Whitewater Rafting Telluride Colorado

Whitewater Rafting Telluride Colorado – San Miguel is a blast for rafters of all levels of experience! Running San Miguel requires constant movement and excellent teamwork. Grab it and jump! Telluride outside has haunted San Miguel for 38 years. Raft with Telluride’s most experienced guides!

Lower River 1/2 Day (Class II-III Whitewater): Half-day trips on Class II-III water are available from May through mid-July or early August most years. Our popular “Lower River” trip begins at Spacey Creek just thirty minutes below Telluride and runs 9 miles to the Beaver Creek River Access. This section has II-III level white water suitable for beginners and intermediates, families and mixed ability groups. Our age limit for this tour is 6 years/50 pounds. The vessel capacity is 6 vessels.

Whitewater Rafting Telluride Colorado

Upper River 1/2 Day (Class III-III + Whitewater): Our “Upper River” 1/2 day trip begins near Deep Creek, just 6 miles downstream from Telluride, and about 10 to the west of our location. The miles go by. -of the. Placerville. At high tide, it is much stronger whitewater than at low tide, with constant Class III and occasional Class III+ stretches. Our maximum age limit is 10 years. All participants must be strong swimmers in good physical condition.

Telluride: Half Day Rafting On The San Miguel River

It varies every year, but usually from late May to mid-July. The short season ends at the end of June and the long season ends in the first week of August. [Batch System]

River transport takes about 30 minutes. Your tour begins with a proper wetsuit and safety briefing which usually takes about 20 minutes. Guests are assigned rafts/guides under our tour guides. The time of watering depends on the water flow, but on average it is about 2 hours during the season. At check-out, guests are given a few minutes to dry off and possibly use the bathroom before we escort them back to their Telluride accommodation. The journey time from house to house is 4 hours.

Swimwear or shorts, suitable synthetic shirt (sun protection, quick drying), sunglasses with shield, dry shirt after the trip. Avoid heavy cotton like jeans and heavy t-shirts.

Not really. Your guide has a small dry bag, but it’s not big enough to carry passengers’ personal belongings.

Whitewater Rafting, Llc Attraction Reviews

We will pick you up at your accommodation in one of our high quality vehicles. You will be taken to a point on the San Miguel River, where your tour will begin. The same van that takes you to the river will be waiting for you when you leave, so you can leave your luggage in the van while you’re on the water.

All visitors should enjoy the environment and water. You will wear a life jacket, but “swimming” is so common that we recommend basic swimming skills for your safety and comfort. The best summer trips in Southwest Colorado include not only the best whitewater rafting that Telluride has to offer, but also many hidden gems tucked away in the heart of the beautiful mountain town of Telluride, Colorado. Locals come to ski and stay in the summer. There’s no place like Telluride in the summer. Don’t take our word for it, see Telluride for yourself! We’ll even let you in on Telluride’s best hidden gems. Make sure to keep it low. We want to keep Telluride’s hidden gems hidden.

Telluride residents are proud that all their public transportation is free! It’s free! The city cable car that takes you to the village is a popular form of travel in summer. It’s even better for an amazing look. The gondola is also completely free! This “hidden” rock takes you to the mountain bike park, Telluride Ski Resort, and the entire mountain village. As you ride the cable car, you’ll see spectacular views of the San Juan Mountains and the San Miguel River that flows through the city. You can even see some rafters and rafters trying their hand at Telluride’s famous white water rafting.

The San Miguel River runs through town and has some of the best white water rafting that Telluride and Southwest Colorado has to offer! With constant control of Levels II and III, this fast and tough water course is sure to leave you wanting more. This hidden gem is one of Colorado’s lesser known rivers! You’ll quickly be transported to a jungle world under ponderosa trees with red rock walls, a true outdoor adventure! The narrow channel and remote feel of the San Miguel River will leave a big smile on your face, in awe of the incredible views and rolling speed!

Top Rivers For Colorado Whitewater Rafting Colorado Official State Vacation Guide

Take a break from rafting in Telluride and go via ferrata! Translated from Italian to ‘railroad’, via ferrata is the perfect combination between hiking and rock climbing. The path takes you to the edge of the hill. You will have access to the cable system with a carabiner while hiking. Along the way, you hang onto the metal slabs next to the cliff and slowly but surely work your way to the finish line. This hike is not for the faint of heart as you climb the hillside. If you are new to climbing, leave the stress to the experts and hire a guide for training. This hidden gem is hidden in the back of the city on the way to the wedding veil.

In addition to rafting, Telluride also has top-secret tours that only locals know about. Little Weather may be Telluride’s best kept secret! This hidden gem will lead to a beautiful little treasure deep in the Telluride Forest. Good luck finding it! There are no instructions and no instructions for this secret site online. This is truly a hidden gem. Most friendly locals will let you in on the secret if you ask. You can also get tips from some internet bloggers who have written a lot about walking if you email them. If you find this hidden gem, make sure to keep it hidden!

Take some time this summer and enjoy Telluride’s hidden gems, but be sure to keep it hidden! Not only are each of these truly unique experiences, but Telluride works hard to keep these tours exciting! From via ferrata to white water rafting in San Miguel to hiking in Little Hawaii to free gondola rides, there is something for everyone! If nothing else, take a day to experience the famous rafting that Telluride has to offer and get wet in the San Miguel River! Medium: This thin and fast surfboard comes with some float and lots of contact with the water.

Download this river guide – If you don’t visit the San Miguel River during your trip to Telluride, it will be the biggest regret of your life. Well, maybe like the second or third, but do you really want it on your conscience? Definitely not!

Colorado Springs, Colorado Whitewater Rafting Trips

You might want some class 2 and 3 white water shenanigans! A lot of mechanical work was done to remove the stones and cut down the old trees. All in a sandstone covered alpine landscape. By the end of your trip, you’ll see why many river guides have named their favorite river the San Miguel.

We offer half-day tours in the morning and afternoon to give you, your friends and family a great few hours in San Miguel. If you prefer to stay a little longer with the sun-soaked charters on the river, join us for a two-day San Miguel rafting trip!

Now, if that’s not enough to satisfy your white water cravings, take a dip in the floodwaters at Upper Piedra just outside of Pagosa Springs. It’s a Class III and IV trip with rafts and ladders – all in the wild and remote Granite River Sanctuary.

We don’t want you to miss out on this journey, so we’ll hold your order, free of charge, for 24 hours while you prepare the final order and payment.

Rafting On The Western Slope Of Colorado

Day Trips: Get 90% refund on bookings made 36 hours or more before travel. Little notice, no refunds.

Updated 24-hour optional cancellation policy: 100% refund up to 24 hours before travel. Up to 12 hours before departure, you can reschedule the cruise or receive a Wilderness gift certificate for the cost of the cruise. Upgrades are only available at the time of booking and must be used per seat.

In addition to the tour fees listed, we charge an additional 9% for river and land fees (ie Forest Service, BLM, city, private land use). The San Miguel River is standard as an alpine freeway. Your next rafting adventure. Although the season is very short, those who book trips in June and July will experience easy and simple fun through the most beautiful places in Colorado near Telluride.


Rafting The Colorado River Is A Perfect Family Getaway

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