Things To Do In Colorado Denver

Things To Do In Colorado Denver – If you’re looking for a free way to explore Denver. Don’t miss out on these attractions. Your wallet will be fine. As the saying goes The best things in the world are free.

Enjoy Centennial State Entertainment There are so many amazing activities within easy reach of the Mile High City that it can be difficult to keep track of them all.

Things To Do In Colorado Denver

Things To Do In Colorado Denver

Plus, the cute little town of Springs is an hour and a half south on I-25. (Traffic/weather/construction continues) so make it a memorable day trip from Denver. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite free activities in Colorado Springs to spice up your vacation.

The Best Free Things To Do By Denver, Co

Many free events in Denver are available throughout the year. Aside from other activities, such as hiking the snow-capped mountains, most are within walking distance of downtown Denver. or use cheap public transport

While some of these attractions are located in major cities, others are just a few days from Denver. Get ready for the ride and get ready for Mile High fun.

With stunning views of Denver and a reputation as one of the best concert venues in the world, Red Rocks Amphitheater is a true natural wonder. Designed by two rock groups – Ship Rocks and Creative Rocks – the theater has welcomed some of the world’s biggest stars to its stage.

The best part is that there are no concerts and it’s free to explore. Take to the stage to be serenaded by U2, The Blues Brothers, The Beatles and Bruce Springsteen and embrace your inner rock star. Or just check out the theater scene.

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You will often see people around the stadium taking yoga classes, walking, or jogging. There are a number of steps you have to climb to get to the Red Rocks area, but we think it’s worth it for the amazing views.

While exploring Red Rocks, don’t miss a visit to the Colorado Music Hall of Fame. The CMOF, located in the Red Rocks Amphitheater Visitor Center, educates visitors about the incredible musicians who helped shape Denver’s music scene.

Admission is free (although donations are welcome), and the museum is open daily. (except Thanksgiving and Christmas) between 9:00 AM and 4:00 PM weekdays and 9:00 AM – 7:00 PM on holidays.

Things To Do In Colorado Denver

Free snacks? Please! A Denver institution since 1920, Hammond’s Candy Factory offers free tours where guests can go behind the scenes to see how Hammond’s lollipops, candies and other candies are drawn and stretched into our favorite treats.

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Among other things – free candy samples as part of the tour. Hammond’s offers this tour every half hour during business hours and lasts about thirty minutes.

A warm summer night The sound of jazz music echoed through the air. If you’re looking for the perfect Sunday night out on a budget, check out the City Park Summer Jazz series – all concerts are free! from late June to early August Concerts start at 6:00pm every Sunday.

Buy picnic mats and pack good food. Or buy food from the food trucks on site. (choices from pizza and ice cream to Indian and Thai food) or just come and listen to music for free.

Although Denver is famous for its beer, But a visit to the world’s largest brewery, Coors Brewery, should not be missed, especially if you pay for a behind-the-scenes tour. Learn about the brewing process and the history of the company that has been brewing beer since 1873, when Adolph Coors discovered fresh mountain water.

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The best part? The tour ends with a free beer sampler for those of legal drinking age. Bonus! stay as long as you want There are souvenir shops to check out too. One free ride per person per day is allowed.

Although there is always an admission fee to visit the wonderful Denver Botanic Gardens. But admission is free on most days in partnership with the Science and Culture District.

Both York Street and Chatfield Farm have free days throughout the year. So check the Botanic Garden website to see which days you can enjoy the garden for free.

Things To Do In Colorado Denver

It can be exciting. A trip to the US Mint Denver to see where coins come from Free 45-minute guided tours are available to see how coins are made and provide a history of United States money.

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The United States Mint Denver is one of only two mints still operating in the United States. and is open to the public on Mondays and Thursdays. But tickets are still required and can be picked up from the Travel Information Center from 7am on the day you wish to travel.

The area’s motto is ‘Art for Everyone’ and the area is home to art galleries. cultural activities and exhibitions with hundreds of artists But while most art happens behind the closed doors of ticketed galleries, there is still plenty of street art in the area that you can enjoy for free.

Speaking of free art, there’s also the ‘First Friday Art Walk’, a free inflight gallery tour every first Friday of the month at 5:30pm, which takes place in various locations. that opens doors and welcomes guests as part of the journey

Although Denver is home to some amazing parks and nearby mountains for hiking, it’s one of the best places to go in the city. The 42-mile route starts in the heart of Denver and winds through rural, urban and suburban areas. It ends at Franktown and meaders along Cherry Creek.

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You can run, bike, jog or just walk part of the way and enjoy the sights and scenery along the way. On its way to Cherry Creek Reservoir, Cherry Creek connects to the South Platte River at Denver’s Confluence Park in LoDo, a popular summer park for kayaking or tubing.

The best thing about this mall is not the shops. The pavement has red, gray and white sand stripes. Looking up like a diamond snake, the 16th Street Mall is a great place to people watch. Especially at night when the twinkling lights decorate the streets and the trees glow.

People were carried up and down by horse-drawn carriages. City buses and police cars can be seen on 16th Street. You can also check out the D&F Tower, a close-up of the Campanile of St. Mark in Venice in the city of Italy here in Denver.

Things To Do In Colorado Denver

There’s also a free shuttle called the MallRide that hops on and off the 16th Street Mall, making it easy to explore.

Things To Do In Colorado This Spring

You don’t have to go out into the desert to see wildlife in Colorado. In the heart of the city is the Rocky Mountain Arsenal Wildlife Sanctuary, a 15,000-acre wildlife sanctuary where you’ll find white-tailed deer, bison, ostriches, bald eagles, prairie dogs and hawks, not to mention sunny days.

The sanctuary is open daily from sunrise to sunset, and in the summer it is home to wildlife and wonders from white pelicans and owls. Build a nest in an empty dog ​​hole with frogs, painted turtles and fish inside. Swamp when plants fall into the river

If you love tea, head to nearby Boulder for a free tour of the famous tea company Celestial Seasonings.

Learn everything about tea making from the ingredients used to how the product is packaged and delivered. For a free 45-minute factory tour, it’s not just a free tour. But delicious cheese samples are always available. Therefore, it is considered a win-win for both parties.

The Top 15 Things To Do In Denver

Colorado is known for many things, music, beer, and of course, hiking, so a 14er hike is a must-do for anyone who loves the outdoors. What is a 14er? This is the Colorado name for peaks that rise more than 14,000 feet above sea level. and Colorado is home to 58 (although this number is disputed!).

Although not in Denver, Mt Bierstadt is a great 14er for beginners because of its proximity to the city. have a good level of fitness and are well equipped for difficult but non-technical climbs. Enjoy the free 14er training ride and feel the pride and accomplishment!

Last but not least are jobs not close to Denver. But it’s free and Denver residents often visit. even if it exists

Things To Do In Colorado Denver

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