Grand Junction Colorado Mountain Biking

Grand Junction Colorado Mountain Biking – For hikers, Grand Junction’s famous Lunch Loop features some of the most exciting hikes in the entire United States. Over 23 miles of trails have something for everyone.

Despite what the name suggests, hikers may want to ride Grand Junction’s famous Lunch Loop before lunch, as the famously technical series of trails become more challenging on a full stomach. But no matter when you decide to hop on your bike, you’ll find the longest ride in all of Colorado with more than 23 miles of trails. It definitely calls for a party after it’s done though.

Grand Junction Colorado Mountain Biking

Great breaks, subtle rock formations, twisty turns in a covered valley, fast descents and spectacular views are on the menu of this Grand Junction classic. But looking at that perfect postcard makes you gasp for breath.

We’re Living In The Age Of The Long Travel 29er

Although it may be closer to downtown Grand Junction, the Noon Circles (also known as Tabeguache) Trail is about 20 miles (about a 20-minute pedal ride) off the main road, Memorial Road. You can come for a ride during your lunch break, but you’ll want to spend more time exploring the labyrinth of walkways. Large storage is an option for those who want to keep their feet away from dirt. Although there are bathrooms on the road, there are no water facilities, so bring enough things with you: it can be very hot in the summer, and the roads do not offer much shade.

The best loops, including those described below, take at least an hour and a half. The Tabeguache Trail itself is a two-track that starts at this trailhead and travels 150 miles to Montrose.

As for recommended trails, a popular favorite is a short connecting loop called the Gunny Loop. Beginning and ending at the trailhead on Monument Road, this hike takes you over 12 miles up and around the cliffs and down into the valley, gaining 1,400 feet of elevation gain. The trail connects many of the area’s most exciting (and treacherous) trails and offers the best of midday laps.

If you need a warm-up (or a dose of motivation from watching other riders’ top tricks), there’s a bike park complete with a drag and jump track. You will find a simple set of short rounds including a beautiful song called Baby Food.

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Even without a warm-up, this counterclockwise loop (starting at the bike park and the metal fence to the left) begins with a gentle half-mile of Tabeguache dirt road. An eagle’s tail rises at your right; Take this singletrack and pedal for a quarter of a mile before turning left at Pet-E-Case.

Here’s where it gets serious: you’ll be sitting on a spinning track, hitting rock gardens and scrambling between solid boulders and slabs. Take the left and right until the next junction and experience the same high noon, where you turn right back to Tabegu for a short break to Holy Cross in peace and ride. Take the left to go down the rocks into the valley.

After a while at the Holy Cross, turn right when the path forks to Prinp, which slowly (with a few technical steps and small rocks to navigate) returns to Tabeguache. There, turn left, and after 50 yards or so, cross Little Park Road. Across the road, you will see the Gunny Loop/Gunnector sign on your left. You’ll start descending and you’ll want to stay on Gunny Loop (not Gunnector), which takes you to a long river pedal with views of Grand Mesa in the distance. You have to be careful here to get rock slab drops and a quick spin in the sage brush. After about three miles, you’ll come to several large boulders to challenge experienced riders.

You’ll cross Little Park Road again and continue on Gunny Loop for half a mile before taking a left on Holly Bucket, then a sharp turn, so check the signs. From Holly Bucket, left on Holy Cross, left on Coyote Ridge, rights on Alley Alley, Raven Ridge and Curtis Lane – up and down and back to the highway. Stay on Curt Lane until you reach the bike park and easy downhill trails around the trailhead.

Spring Mtb In Co And Utah — Titus Adventure Company

In addition to drinking plenty of water, sunscreen, and your A-game technical skills, keep an eye out for wildlife on and off the trail. Afterwards, enjoy local favorites like Handlebar or Rockslid Brewery and a pint. Handlebar Hybrid is on the road, on the road from Noon Rounds. With open seating, a sunny patio, great burgers and fries — and more than 20 beers on tap — it’s easy to see why the parking lot is packed with bikers. Rockslide Brewery has been brewing cold brew and craft brews for 25 years.Alongside its beer, there’s a full menu of delicious burgers, sandwiches, pizza and an irresistible local favorite: bacon-wrapped salmon and chips. After some time on the road, you will definitely get your lunch.

Written for Matcha by Shauna Farnell in association with the City of Grand Junction and officially licensed by the Matcha Publishing Network. Please direct all permission requests to [email protected]. Views of the beautiful Colorado River, mountain biking on lush slopes, smooth transitions and sunny slopes are ready to ride, while gentle trails will be fun for everyone. .

In the year Colorado has a history of mountain biking that goes back to the 1970s, when dirt-loving pioneers began building the first cranks in Crested Butte. Today, the Centennial State is a renowned site of MTB greatness, and to stand out among world-class cycling trails, the terrain must be truly exceptional.

At first glance, Fruitia is a nondescript place surrounded by the Colorado River on the south end of the city and the Book Cliffs on the north. A more careful look reveals acres of trails full of cliffside madness and wild trails. To be fair, Freya’s beautiful network and carefully selected trail network of flowing mountain bike trails made me forget all about the flash of Moab. I didn’t expect it when I got here, but this small town on the border has the mountain wilderness I need.

Moab, Arches & Grand Junction Cycling

One thing you can’t miss while biking through Fruit is the to-die-for view of the Colorado River below. Photo by Matt McFee

Along with Grand Junction and Palisade, Freya occupies the Grand Valley, a large fruit-growing region in Utah’s border region. In the year In 1995, this was a gas stop between Salt Lake City and Denver, but that all changed when communities started building along miles of mountain bike trails. Before it was over, people were running like flies.

Today, this town is famous not only for the stands selling ripe Colorado peaches or the tasting rooms at the local vineyards in neighboring Palisade, but also for its mountain MTB trails in the red rock country.

Mountain bike trails spread across many wilderness areas into the Eastern Rocky Mountains. Here, the spring thaw starts the cycling season – several months earlier than other popular mountain biking spots such as Aspen – and the temperature drops from warm to cold in the fall. Sedona Mountain is where MTB enthusiasts come from all over the country to enjoy a wealth of bike trails and red rock panoramas that give bike trails a run for their money.

Spring Thaw: 5 Fabulous Mountain Biking Destinations

Speaking of out-of-towners, the area has plenty of campgrounds with easy trail access, which should satisfy anyone’s multi-day needs. If there’s one thing I’ve learned coming here from the Midwest, it’s that you can cycle through fruit for years and never have enough. If you’re in Colorado, you can also enjoy some of the best hiking trails in the United States.

In the 90s, the owner of Over the Edge Sports Store gathered together local bike enthusiasts and began secretly building trails in the open world. It was their efforts that made Eso Eso the MTB site it is today. Photo by Piers Martin licensed under CC BY 2.0.

Mountain biking has been a part of my life for 30 years now. It started in Canton, Ohio, where I bought my first mountain bike in 1992. Back then, my friends and I would go to Vermont or down south to West Virginia. When I graduated high school, I celebrated with a long trip to Colorado—my first thrill in the West.


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