Mountain Biking Buena Vista Colorado

Mountain Biking Buena Vista Colorado – The Arkansas River Valley in Colorado has become a major cycling destination. Hundreds of kilometers of single track and 4 wheel drive roads create a perfect network of cycling opportunities. Everything from technical trail riding to long distance loops can be found. The diverse landscape of the region offers a variety of unique guided mountain bike tours, including high mountain forest and desert landscapes. Our professional guides provide great assistance on every ride.

Granite domes rise from the forest along a majestic aspen ridge. This extensive road system offers a variety of biking options through remote areas of the Arkansas Hills. The mellow sections are great for families, but the extended hike will take some stamina.

Mountain Biking Buena Vista Colorado

The new cycling hotspot in Arch Valley. The area offers an incredible network of trails through the Piñon Forest. Granite slab formations are especially unique to the area that create fun moves and challenging obstacles. We can combine several trail sections to provide beginner, intermediate or advanced options.

Crested Butte Singletrack

What was once just a single beginner trail has now developed into a network of trails that offer a variety of attractions. Our favorite part is the new flow section that can be fitted for all rollers and banked wheel days. Note that this area is very exposed to the sun, so it can get very hot on hot summer days.

Spend a full day exploring two great trails in the Arkansas Hills. The new Cottonwood Trail might be our favorite ride in the area. Combine this with a full walk of the Backbone Trail and connect with the Chicken Dinner Flow Trail for an action-packed day. Expect some technical moves in rocky areas. No significant climbing, mostly up and down terrain.

It is a scenic cruise on paved roads. We will drop you off at the top of the pass with a guide and let you climb for miles with incredible mountain views. Fall is an especially good time for this trip, when the aspen groves are sparkling all around you.

If you’re riding a vehicle with two pairs of wheels — such as a car or ATV — the trail is called “double track.” Trails wide enough for vehicles with one set of wheels — such as bicycles — are called “single track.”

Activities — Bv Overlook

Beginner – dual carriageway with forest roads and uphill and downhill sections. A few simple rock features can be encountered. The Unchained Trail in Buena Vista Colorado definitely brought out the best! With a handful of big black and double black option lines, this lane was a lot of fun!

Another great thing about the unchained trail is that no hard lines are required. This means you can choose the blue line if you’re not in a great deal of comfort.

This trail was one of our favorites of the year and if you are an intermediate to advanced rider, you should definitely add it to your list!

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Highway 108 And Highway 4 Mountain Biking

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Technical storage or access is required to create a user profile for sending advertisements or to follow a user for similar marketing purposes through a website or multiple websites. Both Salida and Buena Vista are known for road and mountain bikes. In both cities vehicles are literally outside the door – no need to get out and load, load, load and load to get to the home base.

Mountain Bike The Gila Proven Way

And whatever the season – early spring, late fall or winter – it’s bike time. Mild temperatures and sandy downhill trails make for year-round riding in the Upper Arkansas Valley.

A fun option is to drive the 24 miles from Salida to Buena Vista or vice versa, stopping at a coffee shop before heading back. County roads west of both cities offer a variety of riding options. Those who head out to test their skills find Poncha, Monarch, Cottonwood and Independence as well as elevation gain up to 4,000 feet.

Buena Vista and Salida, Colorado are famous in Colorado for their mountain bike trails. The famous singletrack of the Monarch Crest Trail steals the show. The best thing about Monarch Crest is the variety of hikes that go down from the crest. The easiest route is via Marshall Pass Road, a two-track historic railroad grade. At the other end of the difficulty spectrum, the full downhill rock and roll from the Greens Creek Trail is a technical downhill.

Road biking in the Upper Arkansas River Valley is a remarkable experience. The mild and cool high-altitude climate makes cycling in the Buena Vista and Salida area comfortable for about 10 months of the year. Road bike enthusiasts are starting to take advantage of what two-wheel experts have just discovered: Whether your taste is for skinny wheels or fat tires, ride the rocks in Chaffee County!

Of The Very Best Things To Do In Buena Vista Co

At 12,126 feet, Cottonwood Pass Road, also known as County Road 306, is paved east and west of Buena Vista. During the summer months, this trail can provide an alternate route to Crested Butte. It is closed to cars and trucks in winter and is a multi-use playground. The 360 ​​degree views from the top of the pass include several mountain ranges dotted with thirteen and fourteen thousand foot peaks. The sunset is especially beautiful from here.

In Salida, mountain bikers have a variety of trails from downtown to the Arkansas Hills or the Methodist Mountain Trail. Among the various options outside the city, the famous Monarch Crest Trail begins at the top of Monarch Pass and the Colorado Trail connection is located off US 50 between Maysville and Garfield.

On East Main Street in Buena Vista, a pedestrian and bicycle bridge leads to the Barbara Whipple and Midland Trail systems, which include trails around the Arkansas Mountains and within a four-mile travel management area. There are many great attractions starting from the Colorado Trail west of town. There is a good chance that affiliate links will be scattered throughout this post. If you click one, I’ll get a small commission at no extra charge to you and I’ll definitely use it to buy cycling gear.

Buena Vista is a small town in central Colorado with big plans for mountain biking. In recent years, mountain biking here has grown from not-so-small singletrack to 30 miles of purpose-built trails. And that’s good. In fact, my all-time favorite trail is in Buena Vista – Vitamin B. It’s a fun 6-mile stream (mostly) downhill with double black features built by a talented trail builder.

Boneshaker Cycles (buena Vista)

In addition to Vitamin B’s pro-line tech, there are also kilometers of trails for riders of all levels, from rolling singletrack to easy versions of Vitamin B that you’ll find comfortable on rock rolls and steep chutes.

And the fun doesn’t stop there. Buena Vista is home to other outdoor adventures like river rafting, hot springs, and a ghost town. So if you’re looking for a mountain bike destination with great views and an even better ride, put Buena Vista on your Bike-It list.

There are two main mountain bike systems in Buena Vista and they are connected by the Midland Trail, which used to be an old railroad.

It’s possible to hike both trail systems in one day, but be prepared for some big miles. In addition to these two trail systems, there is also Vitamin B, which is a stand-alone (and my all-time favorite) trail.

Miles: Bikepacking The Colorado Trail

The Whipple Trail System is the northernmost part of the Buena Vista Mountain Bike Trail Network. The trails here are a mix of flowing singletrack and solid rock features.

Broken Boyfriend is one of the most popular trails in this system. Personally, I thought it was okay, but not amazing. The second or third time you ride it is probably best when you know what features come up and can drive accordingly. Blind driving is a bit bleak.

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