Things To Do Boulder Colorado

Things To Do Boulder Colorado – What? You know what makes this city great? Although there is only one way to “find” Boulder in all its wonders – and that is by visiting – there are special features that you can point to any neighborhood and take them forward and say, “Yes, that is Boulder.” Read on to know more.

Boulder’s emphasis on health dates back to at least 1896 when the Boulder-Colorado Sanitarium opened under Mill as a retreat for those seeking rest, regeneration, healthy food and n -nature. Today, health is still a big priority for the locals.

Things To Do Boulder Colorado

Things To Do Boulder Colorado

• National Geographic’s Happiest City has recognized Boulder as the “Happiest City in America,” and the city has also earned a spot on Gallup’s list of “Healthiest Communities” for several years in a row. And even back in 2011, CBS News wrote, “If happiness is a state of mind, Boulder is its capital.”

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• Fittest City Boulder has been named the fittest city in America several times over the years, including by Forbes magazine (No. 1 in “America’s Fittest Cities”) and Self magazine (No. 1 in “Top 10 Cities in the United States” ). nations). United States.”).

• Health Food Junkies Boulder is home to the nation’s largest collection of natural and organic food companies. It started decades ago, when companies like tea company Celestial Seasonings, White Wave and Horizon Organic were founded here. Many of the organic and healthy products you see in grocery stores across the country are made in Boulder: Justin’s Nut Butter, Quinn Snacks, Rudi’s Bakery, Purely Elizabeth, Hope hummus and many more.

Nestled in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, enjoying the outdoors has been at the forefront of life here since the beginning.

• The Beautiful Flatirons The rolling red sandstone formations on the west side of town are called the Flatirons and are Boulder’s favorite landmark. They are around 300 million years old and can be explored by many hiking trails.

Best Things To Do In Boulder, Colorado

• Colorado Chautauqua In the late 1800s and early 1900s, Chautauquas were very family oriented, focusing on culture, education, music, nature, activities and sometimes religion. In 1898, the Chautauqua movement took root in Boulder when a group of Texans chose the city as their retreat. Colorado’s Chautauqua has become one of the country’s most beautiful vacation spots and has made proximity to the outdoors a major asset to the community. Read our guide to exploring Chautauqua.

• Land Conservation Pioneers In 1967, Boulder became the first city in the United States to levy a tax for the creation, management and maintenance of open spaces (or conservation lands). Today, 45,000 acres of open space surround the city, giving residents and visitors quick access to forests, mountains, fields and wetlands for nature walks, hiking, biking, rock climbing – just rock and clear your head.

• Cycling Mecca Boulder averages 4 bikes per person and 1.3 national titles per person. It is known as the “bicycle racing capital of the United States”. There are 300 miles of dedicated bike paths, major mountain bike trails, a 29-acre free bike park, bike clubs, public bike rental booths and a thriving cycling culture.

Things To Do Boulder Colorado

• Olympic Games Launch Boulder County is home to more than 70 Olympians who are drawn to the area because of its athletic culture. Many elite athletes also come to Boulder to train at high altitude. Sometimes it seems that everyone you meet here is training for a triathlon, ultramarathon or trek across Nepal. Endurance athletes flock to Boulder every year for the IRONMAN Boulder competition in June.

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Visit Boulder recognizes that indigenous peoples have lived on the land we live, work and recreate today for over 13,000 years. We honor the Núu-agha-tʉvʉ-pʉ̱ (Ute), Hinono’eino (Arapaho) and all other nations associated with Mill Valley, affirming their ancestral connection to their homeland and recognizing their history of abuse and forced removal. negative impact on their communities. When we talk about Boulder with visitors and our communities, we talk about the original land, and we try to do our part to bring the stories of the area’s first inhabitants.

We love good beer as much as we love our bikes. And that is a tradition that goes way back.

• Capital Brewery Boulder has the fourth highest concentration of breweries per capita in the country. Further north, the city of Fort Collins ranks third in the nation, making the area between Boulder, Fort Collins and Denver the “Napa Valley of Beer”.

The presence of the University of Colorado and a mountain location that encourages a balance between work and play has made Boulder attractive to STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) professionals. enjoy life.

