Hiking Trails In Breckenridge Colorado

Hiking Trails In Breckenridge Colorado – Recommended moderate hikes feature some of the area’s best high-altitude lakes, waterfalls, and views. Make sure you are prepared for your Breckenridge hiking adventure. Once you’ve hit the moderate trails in Breckenridge and are ready to move on, check out our recommended hikes.

A short, moderately difficult hike to a historic area full of myrtle and alpine lakes. The trail is completely above the tree line, starting at 11,748 feet.

Hiking Trails In Breckenridge Colorado

Directions: From the intersection of Main Street and Ski Hill Road / Lincoln Avenue, go south on Highway 9 approximately 8 miles to Blue Lakes Road (#850). Turn right. At the junction, go straight and follow the road for about 2.2 km. Parked below the dam. The road is above the dam at the north end.

Discover The Top Breckenridge Hiking Trails

A beautiful mountain hike through lush jungles with granite springs, waterfalls, green meadows and delicate wildflowers.

Directions: From the intersection of Main Street and Ski Hill Road / Lincoln Avenue, go south on Highway 9 approximately 8 miles to Blue Lakes Road (#850).

This moderate hike offers beautiful scenery, beautiful mountain lakes and historic mining sites. The views of this challenging hike make the climb worth it.

Directions: From the intersection of Main Street and Ski Hill Road / Lincoln Avenue, go south on Highway 9 approximately 3.5 miles to Spruce Creek Road (#800). Turn right and left after 0.1 miles. Continue 1.2 miles to the ridgeline.

Blue Lake Colorado: The Blue Lakes Trail & Lower Blue Lake

With a peak of 12,159 feet, this hike ends at the saddle between Boreas Mountain and Baldy Mountain, offering great views of Summit and Park counties. Wildflowers cover almost the entire field in summer.

Directions: From the intersection of Main Street and Ski Hill Road / Lincoln Avenue, go south on Highway 9 for 0.6 miles to Boreas Pass Road (last traffic light in town). Turn left and follow the road 9.6 miles to the top of Borea Pass. Park in the parking lot on the left. The path is northeast of the section house (the big building at the top). Follow the dirt road marked “Boreas Ditch #2.”

With hundreds of kilometers to choose from, it’s hard to decide which route to explore. Our best resources will give you ideas on where to go and how to prepare for your hike. For a full list of great trails in the area, download the Breckenridge Summer Trails map on the Open Space and Trail Maps page.

You’ll find impressive climbs, great views, and more on Breckenridge’s more than 200 miles of trails. This is our favorite source to check when choosing music.

Best Summertime Hikes In Breckenridge, Colorado

The Breckenridge Tourism Office works to enhance and promote the unique character and experience of Breckenridge as a world-renowned tourist destination and to represent, serve and preserve the general interest and character of its members and community.

BLike Breckenridge™️ is a movement born from the spirit of our historic mountain town for those who call it home – for a weekend or a lifetime – to live. It is something that connects us to each other that we can all be a part of. When it comes to summer walks, Breckenridge has it all. Cascading waterfalls, seemingly endless fields of wildflowers, tranquil alpine lakes, all nestled in the heart of the majestic Rocky Mountains. In layman’s terms, a summer trip to Breckenridge is truly incomplete without experiencing one of our world-class trails. To give you the ultimate hiking experience, we’ve compiled our list of summer hikes in Breckenridge that will take you beyond your imagination and into nature.

From gentle to rugged, Breckenridge’s trail system caters to all abilities in all seasons. We recommend exploring routes that are not in the top ten to experience more nature and less people. Learn how to find the perfect hiking trail for your next adventure.

Easy walking is generally suitable for people who like to walk. Most of the roads will be flat or have a slight incline. Generally not more than 3 kilometers. A simple walk is great when you have time to walk, you have children or no tourists with you, you want to relax in nature. Need more ideas for summer hikes? Check out our 3 easiest walking routes from downtown Breckenridge.

