Things To Do In Silverton Colorado

Things To Do In Silverton Colorado – Located in the heart of the San Juan Mountains between Red Mountain and Molasses Pass, Silverton is an old mining town. Whether you dare to go off road in 4×4 Cross the road Whether it’s testing your skills on a heli-ski or navigating the slopes on a snowmobile, adrenaline-filled adventures await you.

Or discover a little Colorado history by visiting historic downtown Silverton and the area’s many museums. various historical sites; With outdoor activities and incredible views; There is no shortage of activities in Silverton

Things To Do In Silverton Colorado

Things To Do In Silverton Colorado

At any time of the year, visitors can find activities in Silverton year-round In the winter, this sleepy gem is one of the state’s most famous ski resorts and a fan favorite in the summer and early spring.

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Million Dollar Highway is one of the most beautiful roads in Colorado Called the Scenic Byway, this road from Silverton to Ouray offers some of the best views in the entire San Juan Mountains.

Part of the 236-mile San Juan Skyway that winds through the San Juans, the Million Dollar Highway is a great way to leave the paved road and experience the beauty of the region.

Despite being on paved roads, the Million Dollar Highway does not disappoint. with sharp curves, peaks and sometimes missing shields; Driving this beautiful road is horrible However, the views from the top of Red Mountain Pass at 11,075 feet are worth it

The Mayflower Gold Mill, located a couple of miles outside of downtown Silverton, is another option to learn about southwest Colorado’s rich mining history. Begun in 1930 and later abandoned in 1991, the history of the Mayflower Gold Mill dates back to Colorado’s mining and mill era.

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Designated a National Historic Landmark in 2000, the Mayflower Gold Mill is owned and operated by the San Juan County Historical Society in Silverton. The factory is open to the public and a guided tour is available for a small fee Here, visitors can interact with the actual mill while learning about the history of the gold mill It also has a small gift shop and an information center

The famous Durango-Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad was completed in 1882. Since then, in addition to transporting nearly three hundred million dollars worth of metal, it has been a popular scenic route for tourists visiting Durango. or Silverton

Today, visitors can enjoy an extraordinary view of the San Juan Mountains on this famous train The train offers a variety of classes, from Standard Class, comparable to airplane seats, to President Class, which offers unlimited refreshments and a private tour. Guests are not selected by class A train journey on this famous route is sure to be an unforgettable experience

Things To Do In Silverton Colorado

The poor nature of mining in Colorado in the late 19th and early 20th centuries caused the mining industry to relocate to new locations, creating ghost towns and abandoning many mining centers and towns. Very compellingly, most of these ghost sites are intact They are a great way to get a feel for everyday life in old Colorado mining towns

Top Things To Do In Silverton, Colorado

Animas Forks, the most popular ghost town near Silverton, is accessible via the Alpine Loop Byway above. Founded in 1873, Animas Forks was home to a mining community until the early 20th century. Animas Forks, now accessible only by clear-cut vehicle, is a popular tourist attraction that allows visitors to see the original structures in their natural setting from nearly a hundred years ago.

The Christ of Mines Shrine is located on Anvil Mountain, about five hundred feet north of Silverton, and is a 16-foot statue of Jesus Christ erected in 1959. He hopes to improve the depressed economy due to the decline of the mining industry; It was created as a last ditch effort to save Silverton’s mining economy Interestingly, shortly after the construction of the inscription, the most profitable period of mining in the area began.

Today visitors can recognize the impact of mining in the small mountain area; This eventually led to the faith of Christ the Miners Shrine It is a beautiful statue depicting Jesus Christ, but visitors can get a glimpse of the dirty nature of the 19th century excavations by visiting the shrine.

Like other small mountain towns in the area, Silverton has an interesting historic downtown. While walking through downtown Silverton, visitors will see historic buildings, unique shops, and many restaurants and local attractions. A large part of the city center is designated as a historic district Important sights to visit include the Grand Imperial Hotel; The former county jail houses the San Juan County City Hall and Historical Society.

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After enjoying all of that historic downtown Silverton; Golden Block Brewery, which offers beer on site as well as delicious wood-fired pizza; Consider stopping at a local craft store With six craft beers on tap, Golden Block Brewery caters to all types of beer lovers, along with ales and Ips, and their modern wood-fired brick pizza is always on tap.

For another great craft beer selection from the region, visit Avalanche Brewing Company more local craft beer and pizza; Avalanche Brewing Company, Silverton’s only walk-in coffee shop serving salads and famous tacos, is a fun spot for visitors and locals alike.

This San Juan County town comes alive in the summer Alpine Lake; Explore the Roaring Rivers 4×4 Trail and delve deep into mining history with these summer activities in Silverton.

Things To Do In Silverton Colorado

At 9,000 feet above sea level, Silverton is an ideal base for some of Colorado’s best hikes. Surrounded by national forests and BLM lands, visitors are never far from a beautiful trailer Whether you’re planning a short day trip to Silverton or a longer trip, there’s an amazing adventure available from this San Juan mountain town.

How Divided Is Silverton? Just Ask One Of The Town’s Six Administrators Who Came And Went In The Past Seven Years.

The Ice Lake Trail near Silverton is one of the best hikes The Ice Lake Trail is one of Colorado’s most popular hikes, passing through stunning prairie surrounded by rolling hills. The hike is seven miles round trip to Ice Lake and can easily be covered another mile by continuing to Island Lake. The route has an elevation gain of 2,430 feet and is considered a difficult approach to the glacier

A tour of the Old Hundred Gold Mine near Silverton is a great way to get a glimpse of Silverton as a mining town hundreds of years ago. On an expedition into the interior of Galena Mountain in an antique mining wagon, visitors will have the unique opportunity to see ancient mining equipment used over a century ago to extract the gold and silver that gave Silverton its name.

As a bonus, visitors to the Old Hundred Gold Mine Tour get free entry There will be real brass and gold After walking a third of a mile to the mine and panning for gold, visitors can relax in a sheltered picnic area before returning to nearby Silverton.

Adventurers visiting Silverton should consider rafting the famous Animas River. Thanks for Calm Rapid II In Class V, whitewater rafters and yachtsmen can find a section of the Animas River that suits their skill level. Trips can range from short trips to multi-day rafting trips

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A local rafting company, Mild to Wild, offers rafting adventures in the Upper and Lower Animas. For the Monsoon Whitewater Foundation, the Upper Animas River is considered one of America’s most economically important rivers.

Rafting on the Upper Animas, with rapids mostly running in class IV and V, surrounded by the majestic San Juan Peak, is an absolute thrill. For less experienced rafters, consider the slightly steeper Lower Animas River

There are 4×4 and OHV trails near Silverton A great way to see the sights without a full day backpacking trip 4×4 trails offer spectacular long-distance views of the San Juan Mountains without the logistical and physical elements of tourism. Fortunately, those traveling without a 4×4 vehicle can rent a jeep at Silverton Jeep Rentals.

Things To Do In Silverton Colorado

The most popular 4×4 route in the area is the Alpine Loop Byway The Alpine Loop Byway is snow-free on our slopes between June and September It is a 65-mile scenic drive that connects Lake City and Silverton

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With stunning views of countless peaks like Uncompahgre and Wetterhorn This route will take you through the ghost town of Animas Forks A four-wheel drive adventure on the Alpine Loop Byway is a great way to spend a day near Silverton and check out nearby Ouray and Lake City. Winter

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