Best Hiking Trails In Colorado Springs

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There are so many great hiking trails and outdoor recreation spots that it can be hard to figure out the best place to start.

Best Hiking Trails In Colorado Springs

Although Park of the Gods, Pikes Peak (Colorado Springs’ only fourteen-year-old), and the Manitou Inline near Manitou Springs immediately come to mind as some of Colorado Springs’ best rides, they deserve attention on their own.

Best Hikes When Visiting Colorado

We’ll also share the fifth installment of one of the best hikes near Colorado Springs, accessible from the beautiful town of Green Mountain Falls. You’ll head to Pikes Peak Recreation Area to see Catamont Falls.

With each of these Colorado Springs hikes, we’ll give you some great details, such as the difficulty of the hike, the elevation gain, the length of the hike in miles, what the hike is about, and how to get to the trailhead.

At the end of each trail description, we suggest some fun places to explore or share a meal, drink, or sweaty treat in the “Go here after the hike” section.

Seven Bridges is a popular hiking trail in Colorado Springs, so visit during the week if you can.

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Trail Overview: Seven Bridges is one of the best hikes in Colorado Springs for families with school-aged children and seniors.

The trail follows North Cheyenne Creek and includes waterfalls and seven numbered bridges that cross the creek. It’s a steady mountain ride, but if you have kids with you, they’ll beg to stop and play in the water, so take it slow and enjoy the ride when you want to. Pack snacks and at least one liter of water per person. Wear sturdy tennis shoes or hiking boots; Bring water sandals if desired.

Looking for a great long and challenging hike that includes seven bridges? Try climbing Mount Rose at 11,533 feet. We share three ways to reach Rosemount, from where you can see Rosemount Reservoir, Pikes Peak, Mount Almagre, Mount Cheyenne and the Sangre de Cristo Range. The 15 mile route is my favorite.

Good to know: The Seven Bridges Trail is a local and visitor favorite, especially in the summer and on weekends. Walk during the week during the school year. In the summer, avoid midday, when the trail is often crowded with locals and out-of-towners. Parking spaces are available in the morning and later. Allow yourself at least 2 hours to enjoy this tour.

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You will see after the seventh bridge that you can continue on the Colorado Springs hiking trails. Check out a tour of the Loud Cabin below.

Prefer hiking trails to waterfalls? We’re covering 27 Colorado waterfall hikes—our favorites from around the state.

How to get to the trailhead: From I-25, take the Tejon Street West exit. and then continues on Cheyenne Blvd. From there, go right onto Cheyenne Canyon Road North; You will drive to Helen Hunt Falls and all the way to the dirt parking lot at the Bottom of Gold Camp Road and High Drive.

Begin your hike at the unmarked metal gate in the northwest area of ​​the parking lot (across from Lower Gold Camp and High Drive). Follow this dirt road for 0.7 miles until you reach sign 622 on the right. You will see a small sign here that says North Cheyenne Creek.

The Crags Trail, A Local Favorite!

Palmer Trail (Section 16) As of June 1, 2022, a large rock slide has closed this trail indefinitely.

Trail Overview: When you get to the Palmer Trail (Section 16) and start the trail on the right, your hike starts off pretty easy and you’ll often find yourself in the sun for the first mile.

The second mile really starts to climb, but you’ll also find yourself on several switchbacks through shady pine forests. You will reach the top in 2.3 miles and be very proud of yourself.

Find a nice spot with a great view for lunch or a picnic. From here the rest of the ride is mostly downhill and you’ll be walking around the rest of the loop enjoying all the views below.

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Others prefer to start this hike on the left side and slowly climb up, with a steep descent. Choose what’s best for your knees or your heart.

Good to know: One of the best hikes in Colorado Springs is the Palmer Trail. This trail is also used by mountain bikers, runners, and horseback riders. To avoid the crowds, go during the week and arrive early or late in the afternoon, especially during the long summer days. This trail is best from March to November. Allow yourself 3-4 hours to enjoy this tour.

How to get to the trailhead: Located in Bear Creek Cannon Park, the Palmertrail parking lot (Section 16) is off Gold Camp Road. Getting there from US-24: Take the 26th Street exit and after crossing two borders, turn right onto Gold Camp Road and after about 1.5 km the parking lot will be on the right.

Trail Description: Although the trail to Muskoko Mountain isn’t very long, it is a steady climb and is a little on the difficult side of a moderate hike. Make sure you have plenty of water and good snacks. The path is well marked and the 360 ​​view above is worth it. A bit of a challenge at the end, but very doable. If you have children with you, soak their feet at the end of the ride before getting back in the car.

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Good to know: A great family adventure in Colorado Springs, you can hike it with elementary school kids and adults. The Muskoko Mountain Trail is the same as for Cutler Mountain; On the way back from Muskoko Mountain you can add Cutler Mountain. Dogs are allowed on this trail as long as they are on a leash. Best for cycling from May to November. Allow yourself at least 2-2.5 hours for this tour.

How to get to the trailhead: The Muskoko Mountain Trail begins just outside of North Cheyenne Canyon Park on North Cheyenne Canyon Road. From I-25, take exit 140 toward Techon Street. Take the Tejon to Cheyenne Boulevard, where you will eventually take the North Cheyenne Canyon Road (at the Starmore Discovery Center) to enter the canyon. Muskoko Mountain and road parking for Mt. Cutler is on the left after 1.5 miles.

A hike to Loud Cabin is one of the best hikes in Colorado Springs—an overlooked hidden gem, no matter the season.

Trail Overview: If you are looking for a long day along the Seven Bridges Trail, this is the trail for you. Cheyenne Canyon hiking trails north of Colorado Springs are hard to beat.

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After you reach the top of North Cheyenne Creek and cross seven bridges with great views, you’ll continue to climb along the lake until the trail splits and you’ll head straight for Loud Cabin on Trail 622A . Waterfalls, streams, beautiful meadows, aspens, and an old cabin make this an all-time favorite hike.

This trail is very well marked with posts on the ground. Just pay attention. You will come across sweet meadows and fragrant trees. You will then cross the Bear Creek Bridge. Shortly before Loud’s cabin there will be another small bridge crossing. Find a sweet spot to soak up the history and enjoy lunch or a picnic before heading back. Allow yourself 3-4 hours to enjoy this long hike.

Good to know: As you pass Seven Bridges to Loud’s Cabin, you’ll notice that the trail isn’t as busy, and you may realize that you’re in an area called Jones Park, where many trails meet and surround the mountain. . Discover again. Just pay attention to the track signs and you’ll be stopping at 622 to 622A on your way back up and back. Dogs are allowed on the farm. The best time to visit is from March to December. Nails and posts may be needed in the spring.

Begin your hike at the unmarked metal gate in the northwest area of ​​the parking lot (across from Lower Gold Camp and High Drive. Follow this dirt road for 0.7 miles until you reach the Seven Bridges Trail (Route 622 ) at sign 622. After Seventh Bridge, continue around Kineo Mountain and look for Trail sign 622A to Loud’s Cabin.

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Trail Description: Not technically in Colorado Springs, this is a favorite hike near Colorado Springs and only a few minutes up the road.

The Catamount Falls Trail begins with a scenic mountain climb with a stop for views of the city, then a chance to take a break in the sun or shade on the saddle. The trail then flattens out and turns

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