Boutique Hotels In Grand Junction Colorado

Boutique Hotels In Grand Junction Colorado – Located in Colorado’s remote western suburbs, at the foot of the Colorado National Monument, Grand Junction CO is known for its outdoor activities and vast landscapes. There’s also the wine country of Colorado and the Palisade Peach. Moab is the closest major city to Utah and Bow National Park. The place is stunning and attracts outdoor enthusiasts.

Our family has passed Grand Junction CO several times to visit the Colorado National Monument and made stops on the way to and from Utah. But as we discovered on our last visit, Grand Junction offers more than just being outdoors. Now it has new hotels and high quality restaurants.

Boutique Hotels In Grand Junction Colorado

Boutique Hotels In Grand Junction Colorado

You no longer need to enjoy camping and the outdoors to have fun in Grand Junction, Colorado.

Hotel Maverick $169 ($̶1̶7̶9̶)

The Maverick Hotel is a brand new boutique hotel with a modern design that looks timeless in every way. Conveniently located on the University of Colorado’s Mesa campus, this school offers everything you need in a simple and stylish package.

It is a relatively small hotel with sixty rooms of different types. We had the opportunity to stay in a double room with a king size bed. There is only one room type of this room, which can only be booked from the hotel. It is an interesting and unique home for a family. We took the kids to the highest level. They do not care.

If I go home without the kids, I can squat on the porch and watch the sunset.

If you have kids, you’ll appreciate the BMX track next door. Our son is an early risk-taker and it’s the perfect place for him to recharge while the kid takes a nap.

Hotel Studio 6 Grand Junction, Co Grand Junction, Co 2* (united States)

As you turn into the street where the hotel is located, the Eureka Math and Science Center, a version of a children’s science museum, is right next to you.

The hotel’s lobby is filled with playful Colorado artwork and comfortable, modern interiors. Betty’s coffee next door is delicious. There are also some staple foods.

One thing I like about this hotel is that it is run in conjunction with the university. Students have worked in many places and seemed happy to welcome us at the hotel and restaurant with its spacious space and handcrafted cocktails.

Boutique Hotels In Grand Junction Colorado

I will admit that part of my motivation for visiting Grand Junction was some delicious tacos at Taco Party. Although not what I expected, it is a very interesting and unique restaurant.

Top Things To See And Do Grand Junction, Colorado • The Blonde Abroad

We arrived fairly early and were happy to be in line around the building right after making our reservation. You can order at the counter and then find a table.

Local components are combined at each point. There’s something for everyone. But everything is not for everyone. Some species have spices. Others are not. My only suggestion is that you don’t skip the homemade soft ice cream. And that sweetness comes from a non-human being.

Devil’s Kitchen is located in the Maverick Hotel. We stopped for a drink on the large deck. A great place to have a drink or dinner on a special day. In a city not known for its food scene, Iblis Restaurant offers a unique and upscale dining experience with an interesting menu. If it were just my husband and I, we would make this our restaurant.

Located in a historic train station, Pufferbelly is the best restaurant. A friend complimented the waffles so my family wanted to go. The portions are huge. Good food, definitely on the satisfying side. Plan to share or pick up leftovers.

Best Things About Grand Junction In The Winter

Living in Vail area we have luxury boutiques for most shops. Sometimes you just want a good old mall to buy clothes for the kids. Grand Junction was a great choice for us instead of Denver. So we took advantage of our time at Mesa Mall to buy back to school clothes for the kids.

Grand Mesa and Colorado National Monument are probably the biggest tourist attractions in the Grand Junction area. But even if you’re not outside, you can’t help but appreciate the impressive views they offer. Drive and watch wild animals.

Evreka! The Math and Science Center at Grand Junction is a really cool science museum. It opened a new facility a few years ago and the exhibits are outstanding. A glass honeycomb keeps dad busy while the kids jump from one fascinating exhibit to another. I regret not spending enough time on a quiz show I really wanted to know.

Boutique Hotels In Grand Junction Colorado

Unfortunately, we knew we wouldn’t have enough time to ride any mountain bikes on this trip. But on our next visit, I’ll be doing the new Grand Mesa and mountain biking trail in Powderhorn. Many mountain bike parks. Three Sisters Park and Rustlers Loop were other names we wanted to check out.

Best Adventures This Time Of The Year In Grand Junction, Colorado

The Colorado River cuts through the Grand Canyon, making it ideal for wineries and calm overwater SUPing. Colorado Winery’s photo.

The area has a quiet stretch of the Colorado River. If we have time to kick around, I’ll take my paddleboard up the river.

Someday I’ll just taste Colorado wines. Wines in Colorado, Governor George A. Crawford planted 60 acres of grapes near Palisade. Now home to more than 25 wineries, Palisade is the epicenter of Colorado wine. It is one of two federally designated AVAs in Colorado.

Our family is a huge fan of musician Keb Moe, whom we had the pleasure of meeting on a recent trip to Flanders from Bergen, Norway. And here’s the show at Grand Juncus in Las Colonias Park Amphitheater this month. Colorado has many background repositories. I look forward to reporting on this.

Grand Junction Recognized As A Hidden Gem

This article covers the many fun things to do and experience in Grand Junction. Tell us some of your favorites, below!

Some articles contain affiliate links. With your purchase, we may earn a small commission to help us further our efforts to provide you with the helpful resources here. There is no additional cost to you when you buy it. Grand Junction has a variety of local dining and accommodation options to satisfy your needs during your stay at the superb local food court. food

Whether you’re looking for a good meal or a quick snack on the go, Grand Junction has it all. Located inside the Maverick Hotel, right on campus is the Devil’s Kitchen Restaurant. There are several chain restaurants and local businesses off campus. The Grand Junction Visitors and Convention Office has a list of modern dining options.

Boutique Hotels In Grand Junction Colorado

The Maverick Hotel at the University of Colorado Mesa is the premier tourist attraction of Grand Junction, a temple, and a unique “New West” experience from the get-go. Located on the campus of the University of Colorado Mesa, this college offers a unique location that can be your campsite to interact with the university and/or explore the natural beauty and outdoor recreation. heaven around us. Each stay supports CMU’s teaching mission.

Downtown Grand Junction

CMU has also partnered with the following hotels and properties to offer discounts for family, friends and visitors. Use the company/promo code listed at the time of booking. Note that some rates are seasonal and may change throughout the year. Price depends on room capacity. Additional accommodation options are available from the Grand Connect Visitors and Convention Office.

Located just minutes from campus, the main downtown intersection features local shops, restaurants, and tree-lined streets lined with statues and fountains. Visit the Great Connections Downtown website for more information on things to do and upcoming events.

Located just off I-70 at Exit 31, adjacent to a major regional airport and five minutes from campus, Horizon is a warm and convenient gateway to the highway.

Located just east of Grand Junction, Palisade offers excellent accommodations in the heart of Colorado’s wine region. More than a five-hour drive west of Colorado’s capital is a large downtown area in the western suburbs. As the county seat of Mesa County, GJ has plenty of great hotels and overnight stays.

Grand Junction, Colorado

At 583 feet, it’s less than a mile higher than Denver, making the days a bit warmer. Maybe the sun will be longer in the west. It is a year-round city where entertainment is experienced in four seasons. You can certainly winter in GJ and then peruse nearby gems like the Grand Mesa Byway.

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