Things To Do In Boulder Colorado Today

Things To Do In Boulder Colorado Today – Where should I start? You’ll want to make time for the best things to do in Boulder during your stay And that’s just the beginning Explore more with 48 Hours in Boulder or dig deeper with our insider’s guide

Brick-lined Pearl Street is the heart and soul of Boulder—a central gathering place where locals and visitors alike come to stroll and shop among historic shops, dine at bustling restaurants, drink coffee, small drinks or just people watching. . If you only do one thing in Boulder, it might be to walk this pedestrian mall

Things To Do In Boulder Colorado Today

Things To Do In Boulder Colorado Today

Wheelchairs are available for free at the Downtown Boulder Visitor Booth at 13th and Pearlstreet. Visitors only need to show two types of ID and can borrow a wheelchair to explore the city center when the kiosk is open. Call 303-417-1365 for more information

Things To Know Before Moving To Boulder, Colorado

Boulder’s beloved Flatirons—huge, sloping slabs of sandstone that frame Boulder’s landscape from almost any angle—have a slightly mystical effect on visitors. We’re willing to bet you’ll be drawn to them, and the Chautauqua area offers a great way to get up close. See them from the beautiful plateau of the hiking area, where dozens of trails lead up the mountain, and then if you’re looking for a little more exercise and adventure, straight up to the flatirons.

The City of Boulder’s Mountain Parks and Open Spaces Program has put together excellent resources for wheelchair, walker and scooter walkers in the Accessible MPR.

Adhering to the path prevents destructive erosion and irreversible damage to plants and soil Therefore, we ask you to take the path that is often used (much to the dismay of Robert Frost).

Unless you’ve been to Tajikistan, you’ve probably never seen a cafe like this.Handcrafted by artisans in Boulder’s sister city, Dushanbe, the asis was put together in Boulder from Tajikistan. It’s a charming and tranquil place to enjoy one of dozens of teas and treats while admiring the impressive sculptures and paintings that cover every inch of the interior.

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Recently listed by Expedia as one of America’s most promising emerging coffee cultures, Boulder is tied with Portland, Oregon for the most coffee shops per capita. Check out Coffee Crawl to see over 40 independent coffee shops in Boulder on one map.

Although in various incarnations, Boulder’s historic 6th Theater has been a stage for music and movies since 1906. Today, the theater’s Art Deco facade and neon marquetry are almost as iconic to Boulder as the flatiron. And from big-name musical acts like The Lumineers and Brandy Carlyle to local favorites like Big Head Todd and The Monsters and The Sampler, Boulder Theater has put on some of the best shows in Boulder history.

For show reservations, Boulder Theater offers easy access to reserved seating available when purchasing tickets online. For general admission offers, it is recommended that you purchase your tickets first and then contact [email protected] or 303-786-7030 for seating arrangements.

Things To Do In Boulder Colorado Today

The Boulder Farmers Market is the best way to experience Boulder like a local Founded in 1986 by a handful of local farmers who wanted to sell farm-fresh produce directly to the public, the market is a farmer’s market. The Boulder counter is guaranteed to have the best selection of local seasonal produce, eggs, cheeses, meats, herbs, flowers, wine and gourmet foods available at Shoppers. Open Wednesday 4am-8pm, May-October and Saturday 8am-2pm, April-November.

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The Boulder Farmers Market, when fully traded, is wheelchair accessible, including a ramp to the bathrooms inside the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art.

Architecturally stunning and filled with beautiful gathering spaces, the CU campus is worth a stroll just to soak up the atmosphere. But there are some attractions worthy of an impressive list: Old Main (the school’s original building dating back to 1876), Mary Ripon Theater (home theater for the Colorado Shakespeare Festival), Mackey Auditorium and more. Especially the Fisk Planetarium Here’s a guide to things to do at CU

A map of parking, listening loops and buildings available on the University of Colorado campus is available online at

Want to see Boulder through a local lens? Make the Boulder Museum one of your first stops and you’ll understand how the amazing, health-conscious, eco-conscious and tech-savvy city Boulder has become today. And you’ll learn all this through fun interactive exhibitions Also an innovative space dedicated to hosting traveling exhibitions, art shows and famous events, it’s worth setting aside a few hours to explore. (And don’t miss the rooftop, which has some of the best views of the Flatirons.)

