Downhill Mountain Biking Boulder Colorado

Downhill Mountain Biking Boulder Colorado – There is a good chance that affiliate links will be scattered throughout this post. If you click one, I may get a small commission at no extra cost, and I will definitely use it to buy bike gear.

Valmont Bike Park in Boulder, Colorado is a mountain biker’s playground with a variety of pump tracks, runs, a dual slalom course, freeride features and more.

Downhill Mountain Biking Boulder Colorado

In fact, when I first entered this city park, I was completely out of my element. The rocks on the floor, ramps, drops, skins and everything else was 100% scary. Not to mention that all little kids post great features like it’s just another day at the park! Children these days…

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But that said, Valmont is great. very nice The work and planning that has gone into building this bike park is very evident and the community built around it is vibrant. There is something for everyone (even timid visitors), so if you get the chance to visit Valmont, do it! Just be sure to check your ego at the door, because we guarantee the little ones will throw it higher and farther than you.

Valmont is a 42-acre park in Boulder, Colorado that includes several different areas designed for mountain biking, as well as scooters and BMX racers (although it is mostly known for mountain biking).

From winding trails to beginner jump lines to double slalom courses, there are also great features for confident riders.

Valmont Bike Park is usually open daily from 5am to 11pm, but is closed when it is wet or snowing. Riding hills and features when the ground is wet can spoil everyone’s fun, so please respect this rule.

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Valmont Bike Park is located northeast of downtown Boulder at 3160 Airport Rd, Boulder, CO 80301, near the airport.

Valmont Bike Park is a 42-acre bike park with multiple “zones” including runs, pumps, skill areas, dual slalom and more! Read more about each area below.

Valmont is divided into several areas throughout the 42-hectare park. Each area is easily accessible from the others, and once you take a few minutes to get your bearings, you’ll be able to move between them with ease.

The Glades at Valmont is a soft cross section with smaller features such as rock drops (which can be rolled), boards, inflatables and more. If you’re new to mountain biking and want to familiarize yourself with smaller features and singletrack trails, it’s a good place to start.

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Skillz Loop is an early, beginner-friendly loop at the west end of Valmont. Although it is a green trail, there are a few stone bridges, rocks and gravel that can be a bit difficult, but all are optional. It’s a great place to start using the natural features of the traveler!

Mesa Flow takes The Glades to the next level by adding some elevation. Pedal up one of the climbing paths (near the Spectator Area) and back down one of the several flow paths. Expect balls, skates and big berms, but nothing mandatory. It’s a great place to take turns and jump rides.

In the northwest areas of Valmont Bike Park, the situation starts to get scary (at least for me!). Dirt Jumps is a beginner area that gets some air with 5 different jump lines from beginner (XS) to pro (XL).

Beginner lines are mostly long runs with no mandatory breaks, while advanced running lines include jumps, ramps and descents.

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Going even further, the Slopestyle area at Valmont Bike Park is where all the crazy kids go. There are great features like climbs, falls, jumps and wall walks. As with the Dirt Jumps area, there are different sizes ranging from S to XL, which is great for building confidence and skill.

It’s also really fun to sit on top of the Spectator Square and watch all the kids perform great functions.

There is a double slalom course on the left side of the hill, so if you’re feeling fast, give someone a run!

It’s hard to see in this photo, but the slopestyle area has a lot of big jumps and pieces of wood.

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With over 40 acres and half a dozen fun areas, Valmont Bike Park is definitely a place to visit for a day or two if you’re visiting Boulder. If you live in the area, this site will help you improve your skills and boost your confidence.

Roles can be scary at first, but remember, everyone starts somewhere! The only way to get better is practice 🙂

Have you been to Valmont Bike Park before? What did you mean? Were you as scared as I was the first time? Leave a comment below!

Becky is the creator and founder of the cycling blog Two Wheeled Wanderer. He’s been cycling and traveling the world since he was a kid, and there’s nothing he likes more than enjoying a smooth ride or a multi-day bike ride. When she’s not blogging, Becky is a PMBIA Level 1 Certified Mountain Bike Coach and Women’s AllRide Coach. Think you have what it takes to master the art of downhill mountain biking? Tackle the steepest drops you can find by running and swinging Colorado parkour style; If that sounds like your idea of ​​fun, check out these 5 Colorado mountain bike parks you can’t miss.

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It’s August in Colorado and I’m chasing my 9-year-old and 11-year-old Paper Boy around the speedway at Trestle Bike Park in Winter Park. They are right in front of me as I pull into one of the back corners. The road winds down and then up, the pace taking me up a slope so steep I could never pedal alone. Same speed as I jump off the top ramp. I step on the pedals in the air, land on both wheels and turn left excitedly.

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In this innocent chase game, I drive more daringly than all summer and I feel like a kid myself. I really don’t think so, I just ride my bike because the road bends and crosses the road before going through the brush. I walk through the trees and then by a low stream. For a brief moment, everything is magnificent: the rays of the sun through the pine branches, the promise of a narrow road. Then I walk out to what looks like a party, a line of 20 people behind the Olympia elevator. Bass pumps from the big speaker, and all around me, riders who look like storybook characters (they wear full helmets and have gladiator patches on their chest, back, shoulders, and knees) are waiting on their bikes for the elevator. tour for rock climbing. The air is full of laughter and joy; Everyone seems to have their adrenaline rush, including me.

This is a downhill mountain bike. This form of riding, also known as lift or gravity-assisted mountain biking, differs from cross-country in one key way: instead of pedaling up a mountain, or climbing it, mountain bikers ride ski lifts or gondolas. upwards. up and then let gravity pull you down.

Downhill mountain bike parks are often located in ski resorts, offering a seasonal solution to ski resort infrastructure outside of winter. Like their winter counterparts, the parks have rangers and patrols

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