Ski And Snowboard Club Vail Colorado

Ski And Snowboard Club Vail Colorado – Ski & Snowboard Club Vail is proud to have partially completed construction of the new clubhouse at Golden Peak, which is now open to members and the public. While the second phase of the club’s transition is only partially in use, we expect this limited functionality to significantly improve SSCV and transfer operations throughout the rest of the season.

SSCV continued full use of the club’s corridors to receive and launch athletes. We appreciated the parents’ commitment to the interim transportation plan for the past half-season, and are now pleased to provide a functional corridor for our members to load and unload athletes and equipment.

Ski And Snowboard Club Vail Colorado

For those new to the club, having a fully functional lane – while more convenient than not having one – comes with its own challenges and requires a great deal of discipline from parents to keep the lane working properly.

Ski And Snowboard Club Vail Launches A New Mountain Bike Program

The new line will work the same as the previous one. During heavy traffic, cars may back up on Vail Valley Drive. When dozens of cars arrive at once, your patience and quick pick-up and drop-off practices will help the process for you and your fellow SSCVs.

Please note: There is a temporary “speed bump” near the entrance to the track. This speed is a short-term necessity that includes a power line base for a temporary club. Please continue to hit the speed bumps as usual and do not stand in the area.

Track parking lot for loading and unloading athletes and equipment. Parents must remain in their vehicle at all times.

It is important to remember that although the new highway would be a huge improvement to our current situation and would be wider than the old highway, we simply cannot provide short-term parking for our members of over 400 families. The parking lane is for loading and unloading only.

Vail Ski Swap |the Locals Place To Get New And Used Gear

Please also remember that the clubhouse will still be under partial construction for the rest of the season, which makes this measure even more important.

While we look forward to holding the grand opening and providing the clubhouse with full functionality this fall, we are pleased to be able to provide basic facilities from Wednesday.

Right next to the hill, the Great Room will be open and accessible to all athletes and their families. This massive day use facility will provide a comfortable space for all athletes to boot, warm up, store their gear for the day and generally gather. One level below, it will house another small area for Alpine U12-U14 athletes and staff.

Currently, we will also provide work space for trainers and some important offices. Executive Director Kirk Dwyer and Chief Operating Officer John Hill will be on site, as will Operations (Chris Ogilvy) and Member Services (Leslie Tabor).

Vail Ski & Snowboard Club Family Fun Days

The temporary clubhouse will remain in place and open for the duration of the season. The temperature can be used by trainers and overweight athletes as needed. The SSCV Sports Coach will continue to work from the club temporarily.

Tune Shop has successfully moved from Minturn and settled into its new home within the clubhouse at Golden Peak.

Starting Wednesday, sleds will no longer be lifted and discharged onto the concrete barrier at the base of seat 6. Athletes must go directly to Tune Toko to pick up and drop off the equipment.

The new Tune Shop is located in the southwest corner of the club on the garage level. On Wednesday, athletes will be able to drop off skis and boards directly from the Tune Shop. Customers can enter from the northwest staircase at corridor level in front of the clubhouse and walk down to the Tune Shop reception area.

Kai Owens And Tess Johnson Are Moguls Champs And Vail Besties, Too

Tune Shop customers should be on the lookout for future communications from Equipment Manager Brian Eggleton with more details.

Along with this move, Tune Toko is also pleased to announce the delivery of a new Wintersteiger Mercury Sharpening and grindstone. This device is purchased from Tune Shop at no cost to SSCV members through membership fees.

Wintersteiger Mercury will provide the same level of edge-readiness that athletes have come to know and expect, while greatly increasing Tune Toko’s full-service (stone grinding) productivity.

With this new equipment located at Golden Peak, the Tune Shop will now be able to provide full tunes overnight to all athletes on site in Vail. Wintersteiger Mercury will effectively double productivity at Tune Toko, and the club’s new location will eliminate the need to transport sleds back and forth to Minturn.

Vail Bike Swap

Tune Shop looks forward to working with all the athletes and programs out of the new clubhouse.

As we enter the second phase of this new club transition, we would like to once again thank the athletes, parents and coaches for their flexibility over the past year. With these new facilities in place for the remainder of the season, we are excited to begin moving into our new home at the base of Golden Peak and look forward to sharing future updates as they become available. Photo: Vail Ski & Snowboard Club Henry Heaydon is close to his third gold medal of the week in the Colorado Ski Cup giant slalom race here in Vail.

Vail, CO. January 8, 2021 – Vail FIS Ski & Snowboard Club athletes demonstrated exceptional skill in the sport as they continued to achieve the highest level of success at the DeVoe Colorado Ski Cup Championships held earlier this week. He took four podium spots for a total of 16 top-10 finishes in the FIS Colorado Ski Cup giant slalom at Golden Peak.

“We just finished a great series of races where we saw great performances from the SSCV and the visiting athletes,” said SSCV Director of Operations Brian Rooney. “The level of competition was exceptional and only surpassed by the team of entities and individuals who worked together to help bring ski racing back to Vail in this unprecedented era. We had tremendous support from Vail Resorts, Vail Mountain Operations and the Vail Racing Department. Eagle Public Health The District continues to be an invaluable resource as we navigate this new competition period and we are very grateful for their guidance and support as we return to ski racing this week. The workers have contributed to the success we have had over the past four days. , two people stood out from the rest. Taryn Miletti and Chris Ogilvy made a tremendous and exemplary effort to plan, prepare and organize the lead up and execution of this race series, and I want to thank and appreciate them for their efforts.

Amid Blizzard, Ski & Snowboard Club Vail Pulls Off A Nordic Race

The Colorado Ski Cup at Golden Peak continued on Wednesday and Thursday with a trial by fire for participating FIS athletes. The introduction of a longer giant slalom course combined with repeated single-sex races each day and a more competitive field proved to be a test of speed and endurance for elite skiers born 2004 and up.

The ladies started their first two days of competition on Wednesday fast out of the gate. In the first women’s giant slalom, 7 of the top 10 places were awarded to SSCV athletes and alumni. Lucia Pelli landed on the podium in both races finishing third and Elena Zepp took the second podium in the second race. Both competitors are SSCV alumni and NCAA athletes currently training with SSCV after missing their college seasons due to the COVID-19 restrictions. Emma Resnick, Nellie Talbot, Kjersty Moritz, Leif Moritz, Zeb and Rhys Bell were also in the top ten in race one, with Parker Bailey, Talbot and Hana Soria rounding out the top ten in race two.

The next day saw some great performances from the SSCV guys as well. Australian Snow National Alpine Team member Henry Headon has established himself as a force to be reckoned with among his competitors. After landing outside the podium in his first race, Headon rallied in race two to claim his third gold medal of the week. Between the two races, SSCV teammate Colbey Derwin and alumnus Max Bervy both broke through stiff competition to each finish in the top ten. Despite the challenges that last year brought, Ski & Snowboard Club Vail remained committed to the end of the race. – The tradition of the season recognizes, even if almost, the outstanding performance and/or contribution on and off the ice of SSCV athletes and members of the SSCV community.

Several SSCV season-ending awards are named in honor of individuals who have been a part of and/or influenced the SSCV community over the years. To receive one of these awards is an incredible honor and privilege.

U.s. Alpine Ski Team Announced

January – Izzy Glacken February – Will Bentley

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