Hostels In Grand Junction Colorado

Hostels In Grand Junction Colorado – Grand Junction, an outdoor adventure center near the Colorado-Utah border, feels like a far cry from Texas with its red rock canyons and tall, flat mountains. But you can fly directly from Dallas and see Grand Mesa in less than two hours.

With 1.5 million acres of public lands, hundreds of miles of mountain bike trails, the Colorado and Gunnison Rivers for paddling, the world’s largest flat-topped mountain, and a “mini-Grand Canyon” worth exploring, County of Mesa is a nature lover’s paradise. . . Although visiting the county seat certainly calls for a longer visit, my 9-year-old son and I tried to see how much fun we could have outside over the weekend.

Hostels In Grand Junction Colorado

Hostels In Grand Junction Colorado

My daughter Poppy and I arrived at the Grand Junction Regional Airport on Friday night ready for an event. We met our Uber driver, Chuck, who took the 15 minute ride to our hotel to tell us how much we loved his town.

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Located on the roof of the Maverick Hotel, Devil’s Kitchen offers stunning panoramic views of Colorado National Monument. Photo by Heidi Golub

Chuck was excited that we were staying at the Maverick Hotel, which partners with Colorado Mesa University to provide host students with a place to study. He encouraged us to dine at the hotel’s Devil’s Kitchen for bison and maple pork. He said he won’t be disappointed with the food or the rooftop views.

All our weekends were great, so Chuck was everywhere. From the free popcorn in the lobby to the free cruiser bikes, Maverick Hotel and the students who run it are a lot of fun. The best surprise was the king size bed in our room. Poppy could not believe her luck – she immediately found a large bunk bed.

Grand Junction boasts over 250 days of sunshine, and the weekend we visited was no exception. We woke up with the sun and the hotel guests were already busy loading the bikes into the cars. Since traveling in west Texas makes it easy to start early, we grabbed coffee and pastries at Betty’s Lobby Hotel and hit the road.

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Six miles from Grand Junction, the beautiful scenery of Colorado’s Red Rocks National Monument awaits. We arrived at the visitor center when it opened at 9am and headed straight out the back door of the Canyon Rim Trail. This easy hike is about a mile, so it was a great way to start the day. Poppy and I didn’t see anyone on the trail, but we only heard the sound of sheep.

One caveat. While it’s easy to make a trip to Colorado National Monument together, it’s hard to come back. If you don’t have a car, plan a ride in advance with Sunshine Rides to avoid traffic jams.

Enjoy a picnic and sandwiches available for purchase from the food trailer at Highlands Craft Distillery. Photo by Heidi Golub

Hostels In Grand Junction Colorado

After our little trip, we were ready to eat again. We headed to the Highlands Distillery at Belli Fiori Lavender Farm. This 8 year old family business is a labor of love by Lisa and Dave Proetti and their son Dylan. If you’re in town, stop by to meet them and sample their products. You can visit the farm to learn about the 1,500 varieties of lavender plants they grow and buy lavender kitchen, personal and pet products. Then stop for a craft cocktail at Dylan’s Yurt Bar and a mouth-watering prosciutto and mozzarella sandwich at the Picnic Restaurant.

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The Belli Fiori lavender farm grows over 1500 lavender plants of 11 different varieties. They also create aromatherapy products that can be purchased at their farm shop. Photo by Heidi Golub

After resting for about an hour at the farm, Poppy and I started to take a nap. But when you only have one day to explore, you don’t have time to relax. So we got free bikes, helmets and locks from the Maverick Hotel and headed to the Colorado River.

After a great ride on the water, we met up with Elizabeth Fortushniak, owner of Grand Junction Adventures, for a stand up paddle board (SUP) lesson. SUP is one of the many sports offered at Grand Junction Adventures, from mountain biking to rafting. If you’re planning to visit Grand Junction with kids, Elizabeth recommends trying summer river cruises. His boys loved this tubing adventure on the seasonal banks of the Colorado River.

Afterwards, we rode our borrowed bikes to Main Street to shop (and test). Poppy bought sweets from the old sweet shop and we went to the Candle Kitchen. Here, he had to take on the role of a candle scientist, smelling several unique scents before deciding which scent to use in his candle recipe. He chose campfire and pink sugar and combined them to perfection. His candles became a wonderful reminder.

Hotel Maverick, Grand Junction

My favorite treats were the Enstrom Toffee treats. I packed chocolate toffee with almonds, cashews, and pecan toffee popcorn. If you visit this local shop before noon, you can watch the candy makers start from scratch.

For dinner we went to Moody’s, a 1920s saloon on Main Street. You’ll definitely want to make a reservation for dinner here, as it was packed on a Saturday night. Poppy recommends the bakery service – she loved all kinds of breads and cereals. But save room for dessert at Gelato Junction. It’s a nice walk from the restaurant and you can see over 100 sculptures that line the streets of downtown Grand Junction.

Poppy and I slept well that night in our big bed, but we were sad to leave Grand Junction as soon as we arrived. We wanted to check out Book Cliffs and Rattlenake Arches, which are still home to wild mustangs. If we had more time, we would take a day trip to Moab (only two hours) to try the Dan Meek Jeep Tour and take a night river cruise. We can’t wait to go back.

Hostels In Grand Junction Colorado

Heidi Gollub loves working remotely and misses the days when her kids could attend online school anywhere. An Austin native, she’s always looking for easy family vacations that don’t require any preparation.

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