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Just two blocks from the Pearl Street Mall, the Boulder Museum features a variety of amenities, including accessible restrooms on multiple floors, wheelchair-accessible galleries, program space, captioning and reproductions. Print Social Stories sensory-friendly materials and PDF sensory guides for audiovisual programs.

If you’ve never tried an e-bike before, you’re in for a treat. You’ll feel like a superhero riding up hills with ease. Search our e-bike guide for a selection of fun rides, from Boulder’s history to its lively sculptures. Isn’t it round? You can rent bikes and find suitable e-bike routes to ride in Boulder, which is a popular bike-friendly city with a network of bike paths and bike lanes.

If you have mobility issues and want to try riding an electric manual all-terrain bike, you can ride with City of Boulder Open Space and Mountain Parks (OSMP) staff. They also have electric powered bikes you can borrow Learn more here or contact Topher Downham at [email protected]

Things To Do In Boulder Colorado Today

This list barely scratches the surface of all that Boulder has to offer Check out our assignments section for more ideas, and be sure to sign up for our visitor newsletter to hear about the latest and greatest from the city. While there’s only one way to “get” Boulder in all its glorious nonsense—and that’s by visiting—there are certain characteristics you can point out to any local and they’ll nod and say, yes, that’s Boulder. Read on to learn more

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Boulder’s focus on health dates back to at least 1896 when the Boulder Colorado Sanitarium opened in the Boulder foothills as a haven for those seeking rest, rejuvenation, healthy food and nature. Even today, health is a big priority for the locals.

• National Geographic’s Happiest City mile has been ranked as the “Happiest City in the United States,” and the city has been listed on Gallup’s “Top Wellbeing Communities” list for several years in a row. Even in 2011, CBS News wrote, If happiness is a state of mind, Boulder is the capital.

• The Fittest City Boulder has been named America’s Fittest City for years, including by Forbes (#1 in “America’s Fittest Cities”) and Self magazine (#1 in “America’s Top 10 Cities”). We. “)

Healthy Food Junkies Boulder is home to the largest concentration of natural and organic companies in the country. It started decades ago, when tea companies like Celestial Seasons, White Wave and Horizon Organics were established here. Many of the organic and healthy brands you see in grocery stores across the country are made in Boulder: Justin’s Peanut Butter, Queen’s Snacks, Rudy’s Bread, Pearly Elizabeth, Hope Hummus and more.

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With a beautiful setting in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, enjoying the outdoors has been a priority of life here since its inception

• The beautiful flat iron red sand bar on the far west side of town is called the Flatirons and is one of Boulder’s favorite spots. It is about 300 million years old and can be explored through many hiking trails

• Colorado Chautauqua In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, Chautauqua was a highly respected family resort, emphasizing culture, education, music, nature, activities, and sometimes religion. In 1898, the Chautauqua Movement took over Boulder when a group of Texans chose the city as a sanctuary. Colorado Chautauqua is quickly becoming one of the most beautiful vacation spots in the country, and its proximity to the outdoors is a core value for the community. Read our guide to exploring Chautauqua

Things To Do In Boulder Colorado Today

Pioneering land conservation In 1967, Boulder billed itself as the first city in America to purchase, manage and maintain open space (or protected land). Today, the city is surrounded by 45,000 acres of open space, allowing residents and visitors alike to take nature walks, hikes, bike rides, rock climbs and clear your mind in forests, mountains, plains and wetlands.

Things To Do In Boulder For An Epic Colorado Trip (2021 Guide)

Cycling mecca Boulder has 4 bikes per person and 1.3 national titles per person. Once dubbed the “cycling capital of the United States,” it has 300 miles of dedicated bike paths, great mountain bike trails, a 29-acre free bike park, cycling clubs, public bike rental stands and a thriving cycling culture.

Launchpad for Olympians Boulder County is home to more than 70 Olympians who were drawn to the area because of its supportive sports culture. Many elite athletes also come to Boulder to train at altitude Sometimes it looks like each other

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