Whitewater Rafting Buena Vista Colorado

Whitewater Rafting Buena Vista Colorado – Raft Brown’s Canyon National Monument is one of the best stretches of whitewater in the country. Enjoy the perfect combination of thrilling rapids and calm waters – perfect for families looking for some excitement.

Hold on tight as you navigate the rapids on one of the most popular whitewater rafting trips in the world! Our famous Arkansas River rafting adventure offers the perfect mix of Colorado whitewater and flatwater and riverside dining.

Whitewater Rafting Buena Vista Colorado

Set in the headwaters of the Arkansas River, this Colorado rafting trip takes you down a series of packed whitewater rapids that are numbered rather than named.

White Water Rafting

KODI’s Duckie add-on lets you try out your own kayak, switching from a raft at will.

Pine Creek is the most advanced raft trip on the Arkansas River. This expert-level rafting course on the Arkansas River descends 200 feet per mile over cliffs and steep drop-offs. This is rafting at its best!

Combine the best of both worlds with this juicy Buena Vista whitewater rafting trip. Rafting numbers in the morning and Browns Canyon National Monument in the afternoon for a unique and thrilling day!

Create a private Colorado rafting trip for you and your party with the unique Arkansas River Rafting Trip from KODI Rafting. Join KODI Rafting and enjoy the luxury, comfort and personal service of a private rafting adventure.

Late Summer Colorado Whitewater Rafting Guide

Browns Canyon Rafting National Monument is quite interesting with all its famous rapids. But put yourself in a nine-foot raft with two other people – one of whom is your guide – and you’ll take your river experience to a whole new level!

Take your Browns Canyon rafting trip to the next level by making it an overnight experience. Be one of the few to camp on the banks of the Arkansas River at Browns Canyon National Monument.

Book our Arkansas River Zip & Raft Tour for Colorado’s favorite whitewater rafting and an afternoon of ziplining. – Two fun and essential Colorado activities in one easy and wonderful day.

Put the raft on the Arkansas River and explore Colorado in a Jeep rental or side-by-side rental. Home to the spectacular Arkansas River, Four Mile Recreation Area and the Collegiate Peaks. Buena Vista is the perfect base for exploring Colorado through rafting and ATV rentals. Choose between a 2-door or 4-door vehicle.

How Safe Is Whitewater Rafting In Colorado?

Book our Arkansas River Zip and Raft Tour for a morning of ziplining and afternoon rafting on Colorado’s favorite whitewater. Enjoy two fun and essential Colorado activities in one easy and wonderful day.

Get the best of both worlds with Cody Rafting Saddle Paddling. Combine any of our rafting trips with horseback riding in the Rocky Mountains. Make a full day of your adventure or break it up throughout your stay.

Explore the area like a local! We love biking here in Colorado and it’s a great way to get to the mountains. A pedal paddle takes you to the top of Vail Pass, where you descend a paved trail from the summit through Gopher Mountain Resort. Combine with any raft trip!

Paddle alone or with a friend in a one- or two-person inflatable kayak, also known as a duck. Big Bend, with its calm waters and gentle rapids, is the perfect stretch of the Arkansas River to launch your own boat.

Browns Canyon Rafting Half Day Classic

Big Bend is a gentle stretch of water on the Arkansas River between Buena Vista and Salida. It passes through farmland, open spaces and forests. This section is great if you have small children or are looking for a nice, gentle float with a touch of white water.

If you are looking for the best places to go rafting, Cody Rafting in Colorado is the perfect choice for you and your family. We are one of the top rated rafting companies in Buena Vista, CO, offering tours for all ages so you can choose the ones that are best for you.

Buena Vista, Spanish for “good view,” is at the base of Colorado’s highest concentration of 14,000-foot mountains known as the Collegiate Peaks.

This small – but growing – mountain town is a great place to live and play. Buena Vista From rafting and mountain biking opportunities to hiking and rock climbing, this Colorado gem has it all.

