Vail Ski And Snowboard Academy In Colorado

Vail Ski And Snowboard Academy In Colorado – VSSA was founded in 2007 through an academic partnership between Vail Ski and Snowboard Club (SSCV) and Eagle County Schools (ECS) to provide full-time SSCV athletes access to fully accredited and recognized college preparatory school opportunities. VSSA is America’s first public ski and snowboard academy with approximately 225 students in grades 5-12.

VSSA is located in Minturn, Colorado, only 10 miles from SSCV’s Golden Peak clubhouse and base, and adjacent to SSCV’s Nordic training area and dryland facilities at the Minturn Fitness Center.

Vail Ski And Snowboard Academy In Colorado

VSSA provides a rigorous high school and college preparatory academic curriculum that supports our students’ athletic and personal goals. VSSA, in partnership with SSCV and ECS, facilitates students’ dreams to come true by providing a challenging education, flexible schedules and personalized attention.

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As a public school, VSSA greatly improves students’ financial access to comprehensive full-time athletic and academic solutions. This access is supported by financial assistance provided by SSCV to cover up to 75% of SSCV athletic program costs based on financial need. Click here for details, including the financial aid application process and associated deadlines.

VSSA uniquely enables students to pursue their athletic dreams without compromising their studies, leveraging the many resources available at ECS and VSSA as well as SSCV academic coaches to complement the VSSA teaching staff.

VSSA passing requirements are set by the ECS School Board. When VSSA student-athletes are interested in competing at the collegiate level, the NCAA requirements are closely monitored. Graduation requires 25 credits, with minimums in some fields. Students who meet certain requirements can graduate with a University Foundation Diploma (ECS Accredited).

VSSA staff gather regularly throughout the school year as a Professional Learning Community (PLC) to share expertise and work collaboratively to enhance students’ teaching skills and academic achievement.

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As members of Colorado Public Schools, VSSA students may qualify for special student support services according to Colorado Department of Education guidelines and state regulations, including response to intervention (RTI), 504 plans, or individualized education programs (IPP). IEP) may be included. ,

VSSA and SSCV staff collaborate to provide support to VSSA student athletes who are members of SSCV. Ongoing communication among staff helps provide the smoothest integration between academics and athletics and reinforces the core values ​​of character, courage, and the VSSA’s fourth SSCV (3C) and “C” commitment of compassion.

VSSA courses include STEM, Spanish, arts, advanced placement, multiple enrollment, self-study, on-the-job experience, seminars with advisory material, senior study sessions, and electives, depending on grade level. VSSA students take placement tests in math and Spanish to determine the best academic level for their growth and development. There is also the possibility of placing marks on merit in all subjects in Grades 6-8 based on the criteria set by the VSSA.

VSSA provides opportunities for students to participate in many middle and high school sports, community building, extracurricular activities, and sports, including those listed below.

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Academically, VSSA has two semester assessment periods. There are three trimesters for Sport VSSA. In the second semester (early November to early May), VSSA reduces the student’s course load by eliminating elective courses and reducing the duration of seminars.

The VSSA calendar provides breaks throughout the school year to break academic and athletic activities to support maximum performance in the classroom and on the hill.

VSSA student-athletes participate in SSCV sports throughout the school year, participating in strength and conditioning exercises before and/or after school, the frequency, location and nature of which varies by age and snow sport.

The Mintern Fitness Center is an 8,500-square-foot state-of-the-art human performance center operated by SSCV personnel, as well as a gym and trampoline space, indoor/outdoor supertramp and adjacent rinks and Nordic walking trails for strength training and conditioning. VSA Campus. Age-appropriate physical tests and snow sports are conducted several times during the school year.

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During the second quarter, there is mid-week morning training organized by SSCV (except Mondays, which are academic days throughout the year).

SSCV offers world-class mountain training at its Vail Mountain home for everyone but the Nordic athletes who use the Meloit Park Nordic Trails near VSSA. Nearby Summit County offers access to highland resorts and a variety of parks and tubing facilities as an alternative to mountain training locations.

SSCV has a medical partnership with The Steadman Clinic and Steadman Philippon Research Institute, which provides SSCV with a full-time certified athletic trainer to assist full-time athletes with injury diagnosis, medical referrals, and planning a return to sport.

Located at the SSCV Clubhouse in Vail, SSCV Golden Peak Technical Services provides athletes with the best equipment and affordable and accessible resources for their training and competition preparation.

Ski & Snowboard Club Vail (sscv); Vail Ski & Snowboard Academy (vssa); Vail Mountain School (vms); Red Sandstone Elementary School (rses)

The lunch program offered by VSSA provides young and developing student-athletes with the opportunity to receive a balanced meal after long mornings and hard training on the hills throughout the school year. Proper nutrition not only starts your muscle rebuilding process, it replenishes your energy stores and fuels your brain to work at the top of your day. Meals are served by professional chefs at affordable prices.

VSSA students continue to compete in the Olympics and XGames, and pursue their careers on the US freeski, freestyle, alpine and snowboard teams. VSSA students are also accepted into highly competitive colleges and universities where alpine and Nordic athletes can continue to play at the NCAA or USCSA levels and other snow sports athletes can join club teams or nearby ski and snowboard clubs.

During the 2010–2012 season, 41 former SSCV athletes were NCAA collegiate snow sports athletes (14 of these were VSSA alumni).

As of May 2022, 23 current and former SSCV athletes were named to the 2022–23 US Ski and Snowboard Association National Team (3 are current VSSA students and 11 are VSSA alumni).

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Admission to SSCV as a full-time athlete, entry to SSCV as a full-time athlete, and entry to VSSA as a student are prerequisites for participating in VSSA. Click here to find out about the SSCV Admissions Process. To learn more about the SSCV SSCV application and admissions process, please contact SSCV Admissions and Academic Manager Taylor Farquharson or call 970-790-5145. To learn more about the VSSA application process and the VSSA Admission Application, please visit the VSSA website at this link.

Taking the PTA is a great way to get involved with VSSA. See Yeti Times for more details.

VSSA is part of Eagle County Schools. For more information about ECS, visit the ECS website.

“VSSA creates an environment in which student athletes develop life skills such as responsibility, accountability and time management – ​​three essential skills not only for athletes, but also for success in the real world.” – Two parents of VSSA alpine athletes

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“We are very impressed with the high level academic program that VSSA provides. Academic coaching is very important for our children’s success in travel and competition.” – Parents of VSSA snowboarders and VSSA Snowboard alumni

“VSSA has been a phenomenal experience for my son. The small classes, teacher involvement, flexible schedule, and academic coaching have given my son a great education and the opportunity to succeed both on and off the mountain. As senior members, we feel very lucky to have had a great school counselor guide him through the college selection process. VSSA has been a great education and experience for my son.” -Parents of VSSA FreeSky alumni

“Coming from a traditional school environment, we were impressed by the ability of the VSSA staff to provide an environment in which our children could succeed both athletically and academically. Strong integration of school and athletic components, strong support structures, and creative time scheduling was critical for our children to achieve strong standardized test results and maintain a solid GPA while achieving their ski goals.” – the parents of two VSSA alpine athletes

“Our son thrived at VSSA. Class sizes are small and students are able to develop close collaborative relationships with teachers. In the winter, when they are outdoors, this is critical to their academic success. VSSA’s emphasis on education is great. Families are was important to us and we have impressed members and the public.While the second phase of the clubhouse transition started in the partial occupancy period only, we anticipate that this limited work will continue with the operation of the SSCV and the remainder will greatly increase traffic for the season.

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SSCV has returned to full use of the clubhouse entrance for pickup and delivery

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