Whitewater Rafting In Durango Colorado

Whitewater Rafting In Durango Colorado – Are you looking for a fun and safe activity that the whole family can enjoy? Outlaw Tours specializes in Durango rafting adventures and offers a variety of rafting experiences to fit any budget or adrenaline level. Whitewater rafting in Durango is one of the most popular tours because it combines popular Durango activities with stunning natural beauty and heart-pounding adventures that are safe and fun for the whole family when you enjoy whitewater rafting on the Animas River.

There is nothing in the world more than white water fun in the Rocky Mountains. The thrill of a spring stream or the slow pace of a late summer shower will pique the interest of all adventurers.

Whitewater Rafting In Durango Colorado

Enjoy the thrill of flying through the Smelter, Sawmill, Santa Rita and Pinball rushes. Your certified guide will ensure your safety and provide historical information while you enjoy the breathtaking beauty of the Animas River.

Mild To Wild Rafting And Jeep Tours (durango)

Your trip to Durango isn’t complete without whitewater rafting on the Animas River. Outlaw Tours offers a variety of tours for even the most experienced rafter.

Durango Whitewater Outlaw rafting trips and tours are fun and safe for all ages! From mild summer rapids to wild spring rapids, we have the perfect trip for you!

While not sacrificing the quality of your trip, Outlaw Tours offers the most affordable rafting Durango in the city!

Part II and III class, intermediate white water trip. Time in the water is about 1.5 hours. Take a cross-country kayak course, lots of fun and little risk. All Lower Animas tours meet 30 minutes before departure.

Photo: Rafting Season Officially Launches

Class II and III intermediate white water trip, the actual time in the water is about 3 hours. Passed the National Kayak course and Animal Canyon. Lots of fun and little risk. All Mini Animas tour meet 15 minutes before departure.

Class II and III intermediate white water trip, the actual time in the water is about 3 hours. Passed the National Kayak course and Animal Canyon. Lots of fun and little risk. All Lower Animas tours meet 30 minutes before departure. The Animas River in southwest Colorado near Durango offers rafting for all ages and abilities. Try Lower Animas for families and first timers, or Upper Animas for some of the most fun and amazing Colorado whitewater rafting you can find.

Are you looking for the perfect white water rafting adventure for kids? The Animas River near Durango, CO offers just that! The Lower Animas River rafting trip offers a fun family trip for those with children under 4 years old.

For this rafting trip, you will want to wear safe shoes (chacos/tevas are acceptable), quick drying clothes (avoid cotton). Helmets will be available onsite to rent.

Animas River White Water Rafting

It’s always a good idea to bring sunglasses and water bottles! It’s also wise to bring some tricks so you don’t lose your shades and take your sunscreen.

Are you ready for serious action? Upper Anima River has an adrenaline pumping raft for you! This Animas River rafting trip is the perfect full-day adventure for those looking for an immersive experience.

The Animas River has everything from easy family trips to rapids to advanced trips! The Animas River rafting trip explores Durango, the adventure hub of southwest Colorado.

Western Colorado is a must see for many travelers. From the ruins of Mesa Verde to the breathtaking canyons of the San Juan Mountains, this corner of the country is precious. Durango is home to many historic sites, including Durango’s famous Silverton Narrow Gauge, world-class whitewater on the Animas River, and the San Juan National Forest.

Durango Rafting On The Animas River

Durango is a full-service regional airport and is easily accessible by car. Several major US and state highways approach the city from all sides, creating the spectacular San Juan Skyway. Durango’s rich Colorado history and endless activities make this the perfect Colorado vacation town!

Also consider the Dolores River Rafting Tour, an overnight stop at an incredibly scenic overlook, available in 3-day, 6-day, or 10-day sessions. not alone. Animas is home to nearly 9% of Colorado’s commercial rafting trips, bringing in thousands of happy customers each year.

Surrounded by stunning views of the San Juan Mountains, the Animas River cuts through southwest Colorado with more than 100 miles of fast, flowing water. Today, long and difficult journeys can be made on the Animas River.

On the casual side of the spectrum, many families and first timers choose to take a quarter, half or full day trip on the Animas River. For those looking for a more world-class whitewater experience, there are also several popular itineraries for multi-day trips. The Animas River is divided into two famous sections in Colorado: Upper and Lower.

S Whitewater Rafting Durango Colorado Upper Animas Mountain

Whitewater Rafting Challenge: Near Durango, the Animas River is defined by two distinct sections to satisfy beginners or advanced rafters. The Lower Animas is rated as a Class II-III prospect, while the Upper Animas River is IV-V.

The Lower Animas River covers 22.5 miles of raftable water, perfect for families or inexperienced riders. Many local outfitters offer quarter, half, and full-day trips to fit your budget and schedule. The unit is rated as Class II-III. We don’t think it’s difficult, but it has interesting parts like Durango Whitewater Park.

Boats will typically use the Baker Bridge or Trimble Road access lines to begin their journey. As the river approaches and passes through Durango, the trip often ends with access points at 32nd Street, 9th Street, Four Corners River Sports or the High Bridge.

The Upper Animas River is one of the most famous stretches of whitewater in the United States and the world! Reserved for experienced rafters only, Mount Animas is a challenging route that crosses a 14,000″ mountain range along the Durango-Silverton Railroad.

Lower Animas River

Animas Oke has long challenging sections, like Ten Mile Speed. There are several tight spots along the upper Animas River where there is no Class IV or V rapid right around the corner.

Many riders choose to spend one, two or three full days on the Upper Animas River for a world-class whitewater experience.

You can usually combine a 1/2 day rafting trip with a zip line trip, a rail bike ride, or a great rock climbing package. Just ask for your guidance. The Animas River is a tributary of the San Juan River that enters to the east at Pagosa Springs.

In addition to hiking and rail, an overnight trip on the Animas River is one of the many ways to explore the Chicago Basin, a popular retreat in the Weminuche Wilderness. Likewise, the San Juan National Forest has many great opportunities for hiking, mountain biking, rock climbing, wildlife viewing, and other outdoor activities.

What To Know About Lower Animas River Rafting

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