Romantic Things To Do In Denver Colorado

Romantic Things To Do In Denver Colorado – Winter in Denver is the perfect time to cozy up with your special someone, but that doesn’t mean you have to cut out dates. Lounging on the couch while playing other Netflix movies is definitely not the right choice You can do better and we’re here to help keep your dating life fresh with these (safe and socially distanced) date ideas. And if this has ever happened to you, this is your friendly reminder that Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. So book that room, order that cutlery, or make reservations for that romantic dinner, because you have no reason to be lazy this year with these ideas.

Cooper Under Stars is Cooper Lounge’s newest outdoor dining experience, and the city’s most romantic, socially distanced dining destination. Located on the square in front of Union Station, your reservation includes a private igloo and a five-course prix-fixe menu that includes three cocktails or a glass of wine per person.

Romantic Things To Do In Denver Colorado

Romantic Things To Do In Denver Colorado

Denver hotels are ready to set the mood with tons of Valentine’s deals and packages At Curtis, choose to have fun with friends with their COVID Couples Survival Game Night package that includes dinner from the corner office and a fun couples challenge. The Halcyon at Cherry Creek offers a Love in the First Bit package, which includes a four-course in-room dinner from local Jones and access to their heated rooftop pool. For a luxurious downtown experience, check out Arty Hotel’s Roses for a three-course in-room romance package, bubbly and late.

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In addition to private classes, Uncorked Kitchen has added a variety of virtual classes, including a special Chef Valentine’s Edition that includes a live streaming class and meal package delivery with a bottle of wine and all the ingredients you need to create a surf. Grass for dinner for two

Drag Queen Bingo is held every Sunday in February (including Valentine’s Day) from noon to 12:00 p.m. in Hot Alley, Dairy Block. Play a game of bingo with your date while enjoying outdoor entertainment and meals from Dairy Market and other Dairy Block restaurants.

Don’t want to deal with dining for Valentine’s Day? Downtown Denver restaurants support you with at-home meal kit options so you can be a chef and impress that special someone. A few options stand out: the DIY Pappardelle Bolognese and Risotto Set from Il Posto, the Ramen and Wine Set for Two from Osaka Ramen, the Fondue for Two from Temper Chocolate and the Sundae Set from High Point Creamery.

If you’re just getting to know someone, the socially distanced outing date is the new “dinner and a movie”—a 100% reliable and safe bet for a pandemic-friendly meal that you’ve got covered in no time. Fortunately, the park system has more than 20,000 acres of space ranging from city parks to mountain open spaces. Even when the cold weather closes in, our sunny garden enjoys dates year-round Grab some bottled wine, some blankets, and some picnic-ready sandwiches and fill your date in the fresh Colorado air.

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The putt at Mile High received a major overhaul thanks to the addition of Urban Putt Now you can hit the hole year-round, regardless of the weather, because this Stamps-themed course is completely indoors. And they’re taking COVID precautions seriously, with lots of equipment sanitizing and social distancing. Bonus: They also have a full bar and serve dinner Just don’t be too competitive with your plus points

Want to feel like a badass on date night? Go throw the bad ax I don’t know, but there’s something about throwing a big, sharp object at a target that really ups the ante on your bond time. Plus you can gain some serious insight into the capabilities of that special someone who will be there for you in the event of a zombie apocalypse. Currently they only accept bookings for groups of four or more, so go double date style, or arrive on the run.

Role playing takes on a whole new meaning in the Solutions Lounge where you have to work together to get out of some difficult situations. Can your skills as a team help you find the killer on the Budapest Express or solve a murder mystery at a Scottish manor? Only time will tell, and there aren’t many of them But one thing’s for sure, you’ll probably need a drink afterward—which they’re more than happy to offer along with the entire menu (don’t forget the bacon mac and cheese).

Romantic Things To Do In Denver Colorado

Not quite ready for one-on-one car time? Take a 15-minute drive to Golden where many low-cost options await Start with a visit to Tributary, Golden’s first food hall, among other options Then take a riverside walk through town and see more than 50 historic buildings along Washington Avenue. On the way back to Denver, detour to Lookout Mountain for a photo-worthy view of Denver in the distance.

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MCA Denver is smaller than the Denver Art Museum, making it perfect for date night exploration The art changes regularly, and the live exhibits are sure to be conversation starters They currently use a timed ticket system to help limit social distancing capacity, so be sure to book in advance. Admission is only $10, plus they do a penny admission day on the first Saturday of the month if you’re really on a budget.

If you don’t want to freak out your date, you should probably save your real grandma’s house for a later date. However, Grandma’s House Brewery is a perfectly acceptable option They have also set up a wonderful hidden terrace at the back so you can enjoy your drink in the fresh air.

Do you and your date both have a sweet tooth? The iconic Hammond Candy Factory offers free factory tours throughout the day during business hours and you’ll get treats to take home Masks are required during travel and reservations are required to secure your spot

It’s not just a party, it’s a social experiment By the time the check arrives, you’ll know if 1) you have similar tastes and 2) you’re comfortable unzipping your pants for all the wrong reasons at the same time. Plus dim sum is easy on the wallet Plan on around $20/person for a serious party Try this concept at Star Kitchen, which is now open for private dining and also offers small portions for takeout

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The Übergrippen rock climbing gym offers a 90-minute booking slot when you’re ready to train together but not ready for a trip that would theoretically require a rescue call. Bonus: Your jokes about hitting the wall will kill you

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Molly Martin is a freelance writer from Denver, Colorado who won’t turn down a date with whiskey. Follow her adventures at Mile High @mollydubbo on Twitter and Instagram.

Romantic Things To Do In Denver Colorado

How to St Patrick in Denver this year for the St Patrick’s Day Happy Patrick, join these parades, bar crawls, parties and celebrations.

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Grab your green and your Guinness-cent Patrick’s Day is right around the corner, and there’s fun to be had Apart from the first major holiday break after New Year’s, St Corn is also a harbinger of spring; Longer hours of sunshine, T-shirt temperatures, and Blake, Marquette, and Larimer in full swing make for a quintessential Denver solstice of sorts. However you plan to celebrate—with family-friendly activities or just over the legal drinking age—there are parades to watch, fun drinks to drink, and plenty of shamrocking to do.

If you’re ready to put your dancing shoes to good use, head to Mile High Spirits – doors open at noon and don’t close until 10:00. Enjoy MHS drinks, a huge dance floor and a large outdoor terrace for all the pride and Irish crime.

St. Patrick’s Day special class Cook Street includes perfect steak making while sipping irish whiskey at Paddy’s Day. Learn about choosing proteins, cooking methods and careful side dishes while cooking traditional Irish cuisine on Fridays only.

Would it be a drinking vacation in Denver if it weren’t for the bar crawl? Probably not The first day Paddy was no different; You can start your crawl from any number of bars, but some have it specially planned for you (for a small fee). Start at the Gin Mill and get a map of over 10 pubs you’ll explore on Friday or Saturday, plus special drink vouchers. There is also a Discovery Cruise that departs from Nola Jane (Fridays only) with its own food and drinks, a skaven hunt and some cents. John’s stuff Paddy too

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If you can’t think of a better place to spend cents

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