Colorado Ski And Snowboard Expo Discount Tickets

Colorado Ski And Snowboard Expo Discount Tickets – The Fort Carson Ski & Snowboard Expo on October 24, 2015 is offering discounted winter clothing, used gear and special prices on lift tickets to help prepare people for winter in Colorado. (Photo: Trevor McConnell)

The Fort Carson Ski and Snowboard Expo returns to Outdoor Recreation on October 24, 2015 from 10 a.m. until 3 p.m. With discounted winter clothing, used gear, special ticket prices and giveaways, the expo is the best way to prepare for a Colorado winter.

Colorado Ski And Snowboard Expo Discount Tickets

“This is the biggest start to the winter season and the best prices of the year,” said Erin Johnson, Assistant Director of Outdoor Recreation.

Howelsen Hill Ski Area

Mountain Post Outfitters (MPO), the Outdoor Recreation retail division, has a special offer for the Ski Expo. In addition to free sales tax and low retail prices, all 2015 apparel and accessories are 20-40 percent off. The new 2016 merchandise can only be purchased on the day of the exhibition with a 10 percent discount.

Visitors to the expo can expect lots of prizes and gift packs on the day of the event. Freebies include lift tickets, hire packs, motorized plowing and dog sledding. The main prize of the day is a notebook computer.

For those new to skiing or Colorado, there will be resorts from all over the state.

“You get a chance to talk to (representatives) from all over the ski areas and find out what they have to offer,” Johnson said. “Attendees can discover the best ski area and pick up the combination of tickets for them, as well as what is the best price for the military and families.”

Glenwood Springs Skiing & Snowboarding

Information, tickets and registration open at the expo on Saturday, only ski tickets and ticket sales. Some resorts also print a season pass on site, which can save you a lot of time at the start of the season. Attendees can purchase their season ticket on ITR and print it at the destination on the same day, walking with their ticket in hand.

One of the biggest attractions of the Ski and Snowboard Expo is the sale of used rental equipment in the Checkout Centre.

“Why come to the Expo? To take advantage of the incredible prices on gently used ski and snowboard equipment,” said Erina Patrick, Interim Director of Outdoor Recreation.

Equipment purchased from a rental package arrives ready for the season, although some customers may still need some adjustments.

Tips For Finding Affordable Spring Skiing

A Gear Swap is a great way to trade in old gear, clothing or other related outdoor gear. Those wishing to send equipment can drop it off at the Outdoor Recreation event between October 20 and October 2015. 23. 2015. We will not accept equipment on the day of the event.

Fans of winter activities are warmly welcome at the expo. A snow sled company and a dog sled company will also be present. No matter how long you’ve been skiing, there’s always the question of how to get discounted ski passes and where to find discounted lift tickets. With lift ticket prices higher than ever this winter, cheap lift tickets are sure to be in high demand.

As winter lovers and avid skiers at Bearfoot Theory, we know that the cost of outdoor activities can sometimes be a barrier to access, and supporting local businesses and towns to ski is just as important.

Here are some of our top tips for finding discounted ski passes and lift tickets to help you hit the slopes.

Colorado Ski Areas Will Celebrate End Of Ski Season With Extensions And Events

Most everyone buys their ski lift tickets online, which can be convenient, but sometimes it means sifting through tons of search results and feeling conflicted about what the best deal is. Cut through the noise with these trusted sites to find cheap lift tickets:

If you have an REI Co-op membership, you can buy tickets for up to 50% off. Deals include anytime passes, day or multi-day passes, night skiing, family passes and more – some deals even include ski hire. REI offers discounted lift passes to destinations across the country, including popular destinations like Big Bear and Mountain High in California, so visit their discount ski pass page for great deals.

Liftopia is the most popular marketplace for skiers, where they can find discounted lift tickets for almost every ski resort in the country. Liftopia offers deals on over 250 mountains and you can get accommodation deals – this is my site for ski deals.

The caveat: you have to choose a specific date and there are NO refunds (at least through Liftopia). However, the resort may offer vouchers if they are closed due to bad weather.

Ski And Snowboard At Steamboat Resort, Co

Don’t forget that you can buy discounted lift tickets from the mountain and you can often save by buying online. Some resorts also offer night skiing (after 3:00 or 4:00 p.m.) if you want a cold lap. Some have exclusive offers if you sign up to their newsletter or buy a season ticket, as many offer different tiers. You may want to check your local or preferred mountain site to see if they offer something specific to them.

A final tip for buying discount lift tickets direct from the mountain is to buy early. Many mountains offer discounts if you buy online in advance, especially in the middle of the week.

Be sure to check out Groupon for discounted lift tickets and gear rentals – search for “ski and snowboard” in your area to find great ski deals. Be sure to read the fine print before purchasing, as these offers sometimes have expiration dates and other rules.

Skiers who want to get more bang for their buck on more than one mountain should consider purchasing a multi-destination pass, which offers discounts on purchases well in advance of the ski season. Almost all passes include discounted accommodation, retail and dining options.

How And Where To Find Discount Ski And Snowboard Gear

The Mountain Collective Pass includes access to 23 destinations in North America (mainly in the West and Canada), with two free days in each. After that, we give a 50% discount on the window fees valid for the season. This is the pass my friend Ryan and I have and it only takes 2-3 destinations to make it worth it.

For example, if you’re coming to Utah for a week-long ski vacation, you can ski at Alta, Snowbird, and Snowbasin (all Mountain Collective resorts) for a fraction of the price of individual lift tickets. Need more Mountain Collective inspiration? Check out this week’s tour from Mountain Collective. I visited Alta Snowbird, Sun Valley and Jackson Hole.

The New England Pass is exactly what it sounds like! Ski as many days as you like at Loon Mountain in New Hampshire and Sunday River and Sugarloaf Mountain in Maine, including 39 lifts, 2,290 acres, 12 summits and 358 runs. For New England skiers, this is one of the best deals you can get for cheap lift tickets.

With Powder Alliance, you get 45 days of free skiing at 16 resorts in the Pacific Northwest, Colorado, Idaho and Montana, Canada and Japan. You get 3 days in each resort covering 3 countries – perfect for globe-trotting skiers!

Colorado Skiing Will Have Different Look And Feel This Year. Here’s What To Expect.

Buying a Colorado Gems Card is the cheapest way to ski in Colorado this winter. This card includes 11 amazing ski resorts in Colorado, including Cooper and Echo Mountain. With this card, you get two 2-1 lift tickets or two 30% discounts, or you can combine one of each type of discount.

The Epic Pass is one of the most popular passes for a reason. The Epic Pass includes destinations worldwide and gives you unlimited access to many participating ski hills. There’s a good chance your favorite and/or bucket list mountain is here, so it’s worth buying the discounted lift tickets in advance.

The Ikon Pass is a healthy rival to the Epic Pass. The Ikon Pass is a similar multi-destination season pass that allows you to ski at 38 locations around the world. Depending on which tier you buy, you get unlimited access to up to 14 mountains, which is a great way to ski on the cheap. If you can work from the road and want to travel in the winter, this is a great route.

Many season tickets offer “friend tickets” or discounted lift tickets that the ticket holder can give to family and friends. They vary from card to ticket, so check the website for the specific offer and the destination’s daily rate to see what deal you can get.

Here’s How Colorado Skier Visits Fared During The 2020 21 Season

Sometimes nearby resorts and accommodation offer discounted lift tickets as part of your stay. If you already want to book accommodation on or near the mountain, this can save you money. Not to mention, like most Alta Utah hotels, meals are included.

Although ski resorts do not offer the highest salaries, there are some very good ones

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