Whitewater Rafting Idaho Springs Colorado

Whitewater Rafting Idaho Springs Colorado – Ideal for families and beginners, this Idaho Springs rafting trip takes you from a historic mining town to a Class II – Class III Colorado whitewater adventure. This stretch of Clear Creek is surrounded by beautiful alpine trees and waterfalls perfect for novice paddlers.

Our Idaho Springs Mid-River Tour is the best choice for thrill seekers and first timers. Clear Creek is located west of Denver and includes some of the most scenic spots in the state.

Whitewater Rafting Idaho Springs Colorado

This Idaho Springs rafting trip is for serious paddlers looking for continuous Class II – Class IV Colorado whitewater. It starts with fast-casual Meat-N-Beef and Lumpy in East Georgetown and quickly follows names like Nomad and Phoenix Holes.

Whitewater Rafting In Idaho Springs After Your Miner Street Market Excursion!

Explore the area like a local! We love biking in Colorado and it’s a great way to get around the mountains. Paddle Paddle takes you to the top of Vail Pass, where you descend the paved trail, above Copper Mountain Resort. Combine with any rafting trip!

The historic mining town of Idaho Springs and the neighboring community of Dumont are a hop, skip and jump from Denver.

Miners first discovered gold in Idaho Springs in 1859, and subsequent mining activities were responsible for the city’s creation and growth. Today, Idaho Springs continues to preserve and celebrate its mining heritage. You can also see the historic Charlie Taylor Waterwheel from the freeway east of I-70.

Because it’s so close to Denver and the famous Clear Creek Whitewater Race runs through town, Idaho Springs is also a great place to go whitewater rafting.

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Join KODI Rafting in Idaho Springs for an extreme rafting trip that’s perfect for tough guys or gentle rapids perfect for families with older kids.

With easy access to Denver, Denver International Airport, and the Colorado Front Range, our Clear Creek rafting trips are ideal for individuals and groups looking for a quick mountain trip near the “big city.”

If you’re visiting Winter Park and looking for something fun to cap off your trip, stop by KODI Rafting and enjoy one of Colorado’s favorite activities: whitewater rafting! And it is an unbeatable experience!

It was the first large deposit discovered in Colorado in 1859 when George Andrew Jackson stumbled upon gold near Idaho Springs. Today, Idaho Springs offers a snapshot of how the Colorado gold rush began. The downtown district is on the National Register of Historic Places and visitors can find museums, working mines, pioneer graves and other points of interest about the state’s mining history. When you stop to see a piece of history, don’t forget to make plans to go rafting in Idaho Springs on Clear Creek. For more information on rafting this fun and exciting river, visit our detailed creek rafting page.

Best Rivers To Raft In Colorado

When gold began to be discovered in Colorado, about 50,000 treasure-seeking pioneers moved to Idaho Springs, Clear Creek Canyon, and surrounding towns. The area near Idaho Springs is said to be the richest area per square mile on Earth. As miners dug deeper underground, the 4.5-mile Argo Tunnel was cut from downtown to Central City to prevent flooding in the maze of mine shafts. At the end of the tunnel in Idaho Springs? Argo Gold Mine and Mill. This is a National Historic Site where you should pan for gold.

After rafting, explore the city surroundings. Within a few blocks you’ll find Colorado microbrews, home roasted coffee, homemade ice cream, natural mineral springs and historic mining equipment. Now that’s Colorado. Use the “Directions” button on the map to see directions to Idaho Springs.

Contact us for more information about what we offer in Idaho Springs, rafting on Clear Creek or how to find our Clear Creek Base Camp at 877-ZIP-RAFT (877-947-7238).

The Clearwater Creek Whitewater Rafting Tour features lots of easy rafting and amazing scenery. Perfect choice for beginners, families and groups of various skill levels.

