Things To Do In Vail Colorado

Things To Do In Vail Colorado – Want to explore trendy Vail, Colorado? Look no further – don’t miss my complete guide to the best things to do in Vail.

Located at the base of Vail Mountain, Vail is a dream destination and one I have wanted to visit for years. The city – although small – is busy.

Things To Do In Vail Colorado

Things To Do In Vail Colorado

In the winter, Vail is one of Colorado’s crown jewels for skiing and snowboarding. In fact, Vail Ski Resort is the largest in the state of Colorado (surpassing Aspen – surprise for me) and worth a visit.

Colorado Mountain Summer Activities

But in the summer, the small town turns into a perfect escape from nature. Perfect for anyone looking for peace and quiet, whether it’s on the golf course or in some of Colorado’s best hiking spots.

Arguably, the main reason many people – including myself – go to or visit Vail is to escape its stunning snow. Of course, as Vail Mountain contains nearly 5,000 acres of ski and snowboard terrain.

Divided into three main areas, all are accessible by a large number of lifts. Choose between Front Side, Back Bowl or Blue Sky Basin, and test your strength on the mountain.

The best thing about the slopes at Vail Mountain is that no matter your experience level, there is a hill or a bowl for you. And for those looking for a milder experience, the mountain has two outdoor parks, making it one of the top things to do in Vail, Colorado, in the winter.

Planning Your Summer Trip To Vail

Although Vail is home to many hiking trails, offering the perfect experience for nature lovers, none compare to the Booth Falls Trail. It is a staple for anyone visiting this place who wants to get in touch with their outer side and become popular. And you are busy.

The route measures approximately 16 km of trail and 900 meters of elevation gain as you walk, and the route is challenging. But, like most good things in life, the greater the challenge, the greater the reward.

And I can guarantee that the rewards of this trail will make you smile. No matter how far you walk along the trail, it offers a breathtaking view of Colorado that you will not find anywhere else.

Things To Do In Vail Colorado

The nearly 18-meter waterfall is just three kilometers from the trail. While Booth Lake, surrounded by beautiful pine forest, sits at the end of the course.

Best Things To Do In Vail

I’ll let you in on a little secret – there are thousands of ghost towns around the US, over 1,000 in Colorado alone.

One of them, Gilman, is located outside of Vail and is a true testament to the 19th century gold mining rush. At the end of the boom, Gilman was abandoned, like other cities.

Overlooking the Eagle River at the aptly named Battle Mountain, the bustling town of Gilman will inspire curiosity and interest. Driving in the city is scary and will definitely give you goosebumps.

The rolling mountain views, fresh air, snow capped peaks and breathtaking waterfalls are why I recommend a bike ride down Vail Pass.

Top Free Things To Do In Vail

Vail Mountain offers numerous mountain bike trails that drop 900 feet. All routes pass through the picturesque town, making it a great entry point.

Every inch of this route offers some great spots to capture that perfect snap of the ‘gram.

Don’t get me wrong, Vail doesn’t just offer adrenaline-pumping experiences. It is also a place for art lovers.

Things To Do In Vail Colorado

Presented during the summer at the Gerald R. Ford Amphitheater, the best multi-genre concerts maintain the artistic side of living beings.

Video: What To Do In Vail, Colorado Outside Fis World Alpine Ski Championships

And it must be said, even though the Covid-19 pandemic has put many things on hold, the concert series is back and thriving. So sit back and enjoy some of the best in rock, pop, country and folk music surrounded by the beauty of Colorado in this summer concert series.

Top things to see and do in Vail, Colorado Winter cross-country skiing at the Vail Nordic Center

Granted, not everyone who heads to Vail is a professional skier or snowboarder. Luckily, you don’t have to be a winter sports enthusiast to enjoy the mountains and snow – exploring your own trails is one of the best free activities in Vail, Colorado.

