Free Things To Do In Colorado Springs

Free Things To Do In Colorado Springs – Garden of the Gods is amazing and one of the free must-sees in Colorado Springs. Photo credit: Rick DuVal.

People come from all over the world to visit Colorado Springs. So, if you live here, you don’t have to! Get out and enjoy the many places in the Pikes Peak region. Best of all, some of them are free. Here are five amazing versions to consider:

Free Things To Do In Colorado Springs

Free Things To Do In Colorado Springs

This city park deserves national recognition, and its red sandstone structures – explosions, towers and hogbacks – create a beautiful place for a leisurely stroll (or not). Stop at a spot where you can see Pikes Peak framed between the Kissing Camels. It’s amazing, especially if there is snow on the mountain.

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Visit the informative and entertaining Visitor Center for tips on hiking, climbing, wildlife events and free events. Counselor-led talks and life walks are among the many offerings. Don’t be surprised to see a group of Olympic cyclists exercising every day. Plan to walk a little.

Remember that the wild idea is that they own the park. Don’t travel alone, always carry water, and don’t pick wild flowers.

This national military center is open to visitors from time to time. Drive around the property. Go to the mosque between the mosques. (Although it is currently closed due to renovations).

Stop by the 31,000 square foot museum and visitor center to view the exhibits and take a short walk. From time to time, the planetarium is open to the public for stargazing.

Free Things To Do In Colorado Springs Co

Housed in the beautifully preserved 1903 El Paso County Courthouse, the museum has a permanent collection of local history and fascinating rotating exhibits, from art to local cultural icons. The museum hosts family events and sponsors many town events such as the Festival of Lights each holiday season. Historical and other events are posted monthly on their website.

The house itself is a museum piece. Take time to admire the unusual architecture from another era, including columns and a grand marble staircase. Current events and presentations can be found at

The former El Pomar Carriage House Museum is located in the Broadmoor Hotel complex, next to the underground garage. Started in 1941 by hotel founder Spencer Penrose, this little-visited attraction features carriages, coaches, wagons and cars that have transported local dignitaries and several US presidents. , all from the turn of the 20th century.

Free Things To Do In Colorado Springs

A real Pikes Peak Hill Climb exhibit has been added, featuring a variety of cars from the world famous race, along with a set of easy-to-follow signs that reveal its sometimes terrifying history.

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This 100-year-old building offers everything from high Western art to ultra-modern exhibitions. The beautiful art deco building has a nice addition and spacious galleries. OK, most of the time it’s not worth it. But he has days off, you have to be rich. To find out what they have, visit

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Amazing Free Things To Do In Glenwood Springs, Co This Summer

Cookies that may not be necessary for the website to work and are used specifically to collect user personal data through analysis, advertisements and other embedded content are considered unnecessary cookies. User consent is required before running these cookies on your website. When I first flew west and saw the Rockies in person for the first time, it’s hard to express my amazement! The mountains near the east coast are amazing, but it’s hard to describe in words the breadth and scope of the Rockies. For this reason, it is a perfect place for many travelers, because of the climate and the beauty of the surrounding nature, there are many ways to enjoy the outdoors. Best of all, it’s a great way to explore the area on a budget. Today I’m sharing my top 25 free things to do in Colorado Springs, many of which were shared with me by a Southern Guardian reader (thanks, Tanya!).

This outdoor experience is free as long as you drive (there is a charge for using the shuttle). You can stay here to take pictures and explore the environment!

The campus is free to tour, but you may need to show your driver’s license at the gate and wait for your wallet to be checked. Some may be restricted due to events, so call ahead to schedule a tour.

Free Things To Do In Colorado Springs

This grand hotel is free to walk around and take photos. They also offer free parking! There is a beautiful swans lake in the background, the views are impossible to miss.

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In addition to the horseshoe pit, there is a playground for children and playgrounds where you can participate in a variety of sports. Pack a picnic for a little trip!

With a wide variety of historic items, from American jewelry to race cars, this museum focuses on the history and heritage of the Pikes Peak region.

Manitou Springs is a mountain town with mineral springs. You can find a swing or a bench, sit, relax or wander the art galleries and other unique things in the city.

There are many parks in the Colorado Springs area. I have included many on this list because they all have something unique to attract you, even if you cannot visit them all in one visit.

Free Things To Do Around Colorado Springs

This climb is illegal, but renovations have been made to allow people to climb this steep cliff. There is free parking and free parking in the driveway.

This outdoor area has many trails, all of which give you amazing views of the Rocky Mountains.

This area of ​​the country was part of the journey of the first pioneers who went to settle the west coast. A visit to this museum can boost your children’s knowledge!

Free Things To Do In Colorado Springs

A lot of things in the Cripple Creek area are NOT free, so you have to decide if you can resist the temptation. However, if you want to explore the area, you can visit the heritage museum for free, which is like a museum.

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It will take most of the day but it might be worth it if you are only there for a short time and you also have a car. It takes about 5 hours to complete the 130 miles of this circular loop, but you’ll see views you won’t see anywhere else on the island.

This nature center is only 15 minutes from Colorado Springs, home to wetlands and many other habitats and a variety of wildlife.

This museum displays the personal collection of fire-related memorabilia of local resident Dr. William. If you have a child who loves fire trucks, this is the place to go!

This park is not only a big skating rink, but also a playground and other fun things.

Amazing Things To Do In Colorado Springs!

This place near Colorado Springs is an expensive activity, but you can also walk or drive over the bridge, which is one of the highest suspension bridges over water in the country.

There is a special children’s corner with a Narnia adventure room, and a short video to watch. You can also go with a guide.

Whether you have sponsored a child through Compassion International or not, visiting this facility will help you empathize with the plight of children living in poverty around the world.

Free Things To Do In Colorado Springs

In Colorado Springs, there is a public art exhibit that you can not only see while walking, but you can also download an audio tour on your phone if you want to enhance your experience.

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All walks in this area will give you a wonderful view of the Rocky Mountains, and this route is perfect for families with children.

The first park in Colorado Springs, this park is located downtown and is a great place to stop in the middle of the day for a picnic.

If I’m ever in Colorado Springs, this park is at the top of my list of places to visit! The colors shown here are the result of all the parts working together in the Universe, the look is almost unreal!

Yes, there is a father! It happens

Free Things To Do In Colorado Springs

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