January Learn To Ski And Snowboard Month

January Learn To Ski And Snowboard Month – Skiers can learn the basics each month at the Learn to Trade Ski & Snowboard Fair at many ski resorts.

If learning to ski (or snowboard) is on your list of New Year’s resolutions, lucky me! Of course, there are many cars. January is Learn to Ski and Snowboard Month in the United States, including New Hampshire, and many ski resorts are offering special prices to entice first-timers to the slopes.

January Learn To Ski And Snowboard Month

But why take one skiing lesson when you can take three or four? These multi-day packs will help new players from home to the slopes and beyond.

Holiday Valley Beginner Ski & Ride Lesson + Rental Packages

“It’s a multi-curricular program [that provides] skills to build a foundation of skills that help progress through education,” said Trisha Jacobson, director of King Pine Ski and Snowboard School. “This gives students more time to practice new skills with guidance and feedback to hear new ideas and gain confidence, allowing new surfers and riders to enjoy better control … [and] explore the space during the course.”

Another bonus? Keep him on the ground. Many surf schools offer free lessons and listings beyond what is included in the initial purchase. Some give money to pass the season and buy equipment after a few skiers or snowboarders. Both are stepping stones to a fun life on the slopes for snowboarders of all ages.

“It’s never too early or too late to learn,” said Carol Ramsey, who runs the Bebe Wood program at Ragged Mountain Resort. “In the first year of our program, the oldest was 80 years old. Everyone should try it!”

Ramsey’s belief that skiing is for everyone comes from the Baby Wood playbook. A former ski instructor and mountain ambassador at Ragged, Wood is such a friendly and inspirational person at Ragged that the resort named its free ski program after him.

Why College Is The Best Time To Learn To Ski Or Ride

The Bebe Wood program is open to beginner surfers and snowboarders ages 7 and up. The package includes three 2-hour lessons, rental and a discount on skis – with the option to continue skiing after the lesson for $20. After the third lesson, Bebe Wood members can purchase a season pass for $69, registering for additional lessons for the current and next seasons.

As an added incentive after the winter season ends, new skiers and riders can purchase a season pass for $199. www.raggedmountainresort.com

Designed for beginners ages 13 and up, the Peak Discovery program includes three courses, a menu and tickets for $139. Surfers and rock climbers can start the program at any of the Peak Resorts – including Wildcat, Atytash and Crotched in New Hampshire – and continue there overnight.

Day 1 and Day 2 of the program also include field research materials. On Day 3, students receive a full mountain and begin exploring alternatives during the lesson. www.attitash.com

Get Discounted Lessons During Learn To Ski And Snowboard Month

Newcomers to Sunapee’s Start Here program enroll in three courses with $155 in tuition and grants. The program is open to new skiers and snowboarders ages 16 and up. www.mountsunapee.com

Snowboarders ages 8 and up can sign up for the King Pine 1-2-3 ski or snowboard package. For $164 ($134 for children ages 8-12), new and advanced skiers can take three lessons and rent and upgrade tickets.

After completing all three courses, members receive a 50 percent discount on future tickets, listings, and additional courses. www.kingpine.com

At Cranmore, beginner skiers and snowboarders can sign up for the Passport program, which costs $199 for three beginner lessons and a trail. After all three courses, members can purchase a season pass for $199. www.cranmore.com

Ski Industry Targeting Millennials To Keep Coffers Intact

Priced at $349, this package for new skiers and boarders ages 6 and up includes four basic lessons plus a full day of skiing. On the last day, program members receive season passes, Elan skis and gear, and discounts in stores.

Those looking for continuing education can also enroll in additional group courses at a 50 percent discount. www.patspeak.com

With any of these programs, workouts can be done on consecutive days or spread throughout the season. Each ski area also has different offers for young skiers, depending on the learning curve of the children.

Many New Hampshire ski resorts – alpine and Nordic – also offer ski deals throughout the month. So whether you want to try it for a day or a few days, if you want to hit the snow trails in a blizzard, now is a great time to get out and ski.

