Mountain Biking Estes Park Colorado

Mountain Biking Estes Park Colorado – “There are no mountain bikes in Estes Park.” I thought for a long time that this was true. And I looked for ways to prove it. For the busiest of Coloradans, Estes Park is Rocky Mountain National Park’s rock climbing, skiing and hiking destination. Mountain bikes aren’t part of the mix—it’s changing. already

Like many mountain bikers who live in the Front Range, I’ve ridden trails around Boulder and Gold over the years — Apex Park, White Ranch, Walker Ranch and Hail Valley — but I rarely ventured. danger in high altitude I’ll blame it in part for the lack of information about riding there. But mostly it’s the comfort of riding close to home. When I returned to Estes Park earlier this summer, By contacting local riders Corey Keiser, Ihide Ihigbonoaremen and the Estes Park Bicycle Coalition and Overland Mountain Biking Association staff, I went out with an open mind. I did some basic online research on trails in the area and didn’t think much of it. This means one of two things: either there are no roads, or they are well hidden and no one knows their existence.

Mountain Biking Estes Park Colorado

As well as many mountain communities This special area in Colorado has a long and storied past. Estes Park is surrounded by national parks. wasteland National, state, county, and private lands, if it has a name, it’s probably here. In other words: an adventure mountain biker’s worst nightmare.

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This june I arrived in Colorado Sunday night with a suggestion to meet Kaiser at Ed’s Cantina, his favorite well. “I’m a white guy in a plain suit and shirt,” the post reads Keizer, who has called Estes Park home for most of his life. Sip a margarita and chat with the bartender about his riding day. It looked like a scene from a mountain town in the west. Except for Keizer, we had large families from all over the country and senior citizens joining in on the holidays. It’s a long way to drive.

At the meal we felt left out. But that didn’t disappoint Keiser, who made it his mission to celebrate Colorado riding in his beloved hometown. Others explore what this area has to offer. That’s what’s best for two-wheelers.

In the morning we meet the Ihigbonoaremen. who associated with Keizer for the initiative His @allmountainbrothers efforts to increase participation in mountain biking by sharing content and stories online. The two are completely different. But either way, their style fits right on the track. draw out each other’s power and fluidity

Our first trip took us to the outer edges of Boulder County. The only trail I’ve ridden in this area is Hall Ranch. Hall Ranch Open Space began in 1994 when Boulder County acquired land and designated it a recreational area. The area used to supply the quarry used to house the University of Colorado, Boulder Road. The trailer construction project resulted in Bitterbrush, Nelson and Antelope roads entering and exiting dunes and rolling grass. From intermediate riders to experts looking to quickly test their skills, these trails have become well-manicured.

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With panoramic views of Longs Peak and Meek Mountain and a picture-perfect rock garden, Hall is a true Colorado mountain classic. Pop your head out and walk over the volcano. Ihigbonoaremen took us through a difficult path through rocks and roots Just having an open mind on the road is worth it. especially here Look to the left and right of the track. Then you will find a small track. Lots of fun to play

The hall represents one of the highlights of riding in the Greater Estes Park area – a well maintained area. A large park, a gun station, clean restrooms and a well-maintained trail system. A lot of people come here and that’s good. But explore the mountains a little farther. The scene will change quickly.

After sampling delicious margaritas and tortillas at Ed’s Cantina the following evening. We woke up the next morning to go across the path. It’s time for Keiser to walk us through the backyard of his old school house in Estes Park.

“I’m honest, I don’t know where we are in the second half,” Kaiser said when asked where we were going. Our destination was Crossroads Mountain, but we didn’t know where to park and what roads to take. Keiser suggested stopping at the local Estes Park Mountain store to get a beta. We happened to run into Zach Zehr, the store manager. There were pictures of fences, gates, search camps, and notes of escapes from private land, walking around trees, meadows, and through patches of sky. – Confused to say the least.

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Problem? Land Use and Access Law From researching before my trip This didn’t surprise me, but Zer assured us that we were fine – he spent the night on the road. The Crosser Mountain area is surrounded by private land and National Forest trails. It also conflicts with the RMNP, which prohibits mountain bike riding on paved roads. In short, it’s complicated. Fortunately, most private landowners will allow mountain bikers to ride on old trails through their land to access the USFS trails. Take advantage of one of these facilities. We take the bikes back to the old Scout camp and head down the shaded slopes through a sky garden reminiscent of Crest Butte.

Throughout this forest are large boulders that resemble the famous Lumpy Ridge skyline we see above the city. I feel like our crew is calling to check what’s above us. inspired by Ihigbonoarmen He tested his cycling skills on huge rocks in the forest.

After the ride we descended into Glen Haven, a small town in the valley not far from Estes Park. “So difficult? You will see the wall.” I was very surprised. I soon realized what he meant. That was a very steep climb to the Devil’s Crown. We fought it, gritted our teeth, and stopped at the top for spectacular views of Longs Peak and the RMNP Mountains.

A boat ride feels like a true rural adventure. Obviously, this road is not crowded with tourists. But that gives the road its unique flavor. difficult to access But this technology is technical and fun. And it will show good riders a different version of Colorado mountain biking than the mainstream.

Blood Sweat And Gears: Estes Park

Lesson learned: If you’re willing to do your homework. Ask the right questions to the right people. and work hard You will be rewarded handsomely. With the help of Keizer and Zer, we find something very beautiful that we didn’t know existed that day.

Stanley Park Bike Park has some unique features we’ve seen in the city | Max Ritterphoto

Before dinner that night, we had a few hours to explore some of the hidden gems out of sight. Located near Lake Estes, Stanley Park Bike Park is probably one of the most unique parks I’ve ever seen. This is not your community’s go-to place for dirty runs. These imaginary mini-grids use natural features unlike anything I’ve ever seen. with an asphalt pump treadmill Huge dirt pump track with bigger jumps and creative stones that will help you stand upright. The park is the perfect place to stop for a beer before heading to one of my favorite local waterholes: the rock cuts. It’s the perfect place to escape the tourist crowds.

We decided to keep the best for last. On the last day we were together We try new flavors again.

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