day

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