Whitewater Rafting Avon Colorado

Whitewater Rafting Avon Colorado – Whitewater Park was constructed in the fall of 2006 with natural stone and landscape features to preserve the original look and feel of the Eagle River. The features of these three rivers are built to work efficiently at different water levels, so recreational opportunities are available in the spring and summer.

Commercial rafting from Class IV-III runs on the Eagle River, upstream and downstream of White Water Park. In late September, when kayaking season is over, great fishing can be found in the Eagle River. Whitewater Park offers the perfect spot for afternoon fishing.

Whitewater Rafting Avon Colorado

Whether you are an experienced boater or a curious visitor, Whitewater Park offers a free kayaking experience that you can enjoy and enjoy. It is located south of downtown directly under “Bob the Bridge” on Whitewater Park Road, 350 feet high.

Colorado Whitewater Rafting Trips And Tours

The park offers visitors a view of the slopes and large rock formations along the river to sit on. Following the naming joke of the bridge that spans the park, the three water features are aptly named Baby Bob, Bob Jr., and Bob Sr. Whitewater Park offers intermediate and advanced beginner events.

The resort has partnered with local outfits to offer kayaking lessons and water safety tips at its indoor pool.

The Whitewater Park parking lot is located at Beaver Creek’s Elk Lot, located on Highway 6. It is also located north of Highway 6, west of “Bob The Bridge”.

Helmets and life jackets are recommended. Chapungu River is a long mountain river and its water is cold. Make sure you dress appropriately before entering the water. Water flow is monitored daily at the nearest USGS station. Whitewater Park.

Whitewater Rafting, Llc (glenwood Springs)

West of the Terrace View on the bike path is a beautiful spot in front of the Westin Riverfront Resort that works well for people with disabilities who come to the river for fishing or recreation. The Colorado River, the lifeblood of the American West and the best choice for Colorado whitewater rafting tours. There’s nothing like Colorado whitewater rafting on the Colorado River. The headwaters of the Colorado River, the headwaters, are here in the middle of the state. These waters will continue to the Grand Canyon, Lake Powell and Lake Mead before reaching the level of the Pacific Ocean north of the Mexican desert. Experience family rafting on the Colorado River with us!

The Eagle River is a major tributary of the Upper Colorado River. Its headwaters are on the Continental Divide south of Vail and Beaver Creek. Chapungu River is still a harmless flowing river. Every day on the eagle is different and new as the water falls and flows through the melting ice pack. At most, Eagle has a large portion of Colorado’s whitewater. It is known as one of Vail’s local rivers because it is only minutes from both sides of the valley.

Gore Creek is a tributary of the Eagle River. Gore Creek is the true local Vail sewer system as it runs through the heart of Vail Village. The headwaters of Gore Creek are in front of the city where they begin to descend over the Gore Mountains and Vail Pass. Beautiful scenery and relaxation are the highlights of this river cruise.

Our family has had two Class 3 field trips with Sage. We went with them last year and had a great time, so we went with them again last year. It really is a complete service suite. The guide knows the river and the general area very well, so you get a little guide on the different places on the way to the boathouse and open area. I can’t say enough what a great guide you are. We are traveling with an eight-year-old child, and while they are concerned about safety, they let him take the trip. Now it’s one of his favorite things to do when we go west, and there are plenty of other “fun things” for him on the competition list.

Resort In Beaver Creek, Co

Sage Outdoor Adventures operates in all weather conditions. 48-hour refunds are not allowed for any reason, including COVID. Whitewater rafting has always been popular here in the Vail Valley and throughout Colorado, and we want to introduce you to one of our favorite rivers.

If you missed our previous river feature, go back to our quick feature on the Shoshone through Glenwood Canyon – Shoshone rafting is great for families. Also check out the Upper Eagle River and Gore Creek, which offer Colorado’s best early-season rafting from Vail through Avon and Beaver Creek.

This time let’s talk about the Arkansas River. The ‘Ark’ is well known in Colorado for its spectacular white water throughout the summer. But there’s more than speed that makes Arkansas special.

“The Arkansas River is reminiscent of fresh, warm water in a dry desert and the warm climate creates the perfect environment,” said Cole Bangert, owner and director here at Sage. “It’s quite different in the west. The flow of the Ark is increased by rising lakes, so rafting is good in the summer. Not just during the first snow. Only.”

Eagle River White Water Rafting In Colorado

Those who have had the experience of Clear Creek Colorado rafting or the Eagle River trip know that these are Colorado rafting trips that relied heavily on the first snowstorm.

According to Cole, the Arkansas backcountry and Brown Canyon rafting or the Numbers tour also make it unique. The entire corridor is marked by 14,000-foot peaks, the highest concentration of “14-ers” in the region. With snow-capped mountains above and granite cliffs, the desert below the Arkansas River is filled with Scots pines and the smell of vanilla from their bark fills the air.

“The headwaters of the Arkansas River have the largest V-level rise and the highest commercial flow in the United States,” Cole added. “The Pine Creek section descends at a gradient of more than 200 meters per kilometer. This long Class V mile has difficult travel, fast water, big waves and big hydraulics that must be used with precision and power.

Below Pine Creek is the famous “Numbers” area, where lumberjacks will find some of the most impressive Class IV in all of Colorado. The rapids of the Arkansas River are the most popular waters for experienced rafters to enjoy in this wonderful setting.

All The Whitewater Parks Around Colorado

And finally, below the town of Buena Vista is the most popular road on the Arkansas River, the Browns Canyon. This magnificent canyon was designated a National Monument in 2015 and for good reason.

“Here you have a chance to drift down the canyon,” Cole concluded. “There are 10 miles of Class III trails where teams and families can enjoy an incredible experience among these fascinating creatures.”

Even if you’re looking for fun things to do in Avon, CO near the Eagle River, don’t rule out the nearby Arkansas River.

Explore other areas of our website for more information on hiking, rafting and other activities offered at Sage or call us at 970-476-3700.

Rafting The Wild And Free Yampa, Dinosaur National Monument, Colorado And Utah

Sage Outdoor Adventures operates in all weather conditions. 48-hour refunds are not allowed for any reason, including COVID. Located near Vail, Colorado, the Eagle River whitewater rafting experience offers a wide variety of trips for all boating levels. Because the eagles are not harmed, the water level changes daily, making each river trip a unique experience. After a few hours on the river, you’ll still have plenty of time and energy, so check out some of the great activities in the area. Vail and Beaver Creek are a full-fledged outdoor destination. Choose from guided activities such as horse riding and fishing. If you want something less organized, consider one of the many walking, cycling or leisure routes. Those interested in group activities have options such as golf and tennis.

Colorado Eagle River Rafting is located in Vail, Colorado, just a few miles from other popular spots like Beaver Creek, Breckenridge and Keystone. With 1/2 day morning and afternoon tours, you’ll have plenty of time for sightseeing, shopping and more before and after your trip.

Eagle River Rafting has something for everyone. If you’re looking for something fun with some fun running, the Lower Eagle tour is for you. You will spend two hours on one of Colorado’s pristine rivers. Are you ready for something serious? The Dowd Chute Tour offers a series of action-packed whitewater activities.

When going rafting, make sure to wear quick-drying, non-cotton materials. You can wear a swimsuit to wear under a wetsuit or a split jacket. Fleece socks or waterproof socks are great classic tennis shoes. Make sure your shoes can get wet and don’t wear crocs or sneakers on your trip.

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