Things You May Not Have Known About Idaho Springs

The White Creek Whitewater Rafting Tour is the perfect getaway for the whole family! This trip offers plenty of whitewater rapids, scenic views, and peaceful floats. You will have class II-III rapids with explosive paddling where we will help you develop your paddling skills. Relax as you stroll through the historic mining town of Idaho Springs, past the Argo Gold Mine and the Charlie Taylor Water Wheel. Keep an eye out for wildlife in the canyons that surround you while enjoying your Colorado adventure. This is a great trip for beginners, families and large groups of varying skill levels.

Our most popular tour! A great choice for experienced paddlers or aggressive beginners. This half-day hike offers non-stop Class III-IV challenges and spectacular views.

The Clear Creek Intermediate Raft Trip is a great option for experienced paddlers or aggressive beginners who want the thrill and challenge of whitewater. From the start of this scenic ride on our private property, get ready for some whitewater action. This ride is sure to get you wet and get your adrenaline pumping as you paddle through the rapids of ‘Nomad’, ‘Fall River’ and ‘Deliverance’. Raise the excitement level by completing the scenic Class IV “Outer Limits” and enjoy your ride through the historic gold mining town of Idaho Springs.

This is Clear Creek’s most extreme, rocky and technical course for experienced paddlers only. In a very short time, the wood descends directly into class IV-V whitewater which is fast and intense.

Colorado Rafting Outfitters Expect A Dip In 2022 After A Record 2021

Rafting on Clear Creek Advanced is for experienced rafters only. With very little time to warm up, the boards drop straight into class IV-V whitewater that’s fast, wild and non-stop! Drop names like “Guide Ejector”, “Hell’s Corner”, “Double Knife” and “Terminator” give you an idea of ​​what to expect. This is Clear Creek’s most extreme, steep and technical course requiring swimming ability, good fitness and previous experience. For those up for the challenge, you won’t be disappointed!

He had a great time! A long stretch of river with many interesting waterfalls. Near Denver. All the staff were friendly and helpful in creating an unforgettable experience! Our guide Matty was a true professional who was able to manage our group of novice paddlers on a safe and fun trip. I highly recommend! Grant A

My wife and I went white water rafting today and we highly recommend it! Medium level is suitable for young adults. Such an amazing experience and our guide Colin is the best. I can’t wait to go back when I have friends in town from out of state to show them how amazing Colorado and the Colorado Adventure Center are. And we will order Colin again! Jeff R

Great summer attraction near Denver! Our guide Coleman made sure we knew what to do in each of the rapids and kept us cool on a hot spring day. The new Sky Trek course looks like a lot of fun and I will definitely be back to try it out! Sarah C

Clear Creek Rafting Trips

Very professional dress. I had a great experience. Our guide Wille was knowledgeable and made the trip enjoyable for all including our 3 teenagers. I would recommend them to anyone wanting to go rafting in the area. Shilling 5 white water rafting is the best option for Colorado adventures. The adventure never disappoints, there are options for all skill levels, so you’ll never get bored and have the opportunity to experience nature in all its glory. Idaho Springs rafting is the best in the state (and the nation, dare we say). You’ll want to plan your trip today!

You will never get bored of a Rocky Mountain whitewater rafting trip. At Creek Creek they offer beginner, intermediate and advanced trips with a minimum of 5 years of age most comfortable. It is perfect for your family and will give you a chance to enjoy the beautiful scenery and historic city amidst the excitement. Nothing is left to be desired on this Idaho Springs rafting trip.

Raft Masters offers two rafting trips on Clear Creek, one suitable for beginners and one suitable for intermediate galleys. These competitively priced tours will ensure you return from your Idaho Springs vacation with many memories. Enjoy a short trip of 1.5-2 hours and make this holiday unforgettable.

Liquid Descent Rafting knows it’s all about the guides. The best way to make your Idaho Springs rafting trip a success is to have a friendly and knowledgeable guide to make sure you feel safe and have a great time! Enjoy all that the Clear Creek River has to offer with these trips, perfect for families or professionals, there’s something for everyone.

Fun & Excitement With Whitewater Rafting In Idaho Springs Co

The Colorado Adventure Center offers trips for beginners, intermediates, and experts. You have the opportunity to enjoy all that Colorado has to offer from your boat. If you’re looking for a short trip, fear not! can you

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