Things To Do In Colorado Springs Winter

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There is so much to do in Colorado Springs. It is the base for many outdoor activities. During the winter, you can enjoy some of the best places in Colorado Springs. The main attraction is exploring the Pikes Peak area and the North Pole Village where children can meet Santa. Check out the best things to do when visiting in winter.

Things To Do In Colorado Springs Winter

Things To Do In Colorado Springs Winter

Pikes Peak is the most famous place and people travel from all over to see this mountain. It is best to join the tour during the winter so that you can be sure of the different conditions that can occur.

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You can explore the ground while staying warm by the cave. You can go sightseeing or go ziplining above the blind obstacle course. You need to prepare the space for the activity in advance.

This bridge offers a stunning view and is open all year round. You can walk across this bridge while enjoying the snow covered scenery.

Just a few minutes from Colorado Springs is Manitou Springs. This is a hot spring that allows you to relax in the middle of winter while staying warm. There are many hot springs and other activities.

You can visit this place and walk through the red rocks or enjoy it on horseback. This is a great way to prevent wet feet. There are many horse riding companies that you can book tours with.

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Popular winter activities are also available in Colorado Springs. You can go skiing in many places with your family to enjoy this popular winter activity.

You can go snowboarding on different routes or go with a tour company that will teach you how to snowboard. This is known to give a good workout while looking. Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

The Cheyenne Zoo is open all year round and you can see a variety of animals. There are more than 750 animals and 170 species to visit. This includes many winter-loving animals.

Things To Do In Colorado Springs Winter

Winter is the best time to visit as many animals are active in winter. You can choose from a basic tour or an up close and personal tour where you meet some animals.

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There are many activities for you to choose from and many places to stay. Colorado Springs is a beautiful winter destination steeped in history. You can find accommodation that reflects the type of holiday you are looking for. Yes.

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Unusual Things To Do In Colorado Springs

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If you think Colorado is only for winter skiers, think again. Colorado Springs and the surrounding Pikes Peak region have some of the mildest winters in the country. That means there’s a lot more fun to do in Colorado Springs in the winter than skiing, whether you’re looking for outdoor activities or recreation.

Things To Do In Colorado Springs Winter

Located 90 minutes south of Denver and part of the Front Range urban corridor, “The Springs” (as the locals call it) is a perfect year-round day trip from the Mile High City or a weekend getaway.

Winter In Colorado Springs: Here Are 8 Things To Do To Enjoy The Season

Examples of winter activities in Colorado Springs include horseback riding or horseback riding in the Garden of the Gods, riding the Pikes Peak Cog Railroad or the Royal Gorge Route Railroad to explore caves or museums.

A winter trip to Colorado Springs should include a stop at the Garden of the Gods to see the dusty rocks and magnificent boulders. Photo credit: Pikes Peak Attractions

Perhaps the most popular stop on a Colorado Springs winter tour is visiting the Garden of the Gods. It really is a winter wonderland – and entry is always free. Formed millions of years ago, the park’s famous red rock is a combination of red, pink and white sand and limestone. It’s definitely a place to add to your Colorado bucket list!

You can spend all day in the park with winter activities. Here are some tips:

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Visit the Cheyenne Zoo in winter at night during the Electric Safari. Photo credit: Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

It is open year-round and every visit to Cheyenne Mountain brings a unique experience. Here are some examples of what to do during the winter:

Tip: Don’t let the snow cancel your visit to the zoo; The staff will tell you that today there is often more magic. Discount admission and low population equal to individual interest! Even better, many animals (mountain lions, Canadian lynx and water otters) love the cold and are therefore more active in winter.

Things To Do In Colorado Springs Winter

Located 15 minutes from the zoo and less than a mile from The Broadmoor Resort (one of the Colorado Springs resorts), the Broadmoor Seven Falls property is the only Colorado waterfall on the National Geographic Waterfalls of the World list.

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Park in the East Broadmoor parking lot and take the trolley to and from the Seven Falls entrance.

Known as “Colorado’s Greatest Scenic Mile,” this natural wonder consists of seven waterfalls located at the end of the narrow Red Rock River at the base of Cheyenne Mountain. In winter, this waterfall can freeze but it is still very beautiful.

Located in the Pikes Peak area, the Royal Gorge Bridge is the longest bridge in the United States, suspended over the Arkansas River. Photo credit: Royal Gorge Bridge

Part of the Pikes Peak area, add trails to the Royal Gorge Bridge and park near Canon City, less than an hour’s drive. Also known as the “Grand Canyon of Arkansas,” it’s a small theme park with a variety of rides and attractions.

Winter Activities In Colorado Springs

At 1,270 feet and 18 feet wide, the Royal Gorge Bridge is the longest bridge in the United States. Suspended above Colorado’s wild Arkansas River, the view is stunning – and a little scary. (It’s scary that Papa won’t walk up or cross the bridge to the other side because of his height phobia.)

One of the must-do things to do in Colorado Springs in the winter is to ride the Royal Gorge Route Railroad in Canon City. The boat ride will take you over the Royal Gorge Bridge and the Arkansas River.

At the top, the Pikes Peak Highway has perfect parking. Photo credit: Pikes Peak Attractions

Things To Do In Colorado Springs Winter

At a height of 14 feet, 115 feet, Pikes Peak, America’s Mountain, is open all year round. The surrounding rock formations are also impressive in winter.

Of The Best Things To Do In Colorado Springs Year Round

Tip: Don’t miss the Rocky Mountain donuts at the summit while taking in the amazing views.

Located on the way to Pikes Peak, kids will love stopping at the North Pole to see Santa. Image credit: North Pole

Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus. Get ready to make your child’s dreams come true with all the fun things to do at Santa’s North Pole. The park is located on US 24, west of Colorado Springs at the entrance to the Pikes Peak Highway.

Sit back and relax as you ride the Broadmoor Manitou Train and Pikes Peak Cog to the top. Image credit: Pikes Peak Regions Tourism

Of Colorado’s Best Hot Springs To Visit In The Winter

Skip the drive and ride the Broadmoor and Manitou Cog Railroad. While America’s Pikes Peak is the final destination, the 3.5-hour hike offers visitors great views along the way.

When the winter weather prevents from outdoor adventures, start a visit in the city, a good trip when the winter weather does not cooperate.

The Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum is located in the old courthouse, with a court room restored in 1903. Explore a selection of artifacts from the Pikes Peak region including firearms, mining equipment and household items. enter for free! Guided tours are available on Friday.

Things To Do In Colorado Springs Winter

Go underground in the Wind Mountain Park.

Winter In Colorado Springs

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