Learn To Ski & Snowboard

When you submit the form below, you will be sent an email with a link to change your password.

An email with instructions for changing your password has been sent to your account email address. SkiPA) offers special discounts on ski lessons.

White Haven, PA – January 2020 – Governor Tom Wolf January 2020 is Learn to Ski and Snowboard Month in Pennsylvania, and the Senate is making another announcement. All month long, members of the Pennsylvania Ski Areas Association (SkiPA) are offering special discounts on ski lesson packages, making it affordable and easy for beginners to get started and jump in PA.

“Learn to Ski and Snowboard Month is a great time for families to learn a new winter sport and spend a lot of money,” said Linda Irwin, executive director of the Pennsylvania Ski Areas Association.

Frugal Foodie Mama: The Best Money Saving Tips For Ski & Snow Family Vacations

Newbies can take advantage of a $5 adult or child discount on midweek snowboard lessons at any location. SkiPA. The 21-man territory covers every part of the state from the Endless Mountains to Philadelphia, central Pennsylvania from Maryland to the New York border to all of the Alleghenies. This package includes basic tickets, paid equipment and basic group lessons, visit https://www.skipa.com/deals/learn-to-ski-and-snowboard to download the coupon.

Bear Creek makes learning easy with a “Personal Package” that includes three worksheets, three introductory courses, and three lists for $145. This package is valid daily until January 31, 2020 for one person only.

Available for $194, the Blue Mountain Family and Friends Package includes tuition, training and entrance tickets for three people. Must be six years of age or older.

The Blue Knob Learn to Ski and Snowboard package includes three lift tickets, rental lessons and lessons starting at $180 per adult. Students, military and first responders can purchase this package for $150. Available until January 31, 2020 and Sunday to Friday (excluding public holidays).

New Year, New Skill: Learn To Ski And Snowboard At Hidden Valley Ski Resort

Beginners can enjoy the Learn to Ski package, which includes a 90-minute lesson, rental and lift for $100 on weekdays and $119 on weekends and holidays.

Elk’s January “Learn to Ski or Snowboard” package includes lift ticket, first lesson and equipment rental for $55 weekdays and $70 weekends/holidays. The snowboard budget is $62 on weekdays and $72 on weekends/holidays.

Beginners can use the $50 Learn to Ski/Ski package every Tuesday in January (except January 1st). This package includes a booklet, a lesson and a list. Not valid for SnowMonsters Kids Program.

Hidden Valley offers an eight-year introductory course for $36. Beginners can also choose a lesson package that includes a lesson, ski and snowboard passes, helmet and gear rental for $125 for adults and $119 for children ages 8-12. Classes last 60 minutes Monday through Thursday and 90 minutes Friday through Sunday and on public holidays.

Places To Hit The Slopes For Cheap In January For ‘learn To Ski And Snowboard Month’

Ski and Snowboard every Friday night from 4:00 p.m. – 9 pm. for just $45 per ticket and list. Then take advantage of a 60-minute Friday group lesson for just $20.

Learn to ski or snowboard for just $55 on Thursdays in January. Package includes starter pass, list, hat and starter lesson.

Mount Pleasant has the Snokids and Snoparents training program, which consists of a six-week training program that includes daily lift tickets and lessons starting at $160. Rentals are an additional $50 per season.

Roundtop offers a $55 Learn to Ski or Snowboard package every Thursday in January. This package includes basic certification, classroom training, and paid tools. Reservations are not required. Buy at any checkout.

January Is Learn To Ski & Snowboard Month

Beginning skiers and snowboarders ages 8 and up can use Seven Spring’s Fun-Based Learning System, which uses four different snow symbols to create a fun learning environment. The Learn to Ski package is $124 weekdays or $147 weekends and includes lift tickets, rentals and a 1.5-hour lesson.

January 10 is National Snow Sports Learning Day. To celebrate, Shawnee is offering a 100-point Learn to Ski or Snowboard package for $29 that includes early bird tickets, lessons and rentals. It is limited to the first 100 guests and must be purchased online in advance. Shaunie

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