Hiking In Red Rocks Colorado

Hiking In Red Rocks Colorado – If you follow my blog, you know I can’t go near a bucket list destination without taking my family on another adventure! When we were in Denver I knew I had to see Red Rocks. Of course you have to see a show in the famous amphitheater and that is still on the bucket list. But without tickets or time during our visit, I chose to experience everything else Red Rocks Denver has to offer. Red Rocks opens at sunrise because of its east-facing views of downtown Denver. After enjoying the view of the sunrise, you can enjoy hiking trails, spectacular views and even enjoy a picnic breakfast. Don’t be discouraged if you can’t make it to a show when you visit Denver. You still need to focus on exploring Red Rocks Park.

Red Rocks is about 25 minutes west of Denver in Morrison, CO. The park is also home to the famous Red Rocks outdoor Amphitheater, a spectacular music venue. I dream of the day when I see the incredible spectacle as the sun sets, but until then, exploring the park’s natural red rock formations is an experience.

Hiking In Red Rocks Colorado

Below is all the information you need to plan the perfect morning at Red Rocks Park. Take time to enjoy the sunrise, hike some epic trails and finish with a wonderful breakfast picnic with views that will make you want more time in this beautiful park. If you want amazing views and scenery, you won’t be disappointed.

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Red Rocks opens one hour before sunset and closes at 2:30pm on event days. Be sure to check out the Red Rocks events calendar to plan the best day for your visit to Red Rocks Denver. You should also check the current sunrise time here. Depending on the crowd, parking is available a short distance away as you watch the sunrise from the amphitheater. So make sure you leave enough time to get to Red Rocks Denver for your sunrise adventure, hike, and breakfast.

We stayed in Parker, CO and left our hotel at 4:30 for a 5:24 sunrise. As difficult as it can be to get the family together for adventures like this, we have never been disappointed. I laid out my clothes the night before and packed our bags out the door the night before. This way we can wake up, throw the kids in the car with our hotel pillows and charge Red Rocks. You won’t be disappointed. The sky lights up before sunrise, so it is advisable to arrive at least 20 minutes earlier.

Red Rocks Park has several parking lots, but go as high as you can towards the amphitheater as you head towards the sunrise. As you get closer, you’ll run under an arched tunnel of red rock, which is fun for the kids to watch! We were able to park in the small area of ​​the Top Circle, but it filled up quickly. However, the Upper North Lot is not far from the walk and has plenty of parking at Sunrise.

Check the Red Rocks Amphitheater schedule of events before you leave, especially at sunrise. We visited during the popular Yoga on the Rocks Sunday and saw how many visitors left disappointed, unable to wait. A ticket to the Yoga on the Rocks event is not required to view the sunrise. But just after sunrise the amphitheater had to be cleared. Many people arrived late hoping to relax with a view after sunrise and were disappointed when the yoga crowd came around. Don’t be these people! Make sure you know what’s going on before you speed.

Trading Post Trail At Red Rocks

Admission to Red Rocks is free, so you can spend the day enjoying the sights and not spend a dollar. Because of the low temperatures before sunrise, layers are essential here. There was a chill in the morning air during our visit in late June. We loved the quiet moments watching the sun rise. Don’t forget your camera, because the color changing sky is amazing. If just going for sunrise, I suggest hot coffee and a blanket! However, you should consider exploring the park more after sunrise. I also recommend a delicious breakfast picnic to enjoy at sunrise and after your hike!

Red Rocks Park is located between the Rocky Mountains and the Great Plains, so animal and plant life is abundant and varied throughout the park. Remember your sunscreen when you start your walk, now that the sun is up. A sun hat is also great, especially for children. This post covers the things we pack for our children when we travel. Always keep your children close to ensure their safety!

Bring plenty of water, but the park has water bottle refill stations that you can use if you’re combining a longer hike. Comfortable walking shoes are ideal and don’t forget your camera. The scenery is stunning, and you might come across some donkeys, rabbits, prairie dogs and/or red foxes on your walk. Leased dogs are also welcome on the walking paths. Pay attention to the temperature of the ground to protect their paws.

There are five main hiking trails at Red Rocks Denver. We chose the Fun Route and the Post Trading Route and we were not disappointed. When exploring Red Rocks Denver, remember that rock climbing is prohibited.

Red Rocks Trail At Red Rocks Park In Denver

The haul is a short, less than 1/4 mile walk of steps that connect the upper north parking lot (through the amphitheater) to the lower parking lot that leads to the Trading Post and the Colorado Music Hall of Fame . A tow is a cable car that goes up and down a mountain. The route is named after an old sail that used to take tourists to the top of Mount Morrison. Although we were short, we loved the view from this trail and used our sunrise view on the amphitheater to connect with our favorite hike, the Trading Post Trail.

The Post Trading Trail is a popular 1.5 mile loop that offers spectacular views of the park’s red rock formations, meadows and gorges. There is about 500 feet of elevation gain, but we never felt like we were climbing a huge hill. Sometimes the path narrowed or turned into stone steps which were a little slippery due to the gravel and the morning dew, but we all managed fine in our sneakers.

The Post Trading Trail was the highlight of our visit to Red Rocks Park. Walking along the huge rock formations in front of the amphitheatre, we immediately passed deer grazing in the bushes. We saw several deer and rabbits (which our children loved) during our walk. We saw a mother and her cubs crossing the path through the meadow. Our son loved stopping at the interpretive panel to learn the names of the large red sandstone rocks. The Post Trading Trail is a great option for hiking in Red Rocks Park with kids.

If you plan to explore and explore Red Rocks Park after sunrise, I highly recommend a picnic breakfast. Built in 1931, the trading post is a National Historic Landmark and features a lawn that provides the perfect end to your sunrise adventure at Red Rocks. The view of the valley and rock formations from the lawn make it the perfect spot for a breakfast picnic. Also, clean toilets and a water bottle refill station are a convenient stop after your hike, especially when hiking with kids.

Trading Post Trail At Red Rocks Park

A real trading post building is fun to check out; But it usually opens at 10am and we visited very early because of the sunrise. It is now a gift shop and home to the Colorado Music Hall of Fame. Our son was hungry after our hike after sunrise, so we had a lovely picnic at this beautiful spot!

Remember that Red Rocks Park is 6,450 feet above sea level. This high altitude makes it important to spend your time hiking and exploring. Hydration is also important due to the sun and altitude. Sunscreen is essential, especially when sitting or walking without any shade. When hiking with children, keep them close as the trails have falls, road crossings and rattlesnakes. Monitor the weather as it changes rapidly.

Because of the amphitheater layout, exercise enthusiasts love this place in the morning for a flight of stairs. At an altitude of 6,000 feet, the 380 step climb is an incredible feat. It makes for great people watching, or jump in and run the stairs yourself. You can train next to a local professional athlete.

The summer offers the popular “Yoga on the Rocks” weekend, a unique experience for all yoga lovers. If you want to lower a dog 6,450 feet, make sure you get a $17 ticket before you go! Fall brings Red Rocks “Snow Shape” pre-season weekend conditioning classes for skiers, snowboarders and winter sports enthusiasts.

Ways To Fall In Love With Red Rocks

The outdoor amphitheater at Red Rocks is a once-in-a-lifetime musical venue. High red stone “walls” make acoustics

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