Mountain Biking Eagle Colorado

Mountain Biking Eagle Colorado – Easily feel like a million bucks on the world class Eagle mountain bike trails! Our trail system is unique, with over 100 miles of singletrack mountain biking. Built with all levels of riders in mind, your tour will take you on a variety of singletrack that winds through high desert, aspen groves and dense and fragrant forests. Being in the banana belt of the Rockies has its advantages too. Our city-owned open space trails are open from April 15th to December 15th each year, which is about 4 months longer than our mountain city neighbors. BLM trails such as the Boeyard, Redneck Ridge and the first 2 loops of the Haymaker Trail remain open year round. The downhill pool and rink are closed, but the lower pool and rink are open until the BLM Gate.

Each year, certain trails in the Eagle area are subject to seasonal wildlife closures. In winter, deer and elk are stressed as they try to move through deep snow in search of limited food in cold temperatures. If you encounter deer or elk in open spaces or urban areas at any time of the year, please approach them or make them move due to your presence. To learn more about which trails are subject to wildlife season closures, please see the Trail Information section of the City of Eagle website. Thank you for respecting wildlife!

Mountain Biking Eagle Colorado

Looking for more mountain bike trails and map information? Check out the trailforks maps below or the trailforks app. Start with our global roadmap to step into our detailed guides with GPS maps and inspirational photography.

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The Local Overnighters Project is a concerted effort to document and map overnight stays around the world – by locals, in their own backyard.

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Issue 09 takes readers on a journey through time – one of the earliest days of cycling – and offers several reminders to be grateful for the support of friends and family, and strangers we meet on the road…

Eagle Creates Stellar System Of Mountain Bike Trails

For Issue 08, we’ve invited several contributors to come back and pick up where they left off on their previous journeys and ideas and also include a small number of first timers whose perspectives we’ve wanted to share. ..

Jeff grew up in the cornfields of northern Iowa. Working full time in the bicycle industry and pedaling as many bicycles as possible, Jeff now calls the town of Eagle Adventure Base Camp, Colorado home. Find more photos of Jeff on instagram @jeffkerkove

Complete with ridgeline crossings and skilled singletrack surfing, the Eagle-Hardscrabble Overnighter is a 24-hour adventure that explores the high desert and alpine terrain around Eagle, Colorado.

This sub-24-hour trip on Hardscrabble Mountain and the Sawmill Trail showcases some of the best higher-terrain adventure mountain biking opportunities around Eagle, CO. Starting in the small, bike-friendly community of Eagle Mountain, riders begin their journey slowly riding singletrack and doubletrack through the sage-strewn moon hills of Colorado’s high desert. The high desert doesn’t last until the terrain gradually transitions to the thick aspen and pine forests that Colorado is known for. Continuing uphill, riders pedal onto Hardscrabble Rd (USFS 413) to access the Lock Trail. During this long, but steady climb on the Hardscrabble road, passengers are distracted by colorful aspen trees (in the fall), amazing mountain views and occasional wildlife sightings (bears, moose and deer ).

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The Sawmill Trail offers riders an unforgettable ridgeline transition at 10,000 feet. Views of the mighty Gore Range near Vail, CO, the New York Mountain Range and the Red Table Mountains all dot this 3-mile traverse on Hardscrabble Ridge. Camping on the bus line is encouraged. Riders are rewarded with unlimited sunset views while camping at 10,500 feet.

On the way back, ready to see it! The end of the Sawmill Trail leads riders into a steep rock ravine that will test the best cyclists. After a short handshake and dirt road pedal down Sawmill Rd (USFS 451), get ready for the short, iconic bike ride to Mike’s Night Out. Short, steep and windy, this bike ride rewards riders with over 7 miles of looping singletrack back up to Eagle.

Difficulty: The route in general is rated 6 out of 10. In general, the logistics are simple and the route starts and ends at the same place in Ajkla. But it is definitely high altitude and has some sustained climbing and some technical terrain. And, there is no food facility along the way. The route is suitable for experienced vets or first time bikepackers with good general MTB skills. Passengers should plan to bring all food for the adventure. Water is available on the street and it is suggested to be filtered.

This route is part of the Local Overnighter Project, created to expand our growing list of global routes – the first and largest of its kind – and create an independent map and catalog of great overnighters, curated from you, from your own backyard. Our goal is to have routes accessible from every town and city in the world. Learn more

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As the leading creator and publisher of routes, we work to maintain, improve and defend our growing network of routes around the world. As such, our editors, route creators and Root Stewards serve as brokers for route improvements and opportunities for connectivity, conservation and community growth around these routes. To facilitate these efforts, we rely on our Collective and the larger community to draw attention to important issues and opportunities uncovered as we navigate these paths. If you have an important question or opportunity on this route that relates to any of the topics below, please let us know:

Terms of use: As with all road guides published in , if you choose this road bike, do so at your own risk. Before you start, check the local weather, conditions and terrain/road closures. While riding, follow all public and private land use restrictions and regulations, wear appropriate safety and navigation equipment, and of course follow the #leavenotrace guidelines. The information contained herein is simply a planning resource to use as a point of inspiration along with your due diligence. Despite the fact that this route, the associated GPS track (GPX and map), and all route guides have been prepared under diligent research by the employee and / or specified employees, the accuracy of these and the author’s judgment are not guaranteed. LLC, its partners, associates and employees are in no way responsible for personal injury, personal property damage, or any other such situation that may occur to individual riders riding or following this route.

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