Arkansas River Rapids Hi Res Stock Photography And Images

Buena Vista is considered by many to be the white water rafting capital of the United States and for good reason! The Arkansas River, Colorado’s #1 rafting river, runs through town and offers several access points right off the main road, so it’s understandable why Buena Vista rafting is so popular.

Just two hours from Denver and one hour from Summit County, it’s certainly convenient. It is home to many Buena Vista rafting companies, including KODI Rafting – our largest and most popular outpost; The McGrath family, who own and run the business, also live here.

The stunning granite walls of Browns Canyon National Monument rise above the canyon floor a few miles south of downtown. President Obama designated 21,586 acres of canyons, rivers and unspoiled forest as a monument in 2015, affirming the grandeur of the canyon, the Arkansas River and the surrounding area.

Whichever tour you choose, Buena Vista Rafting will give you an unforgettable experience. Rafting, kayaking, bicycle tours, ziplining or horse riding – all these are held in beautiful places, where you can not only spend time, but also enjoy breathtaking views.

Colorado: Amazing Outdoor Adventures And Wilderness Aware Rafting

Open daily! We are proud to offer locally roasted coffee and snack options. A perfect way to enjoy breakfast before or after the river while enjoying the majestic Collegiate Peaks.

KODI Rafting was established in 1986. Since then, we have grown to offer you many rafting tours in different parts of Colorado. Visit our rafting locations page for more information about our service area. Colorado’s Arkansas River is a world-class rafting and kayaking destination. Home to Browns Canyon National Monument, guided rafting trips are just 10 minutes from Mt. Princeton Hot Springs Resort and is available daily from April through September.

The Arkansas River offers over 100 miles of rafting and kayaking. From Buena Vista, Colorado, north to the extreme kayaking of Leadville and the flowing beams of Pine Creek, one of the most challenging Class V whitewater kayaking sections in Colorado. Below Pine Creek is the numbered section, a nice upper class IV-V whitewater section. The race between Buena Vista and Fisherman’s Bridge, commonly known as the Milk Run or Family Float, requires children to be only 3 years old and 35 lbs. Join this guided rafting tour. The most popular whitewater section in Colorado is Brown’s Canyon. This is a great rafting trip for families, but a good Category III-IV for the intermediate kayaker.

One of the best white water rafting trips in Colorado is the Royal Gorge in Canon City, Colorado, about 1.5 hours from the resort. On this rafting tour, you’ll ride through a 1,200-foot gorge and under the Royal Gorge Bridge.

Colorado Whitewater Rafting Packing List

This activity is an extreme test of a person’s physical and mental limits and has the potential for death, serious injury and property loss. Risks include, but are not limited to: the actions of others, including, but not limited to, participants; Lack of hydration, climate and/or other natural conditions. Princeton Holdings, LLC DBA Mt Princeton Hot Springs Resort is not responsible for any injury, property loss, damage, death, etc., arising from any activity described by any information sheet. Guests participate in any activity on their own merits without any liability to Mount Princeton Hot Springs Resort or its agents. Centrally located between two majestic mountain ranges, Buena Vista, Colorado is a small town full of attractions, fun, and lots of adventure-loving people. Don’t let the single traffic light fool you – you’ll find plenty of action here. If you love to play outside, Buena Vista’s world-class outdoor playground will keep you busy with the fun things you love. The Buena Vista AVA outpost is just 15 minutes north of downtown.

The Arkansas River runs through town and you can walk or hike the trails that follow the river. Buena Vista Rafting offers a variety of river tours suitable for beginners to extreme adventurers. The beauty of Buena Vista has to be seen to be believed: everyone who comes to this town falls in love with it.

The Arkansas River runs through town and you can walk or hike the trails that follow the river. Rafting companies in Buena Vista, CO offer a variety of river tours suitable for beginners to extreme adventurers. The beauty of Buena Vista has to be seen to be believed: everyone who comes to this town falls in love with it.

The Arkansas River runs through Buena Vista and is the busiest river in the United States. When visiting Buena Vista, you have plenty of rafting options from Numbers and Pine Creek and beautiful Browns Canyon.

Arkansas River Rafting & Whitewater Trips

Zip line course

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