Hot Springs At Boutique Hotel In Colorado

Hot Springs At Boutique Hotel In Colorado – With so many options, choosing the best mineral baths to soak in Colorado can be difficult. Luckily, there are dozens to choose from, and we’ve narrowed it down to twelve of the resort’s best hot springs, all of which are open year-round except for periodic cleaning and maintenance.

On hot and cold days, it’s one of the little things in life that we all enjoy. Because of Colorado’s elevation, spring weather nights always feel cool, regardless of the season.

Hot Springs At Boutique Hotel In Colorado

Hot Springs At Boutique Hotel In Colorado

Each hot spring listed below is a public spa with an entrance fee. Although many free primitive hot springs are great and for some the best experience, we have excluded them from this list. Private hot springs are also absent. You can find two types of hot springs in Colorado, so don’t worry.

The Cliff House

Well-developed spas offer consistent, high-quality, and usually clean water regardless of season. In addition, they are open all year round. On the other hand, you can drive to crowded, underdeveloped hot springs like Penny or Radium and wait or pinch your jaw.

Located south of Buena Vista in Nathrop, Mount Princeton is a historic landmark dating back to the 1860s, but built to offer many modern amenities and options. For the most natural experience, visit between May and August to soak in the riverside hot springs.

Made mineral pools are open all year round, as well as a four hundred meter water slide! Mount Princeton has plenty of family fun and amenities. Take advantage of their spa and juice bar, or take a hike before heading into the neighboring San Isabel National Forest.

Rooms available here range from your own private cabin to elegant guest rooms and cliff-facing rooms. Whatever you want in your hot spring experience, Mount Princeton wants to make it happen.

Dunton Hot Springs In Colorado, United States

Cottonwood Hot Springs is a fun spa in downtown Buena Vista in the San Isabel National Forest. There are a variety of pools to ensure guests can find exactly what they are looking for.

And there is accommodation for all of them. Whether you want your own private room or are on a budget and want to try out a room, there is a place for you. Cottonwood offers a variety of private cabins and cottages for rent if you’re looking for a larger, more private getaway. Overnight guests have private access to the hot springs!

Cottonwood wants to help you de-stress. With hot springs that are 100% natural and full of beneficial minerals, Cottonwood clearly shows you care.

Hot Springs At Boutique Hotel In Colorado

If you are looking for more relaxation, Strawberry Park may be your choice. With country cottages and local campsites, they help you escape the hustle and bustle of reality. Located in Steamboat Springs in the unforgettable Yampa Valley.

Best Hot Springs In Colorado According To A Local

Their hottest pool is 104 degrees on most days, so it’s sure to be one of the best hot springs in Colorado. After the sun goes down, Strawberry Park becomes an optional outfit for those 18 and older. The pools here have a primitive feel, with rocky sand filling the pools.

They also offer private massage parlors and water-watsu therapy in their private pool. If you want to de-stress in a secluded location, choose Strawberry Park.

Specializing in premium spa and wellness, Joiful Journey Hot Springs easily makes our top twelve list. Located in Moffat in the expansive San Luis Valley, each spectacular hot spring has views of the Sangre de Cristo mountain range.

Joiful Journey likes to give you options. For accommodation, you can choose from excellent hotel rooms, nature campsites, an amazing gray house or, if it’s summer season, even a hike. There are three options for pools ranging from 98 degrees to 108 degrees depending on your preference. Each pool is emptied every night for maximum cleanliness.

Hot Springs Near Telluride That You Can Explore

After all, Joiful Journey is all about entertainment. From a wide range of spa services to weekend camel rides, you’ll find several things to enjoy here. Yoga is offered on Tuesdays and Wednesday afternoons are optional in the hot pool. Whatever you desire, Joiful Journey Resort awaits you!

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Another San Luis Valley resort in the small town of Moffat, Valley View is 45 minutes south of Salida and an hour north of Alamosa. Naturism is the passion behind Valley View Hot Springs. This means they want all guests to understand that they have it

Hot Springs At Boutique Hotel In Colorado

“The ability to choose whether or not to wear clothing.” It’s a natural and personal choice, suitable for people of all ages or backgrounds, especially in pristine natural areas like Valley View Hot Springs.