Enjoy breathtaking views of the Gore Range while out on the cross-country slopes, including everything you could want from Vail mountain skiing. And don’t worry, it’s just as fun as going down the slopes – it’s just not as easy.

Best Things To Do In Vail In The Summer

Renting a “fat bike” at the Vail Nordic Center is a must on any mountain trip. These bikes are equipped with extra large and wide tires that make riding through inches of snow a breeze.

With 12 miles of specially groomed bike and snowshoe trails, and some dedicated solely to biking, it’s one of the best activities in Vail.

Another fun thing to do in Vail is to put on your snowshoes and hit one of the many designated trails around the mountain. With the abundance of snowshoeing, I really love the winter landscape that is Vail – you will too.

Things To Do In Vail Colorado

If you’re on the rebel side, you have the freedom to cut through the snow while enjoying the epic views around you.

Your Epic Guide To Things To Do In Vail In The Summer

In the winter, it would be a great injustice if you go to Vail, Colorado and do not enter the ring to find a place to ski. Not only is it known for its scenic beauty, but Vail Village also has a perfect ice rink. Think of it, the kind you find on Christmas cards.

Solaris Centre, Lionshead Village and the Dobson area all have attractive recreational areas. Solaris and Lionshead are out for a real snow experience, while Dobson (the largest) is in.

Fear not – there are plenty of things to do in Vail when you’re not skiing. As the snow melts, Vail sheds its winter mask and proudly wears a summer face. Location, scenery, nature and everything in between get a new life and become a summer vacation.

Taking you above 3,000 feet, there are two gondolas to choose from serving Vail at its peak. At the top, you can choose to walk or bike down many trails – or visit the Epic Meeting and enjoy a meal on top of the mountain (my favorite).

Wonderful Things To Do In Vail Besides Ski

Epic Discovery is a giant playground on top of a mountain, an adventure park suitable for everyone. The park includes extensive cable cars for all ages, as well as many rock walls (some more challenging than others), bungee trampolines and the epic alpine coaster Forest Flyer.

Another great option for things to do in Vail: zip line courses at Game Creek Air Adventures. It holds the title of the longest zip code in the United States.

Skydiving from the top of Mount Vail, you will see the landscape at an incredible speed of 96 km per hour as you go from platform to platform. But fear not, you are in good hands because the guides here are experts at what they do.

Things To Do In Vail Colorado

For more fun in Vail, Colorado, spend an afternoon horseback riding at 4 Eagle Ranch. This is one of the most relaxing mountain vacations in Vail.

Fantastic Things To Do In Vail In The Summer [by A Local]

Eagle Ranch offers several trails to choose from, and you have the option of a one-hour hike or a two-hour hike.

Faced with nearly 3 feet of snow per year, I’d forgive you for thinking that the Botanical Garden isn’t on the list of Vail attractions. However, the pristine Betty Ford Alpine Gardens, the highest alpine park in North America, is very popular with tourists.

Consisting of several unique gardens, each dedicated to a different natural environment, you just need to spend a day here for the love of nature. There are waterfalls flowing everywhere, nature conservation centers and even meditation gardens. This is one of the best things to do in Vail in the summer.

To truly experience all that Vail has to offer, I recommend planning your trip over three to five days. And with our additional coverage, plan the ultimate trip with my Colorado road trip.

Vail Travel Guide

Depending on what you want to do in Vail, Colorado, winter is from December to March, and summer is from June to September. I like to visit at the beginning or end of winter, when the crowd is a little thinner.

Eagle Point Resort is located at the access point to climb 20 Vail Mountain. With a wide selection of rooms, it also has a jacuzzi and sauna. There are so many things to do in Vail, I want to write a post about all the possibilities, and encourage you to book a trip to Wonderland this winter.

One of our favorite places when traveling through the western United States was Vail, Colorado. This beautiful community has a lot to offer, from winter sports to fine dining, and great shopping is available for those who can use plenty of designer gear and snow!

Things To Do In Vail Colorado

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