Things To Do In Aspen Colorado In January

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We can not leave Colorado without spending some time in one of the top ski resorts in Colorado, Aspen, because there is so much to do in Aspen! And like many guests before us, we were not disappointed by what this rocky mountain retreat had to offer. From practical winter activities (skiing, snowboarding, snowboarding) to the view from the Silver Queen Gondola, we found this area to be an amazing and perfect place for a weekend getaway.

Things To Do In Aspen Colorado In January

Things To Do In Aspen Colorado In January

Same with our time in Colorado Springs. (Discover the best things to do in Colorado Springs) We can not help but share all the joys we have found in Aspen. If you want to spend a long winter weekend here. Read on because we will discuss the best things to do in Aspen for winter and the best activities for Aspen winter.

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Even if you don’t like winter sports. But there is a lot of activity and the fire is always burning. (And a hot doll) to keep your bones warm between visits. Do not forget to dress warmly! How cold? One morning during the shooting it was 3 degrees Fahrenheit! yes 3! I have never felt this cold before. And I layered the skis. Because of other clothes. Mys is almost hot enough!

Aspen sits high in the Rocky Mountains (8,000 feet) in the southwestern part of the country. No wonder it is surrounded by trees of the same name – aspen. This city was originally a mining camp during the country’s heyday. And later developed into a ski resort in the late 1940s. Its popularity now means that 7,000 permanent residents are flooded in the winter. As part-time residents come here to take advantage of ski resorts and other activities.

These part-time residents tend to be celebrities and billionaires. This makes Aspen the most expensive dig house in America. (As of this writing, 76 of the 342 listed homes are worth more than $10 million.) Be sure to book your hotel as soon as possible. Because the season is busy and can be sold!

Aspen has a small county airport (Aspen-Pitkin County Airport, also known as Sandy Field) and is served by United, Delta and American Airlines. Direct flights are available from several US cities or you can fly to Denver and get a quick 30. Flights to Aspen from Denver International. You can book Colorado Mountain Express Airport tickets to Aspen.

Best Things To Do In Aspen In Winter Besides Ski

Alternatively, you can drive -3.5 hours from Denver- or ride Amtrak to nearby Glenwood Springs. Then take the RFTA bus to Aspen. And in winter only the road from the west can pass through it)

Winter temperatures range from 10 degrees at night to mid to 30 degrees during the day. This averages about 23 inches of snow per month due to low temperatures. You rarely see rain in winter.

During our stay in Aspen, we decided to stay at The Limelight Hotel Aspen. We like the history behind this modern brick and wood structure. Now owned by the Aspen Ski Company and a pleasant room. Pet Friendly Policies and Delicious Breakfast

Things To Do In Aspen Colorado In January

The property was formerly home to the Ski and Spur Bar-Restaurant. It is a simple place that serves locals and skiers. In the 1950s, it was sold and renamed The Limelight and became a nightclub and dinner theater. Owned by folk singer Glenn Yarbrough (of The Limeliters) while many popular singers came here. The figure makes him sell out. And the new owner has built a house that has been renovated and expanded to this day.

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Spacious room with desk and seating. Even a coffee maker for java in the morning before walking. Their suits are also well decorated. There is a large living/dining room, kitchen and fireplace to keep you warm after a day of snow.

My favorite thing about our room was the fireplace. I left it when we were in the room to keep it warm and comfortable. As I said before, Aspen is cool, so a fireplace is a great tool and tool.

The hotel provides free transportation around the city or by elevator. There are also plenty of adventure packages and a large selection of cruise tires and bikes. So you can ride on the mountain road or around the city. One of the most exciting tours we don’t have time to enjoy is the small Nile boat, the snow cat that takes care of the mountain every night. Visitors can ride a pistol and find what it takes to make the mountain trail perfect for skiers and ice skaters the next day.

All in all, the Limelight Hotel was a great place for us to explore Aspen and what it has to offer. Which brings us to our next guide: Winter activities for your weekend getaway in Aspen.

Aspen Winter — Things To Do During A Memorable Winter Trip To Aspen

There are winter activities in Aspen as we know it soon. Although we can’t take advantage of all of them in a short time, here we have provided some tips and we are sure you will find more than enough to keep you busy and entertained.

As you can imagine, skiing and snowboarding are two of the most common winter activities in Aspen. Here you can choose from 4 resorts: Aspen Mountain, Snowmass, Aspen Highlands and Buttermilk.

Aspen Mountain is the first ski resort that opened in 1946. Generally open from mid-November to mid-April from 9 am to 3:30 pm, it offers 675 hectares, 76 ski runs and 64 miles of trails, but this mountain is not for the faint of heart. Actually, there is no easy assessment here. Half of the runs are dedicated to medium difficulty. And the other half for the most difficult and skilled.

Things To Do In Aspen Colorado In January

The mountain hosted the World Cup final and had some of the best powder. If you find running too hard, don’t worry, you can still go on an ice skating tour. Watch out on the rooftop sun or eat at Ajax Tavern, Bonnies or Elements.

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Then there is Snowmass, the sister of Aspen Mountain. Here you have more than 3,000 hectares, 150 miles of trails, 96 streams and a vertical height of 4,406 feet. An average place is hard, 17% hardest and 30% expert.

In addition to skiing and snowboarding, you will also find alpine wheelchairs fun. Where you jump on the slides and slide down the wheelchair at speeds up to 28 miles per hour. Although the snow hours are the same as Mount Aspen, if you are here on a Friday night in the winter. You’ll want to visit Ullr, a festival in honor of the Norse god of the same name. You ride the condo to Elk Camp for hot chocolate, a fire, or maybe a little snowmobile. There is music and food and activities for children. Practical Summary

At Aspen Plateau you will find more than 1,000 hectares of ski slopes, 122 runs and 84 miles of trails. Like Mount Aspen, nothing easy to run. This mountain is dedicated to stubborn skiers and snowboarders. With experts in 65% of the way assessed. Therefore, it has fewer people than its neighbors. And you’ll see quite a few kids if skiing is your reason for coming to Aspen. This is a mountain to explore.

Finally, we have Buttermilk, which is usually open from the beginning of December to the beginning of April. Perfect for hosting the Winter X Games, the smallest of the four ski resorts offers 470 hectares, 44 pistes and 21 miles of trails. Beginners and families will have an easy time, with 35% of runs rated as easy. Only 26% rated it as the most difficult or skilled. There is also a great park and water park in Buttermilk for ice skiers, and The Hideout, an educational center for young skiers.

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Snowshoeing is a popular winter pastime in Aspen. For locals and tourists alike, there are plenty of trails to walk and it’s an easy skill to learn. There are rental services in the city. So there is no need to have or take a suit with you.

Ashcroft, a ghost town just outside of Aspen, has 21-miles of walkways perfect for snowboarding. There is a small fee to visit this private desert. And there are both rental services and guides. You can also visit Richmond Ridge which can be accessed via the Silver Queen gondola. And soft powder suitable for snow and moderate beginners.

Maroon Creek Trail is closed during

Things To Do In Aspen Colorado In January

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