Private Hot Spring Rentals In Colorado

They’ve set the bar high with seven pool options and all-season camping and lodging in a stunning natural setting. A highlight of their pool options is the Waterfall Pool where warm water flows from the back creating the perfect ambiance.

Then visit their sauna, cooling bath or massage therapist for your ultimate detox. As it turns out, Valley View takes care of the environment by using geothermal heating in all of its rooms, cabins and bedrooms. Escape to Valley View for a natural retreat away from the world.

Nestled between the ski resorts of Aspen and Vail, Glenwood’s hot springs attract tourists from far and wide. Being the largest hot spring in the world, Glenwood Hot Springs ranks among the best hot springs in Colorado.

Their 107-room hotel is within walking distance to the restaurants, shops and nightlife of downtown Glenwood Springs. With a complimentary poolside breakfast and mineral therapy spa, there’s no excuse not to spend a few days here.

The 7 Best Springs In Colorado

Glenwood understands that some people need to be active in order to relax, so its state-of-the-art fitness center has a variety of classes to choose from. Whether it’s the spa, record-breaking pool or proximity to skiing that draws you here, this world-renowned resort is ready to serve you.

Another Glenwood Springs option, Iron Mountain Hot Springs has the largest number of mineral pools in the state. After a dip in one of the sixteen pools, head to their Sopris Cafe for a healthy snack.

Iron Mountain is so focused on your resort experience that they do not offer on-site lodging. However, the local town of Glenwood Springs has many fine hotels, such as the historic Colorado and Hotel Denver.

Hot Springs At Boutique Hotel In Colorado

It’s Glenwood Springs’ (and Colorado’s) newest hot spring and has quickly become the go-to place for locals to enjoy their Glenwood Hot Springs pool vacation. What makes this resort unique is that it allows adults 21 and older to drink alcoholic beverages poolside, of course without a glass. Iron Mountain is the perfect stop for your weekend getaway or family vacation.

The Best Hotels In Colorado

One of the best hot springs in the state is SunWater Spa in charming and beautiful Manitou Springs. In addition to the aforementioned hot springs, this unique town has eight mineral springs that you can drink from. Stay hydrated!

SunWater heats its cedar water tubs with solar energy. When the water warms, the cedar oil releases into the water, creating a relaxing, unique and aromatic experience.

In addition to spa treatments, they focus on holistic relaxation with yoga, movement and meditation classes on site. The spa is a sister property to SunMountain Center, which includes lodging, catering, a farm, garden, and bed and breakfast. SunWaterSpa is perhaps one of the most unique spas on our list.

Located in Hot Sulfur Springs, the oldest hot spring resort on our list, Hot Sulfur Springs Resort has a long and unique history. Originally opened by the Ute Indians, Williams Byers turned it into a resort 140 years ago. The current renovated facility opened in 1997 with the blessing of the spiritual leader of the Ute tribe.

Indian Hot Springs

The accommodation is clean and sophisticated yet simple, ensuring you make the most of your time at the hot springs. You can explore their spas and pools unhindered. If you want to get into the hot springs after hours, book their extravagant suites. For an affordable and unique experience, stay at Hot Sulfur Springs Resort.

The view alone makes Ourai Hot Springs one of the most beautiful hot springs in the area. The city was called the Swiss Alps and so on. Swimming in the 750,000 gallon pool surrounded by 13,000 feet of snow is sure to captivate.

You can choose an energetic summer vacation or a romantic winter getaway. With a pool, activity pool, plunge pool, hot tub and infinity pool, there’s something for everyone. You can also take swimming lessons here.

Hot Springs At Boutique Hotel In Colorado

Note that they do not offer on-site lodging, so book elsewhere and enjoy the Ourai Hot Springs pool all day. Don’t worry, the town of Ouray is a major tourist destination

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