Best Hiking Trails In Breckenridge Colorado

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Best Hiking Trails In Breckenridge Colorado

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How To Elope In Breckenridge, Colorado

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We use Google Webfonts, Google Maps We use various services such as third party video providers etc. These service providers may collect personal information such as your IP address, so you are allowed to block them here. Please note that this may significantly reduce the functionality and visibility of our site. Changes will take effect after reloading the page. Breckenridge has it all when it comes to summer hiking. flowing waterfalls; Endless fields of wildflowers and secluded mountain lakes all nestled in the heart of the majestic Rocky Mountains. Simply put, no summer trip to Breckenridge is complete without experiencing one of our world-class trails. We’ve compiled a list of summer hikes in Breckenridge to help you have the best hiking experience possible.

The Breckenridge running system caters to all seasons and all abilities. If you want to experience more nature and less people, I recommend looking for trails that aren’t in the top ten. Learn how to find the perfect hiking trail for your next adventure.

The easy hike is generally suitable for anyone who enjoys walking. The path will usually be flat or slightly inclined. Generally less than 3 miles. The easy hike is perfect for you to stay with kids and others and relax in nature for a short time. Want some summer hiking ideas? Check out our top 3 walks from downtown Breckenridge.

Mccullough Gulch (breckenridge)

Iowa Hill Field has many interpretive signs as you walk through the 19th century prairie fields. A few short side roads will take you to interesting preserved mining mills and ancient inns. This is a short tour for families or visitors to the area to see what the mines were like a hundred years ago.

Head north from Breckenridge on Hwy. 9, Then turn left onto Valley Brook Rd. Go about ¼ mile on Airport Rd. There is a marked car park on the left side of the road.

Walk as long (or as short) of the Burro Trail as you like. A five or 10 minute drive outside will make you feel miles away. Burrow Road provides access to extensive country walks and is a convenient option for those staying at the many properties along the village road.

Burro Trail is accessible from the base of Lehman Ski Trail at the base of Peak 9 on Village Road in Breckenridge. You can walk or bike from downtown, but you can reach the trail by following the yellow Breckenridge Free Ride sign.

Family Guide To Summer In Breckenridge

This three-mile Continental Divide loop offers an alpine experience without crossing the forest line. The Hoosier Pass Loop offers great views; It is easy to climb to the top and offers amazing mountain scenery.

From Breckenridge, take US 9 south to the top of Hoosier Pass and park at the Continental Divide sign on the right.

Follow the shaded trail for about a mile to the scenic Sawmill Reservoir. Enjoy lunch and a picnic by the pool with views of Breckenridge and Tenmile Mountains. The hike is short and well shaded by the surrounding pine trees. Due to its slight elevation, the Saw Bag Trail is suitable for hikers of all abilities; This makes it especially suitable for families with children.

One of the best parts of this route is its proximity to downtown Breckenridge. Take the four-hour walk to the Snowflake Lift or take the Breckenridge Yellow Line to the base of the lift. From there follow the road signs.

Blue Lake Colorado: The Blue Lakes Trail & Lower Blue Lake

About 6.5 miles from the end of the road to the top of Boreas Pass, mud, It is a dirt road that is passable by most vehicles except in wet or winter conditions. See the Tenmile Range and Breckenridge Recreation Area; Park on the side of the road and walk or bike as much as you like. If you have a 4WD vehicle; Cross polities and cross continental boundaries. The historic apartment building above the start is a ski resort in the winter and can also be booked at night. If you have more time, In the winter you can walk to Baker Tank Trail or Aspen Street for foliage viewing and mountain biking.

At the southern end of Breckenridge; Head to the top of Boreas Pass. About 4 miles from town, the trail ends at the Boreas Pass Trailhead. Park your car here. walk Ride a bike or cross continental borders.

These hikes are not on our best hikes list, but they are my ruins. It’s still a great trail full of wildflowers and amazing views. They are less crowded and offer more solitude and nature than humans.

Intermediate hikes are suitable for beginner hikers who want a bit of a challenge. The terrain is slightly sloping and may have steep sections. Generally 5-8 miles. Speed ​​varies from person to person, but hikers average about 1.5 miles per hour on moderate trails.

Best Hikes In Breckenridge Colorado: Elevate Your Adventures

The Blue Lakes Trail begins at 11,748 feet above the tree line and takes you 2.2 miles to a historic mining area surrounded by mountain lakes. You can follow the stream to the top and see an amazing view. wild flowers, Waterfalls and wildlife like mountain goats are just one of Breckenridge’s summer attractions.

Take US 9 south to Blue Lake Road (FDR 850) past the Blue River. Move a little and stop at the bottom of the kick.

Across the valley from Breckenridge Ski Resort is a mountain that everyone in town sees but doesn’t know much about. Lysá hora, or “Plyšatá” as the locals call it, got its appropriate name because many trees were burned during logging. In addition to spectacular views of the Tenmile Mountains, the tour also includes the Iowa Mine Mill from Breckenridge’s historic gem mining era, which was used to extract ore from carbonate mines.

This spectacular walking tower is located in the Blue River valley and offers stunning 360 degree views of the surrounding mountains as you reach the Baldy Range. Customize the trip to your liking and go on an adventure as long or as short as you want. If you’re feeling adventurous (and fit), check out these 13 gorgeous top picks.

Best Spring Hiking In Breckenridge

From the city center, go south along the main road. At the last traffic light, turn left (left) onto Boreas Pass Road. After two miles, take the exit onto Baldy Road (CR 520). You will soon arrive at the Bald Mountain Trail or continue your hike there.

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