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Pueblo makes it easy to stay active thanks to a series of loops and trail systems that offer a variety of exercise options, from walking and running to hiking and biking. Some are easy to use and suitable for families with children, while others offer challenging and spectacular outings perfect for experienced hikers and cyclists.

Hiking In Pueblo Colorado

Either way, there are ways for almost every type of entertainment option. Here are 9 of the best places to explore in Pueblo.

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Thanks to this extensive system, the route is located in the heart of Pueblo. From downtown, walkers, joggers, and bicyclists can follow the trail west along the Arkansas River to Pueblo Lake State Park, or north along Fountain Creek to the Colorado State University-Pueblo campus. Together, it offers more than 30 miles of easy access and beautiful water views.

The scenery along this trail in Pueblo Mountain Park, located 30 miles southwest of Pueblo (Beulah), is the star. Continuing along the ring road, the Northridge Trail is well shaded by pines and firs, while the landscape opens up along the Mace Trail, offering panoramic views of Devils Canyon and the Beulah Valley. In winter the 2.5 mile loop is great for snowshoeing.

10 Things you need to know about Pueblo, Colorado

A few miles west of Lake Pueblo State Park along Highway 96, this 3.6-mile hiking and biking trail features many wide, flat and family-friendly trails. The Black Magic Loop leads to the Voodoo Trail, which includes a section that runs along Pueblo Lake.

The Best Hikes In Colorado

This is one of the many trails in and around the 10,000 acre Lake Pueblo State Park. Starting at the Arkansas Point Trailhead parking lot off Highway 96, cyclists and hikers can enjoy the 3.6 mile loop trail. Also, as the name suggests, the sunset is spectacular.

It was named in honor of former US Forest Service employee and conservationist Arthur Carhartt. He declared that “beautiful pieces of nature should belong to everyone.” This short 1.8 mile in Beulah connects Pueblo Mountain Park and the Wet Mountain trails.

Several trails connect to form this 6 mile loop. This 6 mile loop covers mostly flat terrain but has two steep, short climbs and descents. A good portion of this loop follows the shores of Lake Pueblo, with many twists and turns along the way.

This stunning loop is easily accessible from the Arkansas Point Trailhead parking lot at Pueblo Lake State Park. The 17 mile route is a combination of outer and inner border routes. Part of the trail follows a cliff above Lake Pueblo, offering great views. This place is also popular with bird watchers.

Great Places To Hit The Trails In Pueblo, Co

Love Where You Live Find Creative Buildings in Pueblo, Colorado City and its residents support the arts and cultural scene.

As the name suggests, this overnight loop is definitely for hikers/campers. There are more than 3,600 feet of elevation change throughout the 25 mile loop, peaking at 9,600 feet above sea level. But the reward for continuing to climb the cliff is the incredible view. Backpackers can take the 12-Mile Highway from Beulah to the historic Davenport Campground (which dates back to the 1920s), spend the night, and follow the Squirrel Creek and Carhartt Trails back to Beulah.

For those who want it all (or even more), there’s the All Sloper, a 32-mile trail that covers almost all of Lake Pueblo’s best trails. Experienced hikers can hike the challenging Butte Trail from the Inner Boundary Trail, or the Rock Canyon Trail from the South Shore Trail. And as a reward for burning off all those calories, find a nearby restaurant that serves Pueblo’s famous sloppers.

Want to learn more about living and working in Pueblo, Colorado? See the latest story from Pueblo, Colorado. One of Colorado’s best-kept outdoor secrets, Pueblo Mountain Park, located in the Wet Mountains, is a year-round hiking destination. 6 miles of highway in the park with access to other trails in the National Forest.

Awesome Things To Do In Pueblo Colorado You Can’t Miss

After hearing that a section of the trail called “Devil’s Dribble” was a little scary but fun, we decided on the Devil’s Canyon Trail.

