Things To Do In Vail Colorado During The Summer

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Nestled in the Rockies about 100 miles west of Denver is a Bavarian village where the stresses of life often melt away in the fresh mountain air. Vail, Colorado, is not like other suburban mountain towns. Since its inception, Vail has been designed to transport guests out of their everyday reality and into their dream vacations. And I did just that on my summer trip to the plains.

Things To Do In Vail Colorado During The Summer

Things To Do In Vail Colorado During The Summer

From the moment I pulled into the valet parking of the Sonelup Hotel, a great vibes started. Although I arrived 6 hours late in the morning to enter, the Europeans greeted me very warmly as if they were eagerly awaiting my arrival. Check-in was quick, and my luggage was quickly moved to a secure area, allowing me to wander around Vail Village unhindered while I waited in my room.

Best Things To Do In Vail Valley In Fall

In summer, Vail Village is full of color! From the flowers to the flags, it is a feast for the eyes.

I arrived early on a Sunday, which meant the Vail Farmers Market was in full swing. I knew that Vail was designed to resemble the picturesque mountain villages surrounding the foothills of the German and Swiss Alps. But as soon as I stepped into the heart of Vail Village, I was captivated by the beauty of the mountains. This experience took me to a place much further from home than Colorado. The experience was surreal.

I just arrived in Vail, but I’ve already said I’m not going anywhere else. There is undoubtedly something special about Val, as it reminds us to enjoy life. It’s the best way to say it when you’re in Vail, like life is a dream.

The outdoor swimming pool at Sonnenalp in Vail is the perfect place to kick back and relax during your summer vacation.

Fun Things To Do In Vail Even If You Don’t Ski

When the small bed and breakfast that inspired Sonnenalp first opened in Germany in the early 20th century, Weil was unimaginable. As the German inn prospered, its founders dreamed of bringing their legacy of European hospitality to America. And in the 1960s, when word spread about a house going up just below Vail Ski Resort, they decided the time was right.

Sonnenalp and Weil have been together since the beginning, and the two feel incredibly connected. Since its establishment 40 years ago, the hotel has become a Vail Valley icon, and just like the town itself, Sonnenalp wastes no time in transporting you to another place and time – where the air is fresh. Life feels easy. And the spirits were exalted to the highest place.

In Sonnenalp, I stayed in a one-bedroom apartment overlooking Gore Creek and the swimming pool. Custom-made Bavarian furniture, a well-appointed fireplace, and a vaulted ceiling imbue the space with a serene serenity that I rarely experience in my travels. Exploring Vail Valley was something new every day, but the feeling of coming home at the end of each day remained the same.

Things To Do In Vail Colorado During The Summer

Vail Ski Resort is a world-famous winter destination, but in the summer, there are personal goals to achieve, dreams to achieve, and mountains to climb in another world. Whether you like to be pampered or push your physical limits, there is something for everyone. True limits are only a concept in Vail, and the only thing standing between you and all that Vail has to offer is time. But don’t worry, I’m here to help you make the most of it! Here are the best things to do in Vail, Colorado during the summer!

Vail In Summer: 25 Best Things To Do (off Season) In Co

The Rockies are known for their unique hiking opportunities, and Vail is no exception. In late July, the walkways were so beautifully filled with wildflowers that I found myself in a state of wonder. While I will share a ride for each comfort level, I encourage you to do a little research on your own. You never know what hidden travel gem you might find. Try visiting the Discover Vale website, asking locals, or hiring a guide. The outdoor options to explore in Vail Valley during the summer are endless!

In late July, the mountains surrounding Vail explode with wildflowers. Going on a trip is definitely a part of any summer vacation in the area.

The Eagle’s Loop is basically a 1-mile loop from the Eagle Bahn Gondola. This short and sweet route is perfect for families with small children or anyone who wants to enjoy the mountains without breaking a sweat. You will need to purchase a gondola ticket, but the ride is half the fun!

The Shrine Ridge Trailhead is located a few miles up the Shrine Pass Road at Well Pass. This 4-mile round trip begins with a gentle climb as it gently climbs through pine-filled meadows. The last push in the saddle was slight; If you are not used to the height, you will feel it. The stunning 360-degree views at the top are once again relaxing – but this time for a different reason.

Vail, Colorado, Might Be Better In The Summer!

Although there are wildflowers on every hike I’ve done, Shrine Ridge stands out from the rest because of the diversity. Pink, red, purple, yellow and orange colors. A kaleidoscope of colors made this late July hike special.

Notch Mountain Trail is a long, very difficult hike. It takes about five miles to reach Notch Mountain Shelter, a great place to stop for lunch and take in the view before heading down. The route offers a spectacular, high alpine landscape with one of the best views of the famous Mount of the Holy Cross. The trees brighten the first half, but you want to bring your sunscreen to the top front. It’s an eight-mile hike from Tigiwon Road to the trailhead, so plan to get an early start.

During the summer Vail has trails for all levels of hikers. The hard part is choosing one!

Things To Do In Vail Colorado During The Summer

Nothing ruins a vacation faster than not feeling well. The curtain is 8,000 feet high, and only goes up from there. If you come from the sea like me you will feel high. But you can help prevent sickness up and down, spend a day in town before hitting the trails, and perhaps most importantly, stay hydrated!

Sensational Things To Do In Vail

At higher altitudes, the sun hits it differently. Start early to avoid the afternoon heat and afternoon thunder. Plus, starting from scratch means you’ll be sharing techniques that few people know about!

I always try to balance the desire to share beautiful places with people, with the desire to protect fragile nature. You can do your part by enjoying the outdoors wisely and always practicing the Leave No Trace principles. If you are a photographer, I also encourage you to check out Nature First. Its mission is to “help protect the places we love and photograph through smart use, educational experiences, community and research.” Both websites are resources for low-impact practices that help preserve beautiful natural areas.

During my trip, I did a half-day walk with Paragon guides. They’ve been taking people to the mountains since 1978, so it’s safe to say you’re in good hands! The guide will cover everything and bring a wealth of local knowledge to the table. Learning about the local flora, fauna, and history of the area made for a wonderful hiking experience. Next time I’m in Vail in the summer, I want to join Paragon’s famous llama hike!

As part of my dream Vail trip, I explored Vail with award-winning weather and conservation photographer Todd Winslow Pierce. Not only did I learn a lot about photography during my visit with Todd, but I was also able to get off the beaten path in a way that I never would have on my own. Todd has been in Vail Valley more or less since its inception. In fact, his father helped design the layout of Vail Village, Sonnenalp, and other notable buildings in the area. I would venture to guess that very few people know the history of the vine. If you’re looking for a unique way to experience Vail Valley that you won’t find in any guidebook, this is for you!

Exciting Things To Do In Vail, Colorado In The Winter (besides Skiing!)

As part of my dream trip to Vail, Colorado, I went on a photography trip. In this photo, we practiced creating motion in the water by using a slow shutter speed.

Well the village is fun. In spring, bright flowers hang in every window box, beautiful outdoor restaurants buzz with customers, and pedestrians roam the streets anywhere and everywhere. From environment to food,

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