Hiking In Vail Colorado

Hiking In Vail Colorado – The snow, trails and wildflowers melt as we transition from ski season to hiking season. Gravity Haus Vail is the perfect choice for a summer vacation, a charming address in the heart of the countryside. Enjoy these hikes in the Vail Valley and hit the trail in a magical way.

Parents with small children will appreciate this wonderful walk. Between Gondola One and Eagle Bahn, the Fireweed Gondola gently descends into the shade of the trees and offers stunning views of the resort and valley below. Start at the top of the Eagle Bahn and head east on the easier descent route. Walk through the woods and swim in the meadows on the lower hikes—Upper Fire (1 mile) and Lower Fire (1.1 miles) make for a fun loop. Children love signs that explain plants and animals. Adults love the perfect card picture.

Hiking In Vail Colorado

A little higher on the front side of Vail Mountain, you’ll find the lollipop-shaped Meadows Loop. Ride Gondola One on the way from Vail Village to Mid-Vail. The route starts at the gondola lift station and climbs west. Your sweaty climb will be rewarded with amazing wildflower meadows and stunning views of the Gore Range. Walk in and out of the shady areas of the forest, follow the path along the hill and stop to see an elderly beauty and the occasional marten saying goodbye.

The Best Low Impact Waterfall Hikes In The Vail Valley

Hop on the famous Berrypicker from the base of Lionshead, next to the Eagle Bahn lift. Find the bridge to the right of the gondola and go up the hill. At 2,200 meters, every heart-pounding step is worth it, with breathtaking views of the countryside and distant peaks. Travel to hikers and bikers and enjoy the cool terrain on the trail that climbs Aspen Mountain. Berrypicker reopens in the forest, singing with rainbow flowers and touching all the colors of the box of crayons. Once at the top, take the Eagle Bahn Gondola down or take the nearly seven-mile adventure.

Flying high above Vail Mountain, the so-called Ridge Route connects Eagle’s Nest with Wildwood. Find it at the top of the Eagle Bahn Gondola and begin your journey up the mountain. The trail is literally stunning, starting at 10,350 feet and winding around the top of the resort, finally connecting with the Partridge Loop. Stop to admire the majestic Mount of the Cross in the distance and walk through open woodlands and dense pine forests before taking the gondola down to Lionshead Camping Area for refreshments on the terrace.

It’s a bit further from your house and you need a car (or bus) to get to the trailhead. But this is classic Vail and summer must-have. Bute Falls has it all: an aspen infusion, a moderate climb, valley and mountain views, and a cascading waterfall at the end. Take some time to soak in the scenery as you climb over 1,300 feet and enter deeper into the desert. Local tip: Take the East Vail bus from the Vail Transportation Center to the Booth Falls stop, which is about a quarter mile from the trailhead.

Don’t forget to purchase your gondola ticket before riding the Eagle Bahn or Gondola One. For more trail information, check out this Vail Mountain Summer Trail Map.

Ski Vail, Colorado: Where To Stay, Eat, And Drink

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Hotel discounts, access to equipment, fitness classes, co-working, community events and more. We have everything! It only takes 5 minutes to find out how Gravity Haus can improve your modern travel lifestyle. Submit your profile and start your journey today! While Vail is known for its winter sports and powder, it’s also impressive in the fall. It is a stunning landscape with high peaks covered in yellow aspen covering the valley.

One of the best ways to experience Vail in the fall is to hike one of the many local trails. Here are the best fall hikes in Vail.

Terrific Fall Hikes In Vail, Co

One of the most popular hikes in the Vail Valley is the Upper Piney River hike. The trail begins at the Piney River Ranch, where you will find a designated dirt parking lot in front of the ranch entrance. When you start the trail, you are immediately greeted by a colorful aspen forest.

You will then quickly reach an opening with views of Piney Lake and the peaks of Mount Gore in the background. The trail also offers great views of waterfalls and dense aspen as you ascend the trail. The dirt road to the end of the road is quite rough and is best for an SUV.

As the easiest trail in the Vail Valley, the Lost Lake Trail maintains its 1,000-foot gain but winds through golden aspen meadows. There are two starting options: the east end of the road at Forest Service Road 786 and the west end at Forest Service Road 700.

The east route takes you about half a mile from the lake, so it’s not much of a hike. At the western end of the road you will find a winding road through a pine and aspen forest. Mountain views of Beaver Creek, the Vail Mountains, and the Holy Cross and Mts. can be enjoyed at almost every turn.

Weekend Hiking Trip In Vail

Classified as difficult, the Berrypicker Trail is worth the exhilarating climb to the top of Vail Mountain. Winding through thick forests of wildflowers (not so much in the fall), pine forests, and aspen, it’s easy to see why this is one of Vail’s most popular hikes. The hike begins at the base of Vail Mountain in the town of Lionshead.

If you don’t want to hike the full six miles, many visitors climb to the top of the Eagle’s Nest and then take the gondola down to enjoy the view of the foliage from above. Or if you don’t want to go up, take the gondola up and come down again.

The Northern Trail in North Vale features 12 miles of hiking and biking trails framed by aspen forests. The entire North Trail system is loved by outdoor enthusiasts for its accessibility and scenic beauty. Choose your adventure and hike or bike the entire length or choose part of the route.

A nice short hike is 2.5 miles out and back to the North Trail overlook. To do this, you’ll want to start on Buffehr Creek Road and make the short but tough climb to the top of the cemetery. Here, tourists enjoy panoramic views of Vale village in the distance. The trailhead leads from the Davos Road area to the Spradle Creek area.

Spring Activities In Vail Vail Real Estate Blog

At the East Vail exit 180 on I-70, the Booth Falls Trail takes hikers up a wide trail to a large waterfall. Although this trail is considered moderate, the first few miles along Booth Creek are steep climbs. But you don’t mind that you are surrounded by beautiful aspens, because this hike is a real autumn delight.

In addition to colorful aspens, tourists will be able to enjoy beautiful views of East Vale and the Vale Mountains. If you want to add adventure, head to Bute Lake. This will add 2.4 miles to your trip.

Eagle Lake, accessible through the Holy Cross Wilderness, is another great hike near Vail. Enjoy the view of Mount Sawatch, Burnt

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