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• Tech Startups Galore Boulder is a major tech hub, with a great startup scene. A 2013 study showed that Boulder had six times the number of high-tech startups per capita than the national average. Venture capital firms like Foundry Group and incubators like Tech Stars are big draws, and companies like Sphero and Zayo are headquartered in Boulder. Twitter, Google and Amazon also have offices here.

Many Science Laboratories There are 17 government-funded science laboratories in Boulder, including the National Center for Aeronautics and Astronautics (NCAR) and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), which can be visited during a tour. Most of the time when you hear about science research in the news, you see it was done by scientists in Boulder.

• STEM Jobs Boulder has the second highest percentage of STEM jobs in the country, just behind Silicon Valley. The city of Boulder is also the most educated city in the country and ranks first in the Bloomberg Mindfulness Index. You’ll also find plenty of family-friendly STEM activities here.

Things To Do Boulder Colorado

• The Next Level Head of Outdoor Gear, Lange, Spyder, Kelty, La Sportiva, Sierra Designs – some of the leading innovators in adventure gear and apparel call Boulder home. There are also plenty of outdoor gear stores in Boulder, from indies like Neptune Mountaineering to REI, Fjallraven, North Face, MontBell, Patagonia and more.

Fun Things To Do In Boulder May 2023

• So Many Astronauts Boulder produced 20 astronauts, including one of the first, Scott Carpenter, who was named after one of the spacecraft he flew (Aurora 7) after the streets he grew up in Boulder (The Seventh Street and Aurora Avenue). ) The famous Ball Aerospace company was also founded here. Scott Carpenter Park is great for a picnic.

Boulder, Colorado, is almost synonymous with idealism and social consciousness. That’s why they say Boulder is “25 square miles surrounded by reality.”

• Go to CU! In 1860, Boulder citizens lobbied the state legislature to establish a state university here. They succeeded, and its designation as the home of the University of Colorado created Boulder’s social atmosphere, eventually making it a thriving city. More than 60 percent of Boulderites have at least a bachelor’s degree, the highest rate of any metro area in the country.

• Hippy Central Between 1960 and 1975, the city’s population more than doubled, with most of them under the age of 24. Not all of them were hippies, but hippie culture flourished in Boulder and college students who were disaffected. and political issues changed the social atmosphere of Boulder. . . For many people, Boulder still conjures up images of VWs, long hair and peace signs.

The 15 Best Things To Do In Boulder

• Leader in Same-Sex Rights The Boulder County Courthouse was added to the National Register of Historic Places for being the first county in the state to issue same-sex marriage licenses (in 1975). And there is a welcoming LGBTQ environment in Boulder.

• Big-hearted businesses Boulder has the highest number of B Corps per capita in the country. These are companies where environmental protection and social responsibility are as important as income. This includes groups such as Namaste Solar, Bhakti Chai and Conscious Coffees.

While each of the characteristics, passions and businesses that make up Boulder have evolved organically over time, it’s how they work together that makes Boulder … Boulder. Our natural environment inspires us to be passionate about the outdoors…which makes us strong advocates for Mother Nature…which helps us appreciate our physical ability to receive and enjoy it…which encourages a love of natural food. empowering our bodies… which makes us feel happy…etc. the best part? You can enjoy it all too, and take the Boulder spirit home with you.

Things To Do Boulder Colorado

Okay, enough about us. We’re here to help you enjoy your trip to Boulder to the fullest. To get started, check out our top things to do, 48 Hours in Boulder and Insider Guides. You can also plan your trip before the season. Here are ideas for spring and summer and many ideas for autumn and winter. Where do you start? You’ll want to spend some time during your stay doing these top things to do in Boulder. And they are just the beginning. Explore more with 48 Hours in Boulder or learn more with Insider Guides.

The 15 Best Things To Do In Boulder, Colorado

Brick-paved Pearl Street is the heart and soul of Boulder – a central meeting place for locals and visitors alike to stroll and shop among historic shops, dine at fine restaurants, drink coffee, throw parties or simply people-watch. If you only do one thing in Boulder, you should probably walk to this pedestrian mall.

Wheelchairs are available for free inspection at the Downtown Boulder visitor booth at 13th and PearlStreet. Visitors only need to show two forms

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