Breckenridge Bike Guide: Blair Witch Trail (video)

The Iowa Hill Loop is a walk through an 1800’s mine field with several interpretive signs along the way. You can access interesting preserved mining machines and old inns through a few short side paths. It’s a shorter route that’s great for families or those visiting the area to see what mining was like hundreds of years ago.

Go north from Breckenridge on Hwy. 9, then turn left onto Valley Road. Turn right onto Airport Rd for ¼ mile. The road is on the left hand side with a signpost and a parking lot.

Hike the Burro Trail as an out and back as long (or as short) as you like. Just five or 10 minutes outside can make you feel far away. The Burro Trail provides access to a large network of backcountry hiking options and is a great option for those staying at the many properties along Village Road.

The Burro Trail is accessible from the bottom of the Lehman Ski Trail located at the base of Peak 9 off Village Road in Breckenridge. You can walk or bike from downtown, but the trail is still accessible via the yellow Breckenridge Free Ride trail.

Mccullough Gulch Trail Hike

This three-mile loop near the Continental Divide offers an alpine experience without breathing above the tree line. The Hoosier Pass Loop has incredible views, a relatively easy ascent, and mountain views as far as the eye can see.

Head south on US 9 from Breckenridge to the top of Hoosier Pass and park at the Continental Divide sign on the right side of the road.

Follow the shaded trail for a mile and end at the beautiful Sawmill Reservoir. Lunch and picnic at the dam overlooking Breckenridge and the Tenmile Mountains. The walk itself is short and very well shaded by the surrounding pine trees. The slight elevation of the Pílský route makes it suitable for travelers of all abilities, especially families with children.

One of the best parts about this trail is the proximity to downtown Breckenridge. Walk down Four O’clock Road to Snowflake’s chairlift or up the Breckenridge Free Ride’s yellow trail to the base of the chairlift. Then, follow the signs that lead to the path.

Easy, Moderate & Difficult Hikes In Breckenridge

From the end of the road to the top of Boreas Pass is about 6.5 miles of dirt that is passable for most vehicles except in muddy, rainy or winter conditions. Park at the end of the trail and walk or bike as you wish with views of the Tenmile Mountains and Breckenridge Resort. If you have a 4WD vehicle, continue driving through the aspens to the top of the Continental Divide. The historic Sekčný tower at the top of the pass is a ski resort in winter, which is available for reservation. If you have more time, check out Baker’s Tank Trail or Aspen Alley in the fall for great foliage and mountain biking.

At the southern end of Breckenridge, take the Boreas Pass trail to the summit. About 4 kilometers away from town, the trail ends at the Boreas Pass Trailhead. Park here to walk or bike the road or continue your drive to the top of the Continental Divide.

While these hikes are not on our top hike list, they are still great trails filled with my ruins, wildflowers, and scenery. They also see less walking and offer more solitude and nature than humans.

Moderate hikes are generally suitable for beginner hikers who want a bit of a challenge. The terrain will be slightly sloping and may have steeper sections. Generally 5 to 8 kilometers. While the average pace varies from person to person, hikers travel an average of 1.5 kilometers per hour on moderate trails.

Our 5 Favorite Breckenridge Hikes (that You’ll Love Too!)

The Blue Lakes Trail begins above the tree line at 11,748 feet and takes you 3.5 miles into a historic mining area surrounded by alpine lakes. Enjoy breathtaking views as you follow the stream to the top. Wildflowers, waterfalls, and wildlife like mountain goats are why this is one of our favorite summer hikes in Breckenridge!

Go south on US 9 over the Blue River to Blue Lakes Road (FDR 850). Go down the road a little and park at the foot of the dam.

Across the valley from the Breckenridge ski resort is a mountain that everyone in town sees but probably doesn’t know much about. It has the appropriate name Lysá hora or “Plyšátá”, as the locals call it, because many of its trees were burned during mining. In addition to sweeping views of the Tenmile Range, this hike includes the Iowa Mines, a historic gem from Breckenridge’s mining era that served as a

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