Hiking Spots In Colorado Springs

Hiking Spots In Colorado Springs – Garden of the Gods is just one part of Colorado Springs’ extensive trails. The city’s founders did a great job of preserving open spaces, and locals embraced the walker’s (or runner’s, walker’s, or bicyclist’s) landscape.

Here is some great information about the best hikes in Colorado Spring. Corridors are roughly defined by their location in the city.

Hiking Spots In Colorado Springs

Garden of the Gods ranks among the hiking options in Colorado Springs, offering a great mix of paved and dirt trails. Many visitors stick to the trails that run between the famous red rocks, especially from the main parking lot at the north end of the park. Paved paths are pleasant and accessible for strollers, wheelchairs and many exercises.

Best Hikes In Colorado Springs

I like to leave the paved roads and explore the singletrack combinations. A personal favorite is the Palmer Trail, located on the west side of the park. The path is one of the most technical, but it offers a great view of the northwest corner of the garden.

For lighter options (other than the mandatory central garden paths), consider exploring the Ledge Farm Historic Site and the east side of Foothill Path (near the main visitor center).

The park has limited mountain biking opportunities, but road bikers can find miles of bike trails and challenging hills.

Different Distance can range from walking to moderate mileage (ie 6-8 miles). The combinations are endless and a determined soul can easily travel together.

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Located near Pikes Peak Land near Colorado Springs, Manitowoc is a legendary 1-mile loop with an elevation gain of 2,000 feet on the old Cog Railroad.

The trail is a combination of dirt, gravel, rock, and railroad ties between the high desert and wild vegetation. At the top (there’s a fake one on the way up, mind you!) hikers are rewarded with a spectacular view of Manitou Springs.

I noticed that most people have about 1 hour to reach the top. Elite athletes can make it up the hill in about 20 minutes (my best time is 29:56, I think Eric did it in 27:27). For slow hikers, it can take up to 2 hours to climb.

The official return route takes a more gradual route below Conner Bar (the official route at Pikes Chute). Many tourists are eager to walk these several miles of trails.

Colorado Springs, Colorado: Scenic Adventures For Outdoor Lovers

In the winter, when the inline and bar trails freeze, locals wear traction gear such as Kahtola microspikes (or nanospikes), YakTrax, or even bolt boots. I’m a fan of the Kahtola Micro Spikes and I’ve been going barefoot in the snow and ice.

Visitors and locals often misunderstand Manito Online’s difficulty and are attracted to its novelty. Do not attempt the Manitou Incline if you do not have a good cardiovascular system.

Are you wondering how to get to the top of Pikes Peak? The legendary Top Trail takes you all the way to the top. The route is 13 miles (26 miles of the marathon round trip) and has an elevation gain of 7,800 feet. This is the Colorado 14ers’ greatest achievement in any way.

This old mule trail starts through oak, pine, and aspen scrub, over rocks, above tree line, and all the way to the ridge. Halfway up the trail is Bar Camp, a great place to camp, rest, and even eat (if you make a reservation).

Guided Day Hikes — Colorado Hikes And Hops

The base of Conner Bar is near the Manitowoc Railroad Depot and Pikes Peak, and the first 3 miles are the hardest of the entire hike. It’s very hot at the bottom and winter at the top, so be smart.

The Bar Trail offers an impressive challenge for motivated walkers (or runners). There are interesting variations at the top (Long Ranch Road, Elk Park Trail, etc.).

There is usually a lot of downhill traffic at the start of the route, as the upper route is the return route for Manitou Inline riders. Those hoping for a quieter hike will find it after passing Slope Junction (4.5 miles on the upper trail).

Can’t stomach enough pork? Looking for an alternative to rock climbing? Do you like mountain biking? Play Red Rock Canyon online. There’s even a mini bike obstacle course.

Best Hikes In Colorado In 2023 With Secret Local Tips

If you’re an experienced trail runner looking for some serious miles and potting, get out into the open and hike a 10-mile loop that includes 16 sections. Red Rock Canyon can be connected to Bear Creek Open Space, High Line Drive, Antiman Area, and other trails.

Pulpit Rock always amazes me. It is located in the city center between a large shopping center, a university (UCCS) and residential buildings.

Despite its proximity, Pulpit Rock offers a great variety of trails and terrain. The most obvious way is to climb the rock formation itself. The same route is very difficult, but there are some easy routes under the rock.

Watch out for snakes in the summer. I have seen snakes here many times, like in God’s garden. If you see one, give them a wide berth and be kind – snakes are just after them.

Colorado Springs Trail Guide

Math lovers will love the Seven Bridges Trail, a challenging out-and-back with lots of vertical climbs and seven stream crossings. Seven Bridges is located above Gold Camp Road at North Cheyenne Creek (there is a large dirt parking lot above Helen Hunt Falls).

The actual trail is about 2.6 miles one way, but there is a 0.7 mile trail along the old railroad tracks.

It is a tough walk and it is cold in winter. I love hitting the heat at Seven Bridges in the summer. Seven bridges can be exchanged with many other mountain trails to explore endless high mountains.

Stratton is a lovely little open space at the foot of the mountains. Stratton’s treasure known as the “chutes” is an incredible mountain bike trail. Think of a roller coaster. Think chutes and stairs. Consider switching banks. What are you waiting for? Chain it to CapJex and send us a “thank you” email later.

Crags Hike Near Colorado Springs

Hiking and running in the Chutes is not recommended as the bikes come down the barrel (I took the spikes down in the winter – it was huge). In addition to footpaths, there are many trails. In summer, you can find relief from the sun, because the forest has many shady paths.

You will find a wonderful combination of red rocks, forests, canyons, rivers and views in Section 16. The best way to prepare for a hike is to know that you can get an idea 1/3 of the way (if you hike CCW I recommend) in a series of sharp switchbacks in the woods. Don’t give up, the reward at the top of the hill and the last 2/3 of the hike is worth the hard work!

As a fan, I personally prefer stage 16. 5.5 miles and 2000′ gain is quite a challenge, especially climbing uphill for the first 1/3 of the way.

It is great to explore the summit with a beautiful view of the city and the plains, and then go down with the canyon formations. If you’re a trail runner, you’ll be hard-pressed to find your way downhill. Get ready to fly.

Mt. Buckhorn Hike Near Colorado Springs

Park at the Gould Camp Road section 16 trailhead and climb the steps to the oak to begin this trail loop. If the car park is full, park further down at the intersection of Gold Camp and High Line (dirt road).

Bear Creek is a large city park with a large dog park (seriously, it’s huge), lots of grass, playgrounds, tennis, basketball, picnic facilities, and a challenging trail. To the east of the main park are gentle, gravel paths. On the west side of the park are mountain dirt trails that climb back through the scrub to the 16th section. Bear Creek connects with Section 16 on the west side and the Pikes Peak Greenway on the east side.

Mt. Rosa is my favorite hike in Colorado Springs that requires a lot of stamina. Looking at the peaks from the city, Rosa is the most classic looking (well and pointed) south side of the spring.

I like to go above St. Mary’s Falls, go to the top, then drop back down and come back on the Seven Bridges Trail.

Best Easy Hikes In Colorado Springs

Not for the faint of heart, Rosa’s summit is at least 13 miles (total) from the springs – I like about 15 miles. The summit can be seen from the back and the round-trip distance can be significantly reduced (7.2 miles in total), but it includes long forest roads. You can also find careless markers near the back track.

Explorer Zebulon Pike accidentally reached Pax Peak (now named after him) trying to reach Mount Rosa and spent the night in a cave below Rosa Peak.

Colorado Springs has a high desert climate.

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