When you enter Pueblo Mountain Park, you wonder if this is the right place. It doesn’t look like your average theme park.

No flash, no paved roads, just the feel of the outdoors. we loved it.

Devil’s canyon trail started with a mix of ponderosa, juniper, yucca, cacti and late wildflowers. I walked on a slope, I saw a valley below, but soon I found myself among the trees.

Best Hikes In Canon City, Colorado

Such diverse regions are full of natural wonders, each way leading to another place. We are going crazy because you don’t know what to expect next.

Looking to the northwest, we saw the town of Pueblo, and looking to the southwest, we saw rocks that came out of the middle of the forest, and they looked like our own paradise. .

Devil Dribble met our trip. It really surprised us. As we entered between large rocks on both sides of us, we found ourselves in “one way”. Go through narrow, steep, steep, rocky canyons. Slide down like a slide, and when you hit the ground, you’re wet.

It’s only a few feet, and it’s a little weird, and it’s ridiculously fun. You land on a flat surface and quickly return to the forest. The process is simple;

Local Nonprofit Helps Physically Disabled Access Colorado Trails, Mountains

Download a printable map of all trails in Pueblo Mountain Park and National Forest trail access.

Visit the Mountain Parks Environmental Center near the park entrance to find out what else is going on here, not just hiking.

Pueblo Mountain Park is minutes from Buera, Colorado, a mountain town in the Buera Valley, 30 minutes from Pueblo, Colorado.

TIDBITS Trails in the Park Rating: Moderate to Moderate Open Year Round: Hiking, Snowshoeing, Horseback Riding San Isabel National Forest Another lesser-known hiking destination is Florence Mountain Park, Newlink Creek Trail. Walk through steep valleys. Colorado is known for its great hiking trails that are visited by people from all over the world.

Lake Pueblo, Colorado State Park

The country is known for what is known as the 14,000 foot peak, which is about 14,000 feet that people climb and climb. Southern Colorado is home to about 14 of the 24 people in the entire state.

There are two major mountain ranges: the San Juan Mountains in the southwest and the Sangre de Cristo in the east.

Mount Kit Carson and Challenger Point are in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, near Westcliffe, on the west side of the border. Outside of the town of Crestone, this trail is a 4.5 mile active trail that reaches the center of the summit.

“A lot of people go up to the lake, camp overnight, hike two mountains the next day, sleep at the lake, then come down,” said Colorado Springs hiking expert, author and podcaster Bob Falcone. email.

Colorado’s Love Affair With Open Space Started With A Boulder Tax Experiment

The trail from the lake to the summit was rebuilt after years of projects by the Rocky Mountain Field Foundation under contract with the US Forest Service.

On the east side of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains is Humboldt Peak, at 14,065 feet. The trail is 11 miles round trip and starts on Kata Route 120 to the South Colony Spur Trailhead in Custer County.

“Experienced users with 4×4 capable vehicles can drive to the South Colony Spur Trailhead, but otherwise drive past the first trailhead. I would not recommend traveling by car,” said Falcone.

The three southern peaks of the range include Alamosa County’s Blanca Peak, Ellingwood Point and Little Bear Peak. We know that these routes are difficult and are recommended for experienced hikers and climbers.

Around Town: Flavor Of Pueblo And Garden Of The Gods Hiking

The route usually takes several days to complete and starts at Lake Como. It then follows a long walk to the top.

Little Bear is one of the hardest 14 to complete. It is located over 6,000 feet above the San Luis Valley.

The dangers of stones are high, but there are safer alternatives.

The San Juan Mountains in Hinsdale County are among the largest in the state, with about 14 peaks of varying heights and degrees of difficulty.

Things To Know Before Moving To Pueblo, Co

Easy hikes like Handy’s and Red Cloud Peak are also included. Being an easy trip, the route is usually more crowded than others.

“It’s a beautiful, beautiful ride. It’s beautiful and easy,” said chairwoman Jill Mattoon

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