Luxury Hotel Room Colors

Luxury Hotel Room Colors – As a writer, I cover both travel and design, and one of my recent interests is boutique hotels that create welcoming, private and intimate spaces that feel special. Many homeowners find that unique design is a way to stand out from the pack (most hotels are boring and luxurious). It makes traveling more enjoyable when your hotel and destination are travel worthy.

This well-designed hotel also offers many beautiful design ideas. My new home book, The Chic Hotel, takes you inside some of the living rooms, kitchens, living rooms, libraries and bathrooms to give you a unique worldview. Here are 10 ideas to steal from the world’s luxury hotels.

Luxury Hotel Room Colors

Luxury Hotel Room Colors

This is the signature move of Keith Kemp, the genius and owner behind all Firmdale hotels. Kemp likes to cover the walls and beds in the bedroom, living room and even the bar of the Crosby Street Hotel with green. Walls covered with fabric make a room more beautiful and warm than paint or wallpaper. At London’s Ham Yard Hotel, one of the elegant rooms features rich gray wool on the walls, paired with two bold prints. One way to achieve this look is to install paper and wallpaper on the wall.

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At Chalet Pelerin, a 12-room interior designed by designers Blake Pike and Jane Hines, sheepskin is glued to the main wooden chairs, not only creating a soft cage, but also capturing the beautiful spirit of the French Alps where the hotel is located. It’s a simple move to add to any chair or sofa.

Another great way to wake up in the garden is to start and end the day in the beautiful garden at the Michael S. Lowell Hotel in Manhattan. Smith is. Wall and floral wallpaper is a beautiful way to connect a country house and a country house.

One of the easiest and cheapest ways to make a big change in a home is with color, especially dark colors. Dark blues, rich blues, charcoal grays and dramatic aquamarines are trending now at Crosby Street Hotel, Greenwich Hotel, J.K. can be seen in hotels such as Capri Place, Vidago Castle

), and Jerome. A dark bedroom creates a good feeling and looks beautiful. In interiors, deep colors can create unexpectedly bright curtains or beautiful backdrops for art.

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One of the best things about vacations is continuing to eat amazing food and bottles of wine and talk late into the night. It’s different from everyday life where you usually eat fast food. But what if you want to improve the kitchen area? What if instead of a wooden chair, like the one at No. 131 in the Cotswolds, you gave it a generous seat in velvet?

A bath should not feel like giving birth. In Borgo Santo Pietro in Tuscany, unexpected details such as velvet curtains and art add charm to the bathroom. Why not bring things from the rest of the house into the bathroom? Beautiful tables, interesting mirrors, art and beautiful lighting will instantly warm you up.

A stunning pattern is the perfect way to brighten up a dark and narrow hallway. At the Palisade Hotel in Sydney, Australia, colorful wallpaper adds a little pizzazz to the space. The doors and trim have a striking charcoal gray print.

Luxury Hotel Room Colors

Tiles come in a variety of styles that can act as art in the bathroom, bringing interesting colors and patterns to the space. A good example is Palazzo Margherita in Italy, owned by Francis Ford Coppola. Designer Jacques Grange gave each room and bathroom a unique look. Here, unique tiles, round painted walls, marble floors and high ceilings create a beautiful atmosphere.

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Hardwoods get hot every day, but they’re popular. In Viceroy Center Park, designed by Roman and Williams, the onion pattern contrasts sharply with the flagstones. This staining process results in beautiful layers that match the texture.

Semi-gloss white is the ideal color for doors and trim, while black is an unexpected but sophisticated choice. In a store in Salem, Massachusetts, Boston-based designer Rachel Reeder painted glossy black on the ceiling, doors, moldings, and baseboards for a striking look. Considering the exterior, note that the headlights are also black. It’s an inexpensive way to change the mood of a room.

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All hotels want to create a unique environment that represents the quality of the property. But when it comes time to decide on a design approach, whether it’s a new home or a pre-renovation, the struggle is real.

When you think of this issue, the first thing that comes to mind is the color palette that dominates the living room. Many hotels prefer neutrals, with one or two colors as the main shade, as this is the best choice for each guest.

Luxury Hotel Room Colors

However, there is another possibility that many people do not dare to try. But when done right, it can be a stunning design statement that sets your hotel apart. Color, especially in large quantities and covering large surfaces, directly affects the mood and behavior of the guest. Clearly, when used correctly, color can create powerful experiences and therefore powerful and positive memories. Moreover, a beautiful environment is not only something tourists visit hotels, but also do in their homes. Therefore, the experience of being in an unexpectedly beautiful place can arouse curiosity and delight in the traveler.

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Let’s explore a few examples of light color palettes for hotel interiors and learn a little about the options available.

Above, you can see a solid example that captures all the colorways. Byblos Art Hotel Villa Amista not only chooses warm colors and bold combinations, but also includes bold prints. The walls and ceiling are blue and blue, perfect for such a strong room. According to color psychology, blue is associated with calmness and tranquility, so the color relaxes hotel guests and gives them a Zen experience.

This color in particular is a great choice, especially since the other colors and patterns are very “high” and in a good way. The orange color of the blanket and chair pattern brings joy and strength. At the same time, bright purple clothes give a happy and cheerful mood. Red and clear glass represent lust and power as well as love (for our love readers). All these things together with the balance of color, the calmness of blue, we have a beautiful and good environment!

Grecotel Pallas Athena is another inspiration for hotel owners who want to explore color and design options for their hotel. Here, the cosmetic background is not pure color, but infinite white! Also, the largest area receives calm and neutral shades – in this case, white is clean and fresh, providing a great place to add flow and character.

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A bold pink print on the floor contrasts the bright green of the ceiling. These two lamps are designed in the same way but in different colors – pink and green in the same color and color scheme. This color combination is very popular and they complement each other well. Meanwhile, other earthy elements balance the woodwork, while gold pieces and details create a sense of luxury.

At the Excelsior Hotel, the darker tones not only create balance, but also dominate the bright colors for further contrast. The first floor is a smooth black floor with black stains on the walls. On the one hand, most of the color options used are tones and dark colors. A few chairs and tables with bright yellow frames. In addition, there is a detailed description of the decorations

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